Get the best rates, & the hometown customer service you deserve.


Get the best rates, & the hometown customer service you deserve.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CAR INSURANCE IN GRIMSBYWe have compiled some of the most relevant information about Grimsby car insurance numbers from top sources to help further assist you in understanding how your auto insurance premiums are determined.


People Live in Grimsby

Fifty Point

One of the most popular areas of Grimsby


Median age of drivers in Grimsby


Population density per square kilometre


Average annual premium in Grimsby


Average monthly premium in Grimsby

Living and Driving in Grimsby, Ontario

Living in Grimsby would be most people’s dream come true. A lakeside city that is minutes from hiking at Beamer Memorial Conservation Area is ideal. However, it could also feel rather isolated with only Queen Elizabeth Way heading in and out of town. With thirty minutes to Hamilton and an hour and a half to Toronto, that is a lot of highway driving. To be sure you are protected when driving in Grimsby, you need the best Auto Insurance possible. Plus, with gas prices the way they are, you need the best rates you can get.

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What Does My Auto Insurance Policy in Grimsby Cover?

Auto insurance is designed to protect you in several ways. The primary reason you should buy auto insurance is it protects you against liability when you are involved in an auto accident where you are responsible for someone else’s injuries or property damage.


Direct Compensation-Property Damage (DC-PD) is coverage that protects you and your vehicle. It covers your auto and its contents as well as the loss of use of your auto, and the payment will come directly from your insurance provider. DC-PD only applies if the accident occurs in Ontario and there was more than one vehicle involved. Also, at least one of the other vehicles must be insured by a company that is licensed in Ontario or has a special agreement with FSCO to provide insurance coverage.


Collision coverage is optional and covers your car. It is a valuable coverage to have if an accident does not qualify for DC-PD and you want to ensure you can get your car fixed.

Statutory accident benefits coverage pays for your medical bills if you are injured in an auto accident regardless of who caused the accident, and it pays for income loss as well.


There is always a concern that another driver will not have auto insurance. Therefore, auto insurance in Ontario includes uninsured automobile coverage to provide coverage if you or your passengers are killed or injured by an uninsured motorist or hit-and-run driver.


These are the basic auto insurance coverages in Ontario, and you can add extra coverages by endorsement or increasing certain limits.

City by City Average Auto Insurance PremiumsHow does Grimsby compare to other cities in Ontario.

Ontario $1,505
Etobicoke $1,684
Niagara Falls $1,327
Mississauga $1,996
Waterloo $1,351
Orangeville $1,766
Grimsby $1,368
Hamilton $1,664
Cambridge $1,378
Burlington $1,374
Ajax $2,104
Toronto $1,953
Brampton $1,976
Guelph $1,391
Milton $1,498

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What Are Some Fun Activities in Grimsby, Ontario?

Grimsby, Ontario, has activities for everyone:

  • Casablanca Beach
  • Fifty Point Conservation Area
  • Fifty Point Beach
  • Nelles Beach Park
  • Gateway Ice Center
  • Beamer Memorial Conservation Area
  • Forty Mile Creek Park


The above are a few highlights. Some local favorites are JJs on the Docks, which serves breakfast and lunch. And if you are a fan of charcuterie, there is a place called The Olive Board with excellent ratings.

Grimsby Roads and Surrounding Areas

As we have mentioned, Grimsby is a lakefront city. It is also located along Queen Elizabeth Way. Highway 81 is the other road that runs east to west through the area before you get to the woods of Beamer Memorial Conservations Area. Highways 12 and 14 lead south through the area and take you to these cities.


Driving east from Grimsby on Highway 81, you can take a slight detour before getting into town proper. On Mountainview Road, you can find several wineries to sample tastings and enjoy experiences at Angel’s Gate, Hidden Bench Estate, and Organized Crime Winery, to name a few. And if you are a fan of toys, just south of town on Highway 18, you can find Canada’s Farm Toy Museum.


Just when you thought we were done talking about wineries, we visit a town with vine in its name. There are even more wineries on this list, but a few extras come with visiting this town. We get some beautiful waters and several BnBs. First, let us mention Twenty Mile Creek. Once you get closer to the body of water, you begin to discover many Bed and Breakfasts, including wineries like Alvento that have packages including stayovers.


Smithville is a tiny community in the township of West Lincoln on Highway 14, south of Grimsby. They have two amazing parks to offer. One of them is the West Lincoln Arena and Community Center. It hosts many events, from a movie or music in the park to holiday events like the annual Christmas Parade. The area also has a skate park and a sports complex. The other is the West Smithfield Sports Complex. This is an area where many league games are played.

If your car is older and you do not have a loan on it, you might consider dropping the collision coverage. Just be aware that you may not have coverage for damage to your car depending on the circumstances of an accident.


Finally, shop around for auto insurance on occasion. Auto insurers are always looking for ways to lower their premiums. You might find that another insurance company offers a better rate than the one you are currently getting.

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