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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CAR INSURANCE IN NIAGARAWe've compiled some of the most relevant information on car insurance in the Niagara Region to help further assist you in understanding how your premiums are determined.

The Niagara area is a beautiful vacation destination, and it is an even more beautiful place to live. In addition to Niagara Falls, the area is home to picturesque botanical gardens, wineries, hiking trails, and casinos. Traveling throughout the region is easy, and all the best sights are just a short car ride away. To get the most enjoyment from the area, practice safe driving in Niagara and be sure to protect yourself and your passengers with the best auto insurance - mandatory in Ontario.


People Live in Niagara


Of Niagara residents drive a car


Median age of drivers in Niagara

41.75 km

Average daily commute in Niagara


Average annual premium in Niagara

$171 month

Average monthly premium in Niagara

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What Does My Auto Insurance Policy in Niagara Cover?

Auto insurance is designed to protect you in several ways. The primary reason you should buy auto insurance is it protects you against liability when you are involved in an auto accident where you are responsible for someone else’s injuries or property damage.


Direct Compensation-Property Damage (DC-PD) is coverage that protects you and your vehicle. It covers your auto and its contents as well as the loss of use of your auto, and the payment will come directly from your insurance provider. DC-PD only applies if the accident occurs in Ontario and there was more than one vehicle involved. Also, at least one of the other vehicles must be insured by a company that is licensed in Ontario or has a special agreement with FSCO to provide insurance coverage.


Collision coverage is optional and covers your car. It is a valuable coverage to have if an accident does not qualify for DC-PD and you want to ensure you can get your car fixed.

Statutory accident benefits coverage pays for your medical bills if you are injured in an auto accident regardless of who caused the accident, and it pays for income loss as well.


There is always a concern that another driver will not have auto insurance. Therefore, auto insurance in Ontario includes uninsured automobile coverage to provide coverage if you or your passengers are killed or injured by an uninsured motorist or hit-and-run driver.


These are the basic auto insurance coverages in Ontario, and you can add extra coverages by endorsement or increasing certain limits.

City by City Average Auto Insurance PremiumsHow does some of Niagara's cities compare to others in Ontario.

Ontario $1,505
St. Catharines $1,327
Niagara Falls $1,327
Welland $1,327
Waterloo $1,351
Pelham/Fonthill $1,327
Grimsby $1,368
Dunnville $1,394
Hamilton $1,564
Burlington $1,374
Ajax $2,104
Toronto $1,953
Brampton $1,976
Guelph $1,391
Milton $1,498

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How To Get the Best Ontario, Canada Auto Insurance Rates

The method insurance companies use to determine rates for auto insurance is often something of a mystery for drivers needing Ontario, Canada auto insurance.


Once you understand the factors auto insurance providers use to calculate their rates, it is easier to uncover ways to get a lower rate.


These are some of the factors insurance providers use to determine your rate:


  • Your age
  • Year, make, model of your car
  • Driving history
  • Where you live
  • Gender
  • Marital status


While you have no control over certain factors such as your age, years of driving experience, gender, and other demographics, something you could change to get better auto insurance rates is moving to a city that offers more favorable rates. Depending on your city of residence, you will pay more or less for your car insurance.

For instance, you will pay less for car insurance in Ontario when you choose to live in geographical areas that are less densely populated. Research shows that there are fewer accidents, thefts, and other crimes where there are fewer people, and where roadways are less congested.


Other things you can do are maintain a safe driving record, increase your deductibles, and bundle your auto insurance with your home or tenant insurance policy.


Still another option for saving money on your car insurance is to review the Canadian Loss Experience Automobile Rating system, also known as CLEAR. The Canadian government designed this system to advise drivers of the likeliness of particular year/make/models of cars to be involved in a claim. You can also use the system to learn how much a claim might be for a particular car you are interested in buying. Autos that have a lower claims risk rating and CLEAR number are likely to qualify for lower auto insurance premiums.


If you are interested in another way to decrease your auto insurance premiums, you might consider getting a telematics device. Telematics leverage technology to record driving activities and insurance providers use the data to personalize auto insurance premiums.


Finally, it pays to shop for auto insurance once in a while. A different insurance provider may be able to offer you a more favorable rate.

Tips for Guests Traveling by Car to the Niagara Falls Area

The immense beauty of Niagara Falls makes the area a major tourist destination. However, the increased traffic in the area also contributes to higher collision rates and injuries due to car accidents. Moreover, drivers from out of the area are not as familiar with the roadways and may be distracted by all the wonderful sights.


If you are hosting guests from out of the area or out of the country, be advised they must have a valid driver’s license to drive in Ontario. They must also be able to show proof of car insurance from their place of primary residence.

Furthermore, drivers who enter Ontario from the United States should be advised that their car insurance will only cover the same coverages and limits they have on their personal auto insurance policies. Depending on the policy, auto insurance limits stated on a United States policy may be lower than the required minimum auto insurance limits in Ontario.

How Can I Get a Good Rate on Ontario Auto Insurance?

Once you understand the basics of auto insurance, you will be better informed on how to set up your coverages so you can save money without sacrificing the quality of your coverage.


A simple thing you can do to get a lower rate on your auto insurance is to increase your deductible. However, be aware you will need to pay your deductible first if you are deemed to be at fault in an accident.


Another simple thing you can do to save money is to drive safely. Follow the rules of the road and drive defensively. Leave plenty of room behind the car in front of you, and always obey the speed limit. Fewer tickets and accidents will help keep your auto insurance premiums down.

If your car is older and you do not have a loan on it, you might consider dropping the collision coverage. Just be aware that you may not have coverage for damage to your car depending on the circumstances of an accident.


Finally, shop around for auto insurance on occasion. Auto insurers are always looking for ways to lower their premiums. You might find that another insurance company offers a better rate than the one you are currently getting.

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