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Motorcycle Insurance in Ontario

Motorcycle insurance is just as important as auto insurance  and it is just as easy to pick. Coverage can range from a stand-alone policy to a bundle with your auto insurance. At Duliban Insurance we’ll help you find the protection you need for the road.

Free Online Motorcycle Insurance Quotes for Ontario Bike Owners

If you ride on public roads in Ontario, you must carry motorcycle insurance. Injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents cost six times more than similar automobile injuries. If you are in a motorcycle accident, you are three times more likely to be injured than were you in an automobile, and your injuries are ten times as likely to be of a serious nature. This alone should make one eager to have motorcycle insurance. Add in the random happenings of misfortune that can happen (theft, fire, road hazards, etc.) and one should feel compelled to get motorcycle insurance. The experts at Duliban Insurance have a vast amount of experience with motorcycles and would be happy to answer any questions about your motorcycle insurance needs. For a free online motorcycle insurance quote, please contact us at

Motorcycle Insurance Details

Motorcycle insurance can be purchased as a stand-alone policy or as a rider to automobile insurance. It may be bundled with other insurance for a possible discount. All motorcycle insurance policies in Ontario have mandatory coverage amounts as well as some add-on optional coverage. The base coverages are:

Third Party Liability Coverage – standard liability, as with automobile insurance.

Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage – list of miscellaneous benefits.

Direct Compensation – Property Damage Coverage (DCPD) – claims only done through your insurer.

Uninsured Automobile Coverage – covers damage or loss caused by another with no insurance.

The standard mandatory coverages all focus on motorcycle accidents with other vehicles. If you want to insure against loss or damage to your motorcycle, the following coverage may be added to your policy:

Specified Perils – a la carte coverage of specific sources of loss and damage.

Comprehensive Coverage – all specified sources of loss and damage.

Collision or Upset Coverage – damage or loss from collision with non-vehicle objects.

All Perils Coverage – combination of Comprehensive and Collision or Upset Coverage.

Coverage Details

Each province in Canada sets its own standards for insurance. If an Ontarian were to get into an accident in another province with higher minimum coverage amounts than the Ontarian’s insurance policy, the insurance would honor the higher minimum coverage of the local province. If a motorcyclist rides on public roads in Ontario, that motorcyclist must carry insurance. Ontario provincial mandates for motorcycle insurance are as follows:

Third Party Liability Coverage has a minimum of $200,000. One can purchase a policy with higher coverage amounts.

Direct Compensation – Property Damage Coverage is a feature in the policy that ensures that no matter who is at fault in an accident, the policyholder only interacts with their own insurance carrier. It is that insurance carrier which contacts other parties and their insurances when resolving a claim.

Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage is actually a list of minimum coverages set by the province:

  • Medical payments – $3,500 per person for minor injuries, $65,000 for non-minor, non-catastrophic injuries, $1,000,000 for catastrophic injuries
  • Funeral expense benefits – $6,000
  • Disability income benefits – dependent on the income of the injured
  • Death benefits – $25,000 to a spouse, $10,000 to each surviving dependent and/or parents and guardians

Note that Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage provides benefits to other parties when the policyholder is at fault, not to the policyholder.

Uninsured Automobile Coverage has a minimum of $200,000. As with Third Party Liability Coverage, one can purchase a policy with higher coverage amounts.

Optional Coverage

The following optional coverages all relate to losses possible in situations that do not involve accidents with other vehicles. There are options to insure against specific types of loss, and also options to carry blanket coverage. Individual considerations and preferences will dictate which, if any, of the optional coverage options make sense for you.

Specified Perils Coverage

Specified Perils Coverage insures you against losses caused by the perils that you specifically choose. The possible perils are:

  • Fire
  • Theft or damage associated with attempted theft
  • Lightning
  • Hail
  • Rising water
  • Earthquake
  • Windstorm
  • Explosion, riot, or civil disturbance
  • Failing or forced landing of aircraft or debris from aircraft falling from the sky
  • Accidents involving vehicles conveying your motorcycle on land or water, such as trailers, ferry boats, etc.

Comprehensive Coverage

If you want to insure against multiple perils, you may sign up for coverage separately. If the list of perils you wish to insure against is a good number, you may want to consider signing up for Comprehensive Coverage. Comprehensive Coverage will cover all the perils listed above, save for damage caused by theft committed by a household member. There will be a point where Comprehensive Coverage will be more economical than having several Specified Perils, though individual cases will differ at which point it becomes more economical.

Collision or Upset Coverage

Collision or Upset Coverage might sound related to base coverage, which concerns accidents with other vehicles, but in fact, covers damage caused to your motorcycle caused by upset or colliding with a non-vehicle object. The distinction between a collision and one of the specified perils is that a peril acts upon your motorcycle, as opposed to a collision, which happens when your motorcycle hits another object.

All Perils Coverage

All Perils Coverage is similar to Comprehensive Coverage, covering all categories of peril, but also includes Collision or Upset Coverage. All Perils Coverage is the most comprehensive optional coverage for motorcycle insurance, not Comprehensive Coverage. All Perils Coverage will also cover damage caused by theft committed by a household member and employees.

Customizing your motorcycle insurance to fit your needs can be a complicated task. The experts at Duliban Insurance are more than happy to assist in navigating the complexities of designing the motorcycle insurance policy that best fits your circumstances.


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Jaysus from the thousand islands
Jaysus from the thousand islands
I was in a pinch and needed insurance for my new business. Never having obtained commercial insurance before I knew it would be challenging. After calling numerous companies it became clear that Duliban was the right choice. They were very professional, had amazing response times, and got me the insurance I needed. I wouldn't consider any other company for my insurance needs.
Tracey Saulnier
Tracey Saulnier
Holly and Trevor have provided excellent service so far in giving us a very competitive quote and following through with the sign up process. We are new to the company so we will give a further review after we’ve been with them a while. So far- we are really impressed!
David Martino
David Martino
A terrific experience all around. Domenic and his team were quick, efficient and got us great home and auto insurance policies at an excellent price. Clear and effective communication throughout. Highly recommended.
Ryan Lymer
Ryan Lymer
I did an online multi-quote, gave me multiple quotes from companies in my area, and a few from outside my region. Thought to myself, that's too good to be true, so I disregarded it. About 20 minutes later, Amy, from Duliban Brokers gave me a call. She was very professional and very informative. Gave her the basic information to start a policy. Even though their offices closed at 2pm on Saturday, she went above and beyond with setting everything up for me on her end. Everything was online and easy. Had my new vehicle insured for the following Monday. Would absolutely recommend friends and foes to consider using Duliban Insurance Brokers for their insurance needs. Thank you so much Amy, I am beyond happy with my service.
Mike Virk
Mike Virk
Must give them try holly Moore gave me 5 star service.
John Delgaty
John Delgaty
A huge thank you to Domenic Tollis for finding the best possible insurance coverage for our vehicles and home. Domenic has excellent communication skills, is proactive and patient. He answered all of our questions and worked hard on the various scenarios presented to him. Other companies should take note of this kind company/client relationship. Well done Domenic and Duliban Insurance!!
Joan D
Joan D
Our car insurance was coming up for renewal with TD Insurance and I tried to get a lower rate with no luck. I didn’t have the time or energy to call multiple insurance companies for quotes. I’ve never used a broker before and a friend recommended Duliban. I’m so glad I called! It took 20 minutes on the phone with Warren Drake and I saved $160 per month for our cars and we have a 17 year old casual driver in the house. Our coverage is all the same except lower deductibles with Duliban (CAA had the best rates for us). The rates for home insurance were so good that we renewed early and took a penalty. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Duliban and Warren Drake, very professional, great customer service and they’re local to Niagara 😊
Raelynn Found
Raelynn Found
Holly provided excellent customer service and made my transition from my previous Insurance company quick and easy. She provided me with a rate at half the price I was previously paying. We spoke over the phone and via text which made it very easy for contact throughout my busy day. I highly recommend Holly and Duliban Insurance!!!

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