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Removing Snow from Your Driveway Safely and Effectively

Removing Snow from Your Driveway Safely and Effectively

October 27th, 2022

The best time to prepare for a weather event is before it even becomes a danger to your area. Because by the time it becomes a hazard, you will have tens of thousands of other individuals scampering to prepare themselves for whatever danger is heading their way. A snowstorm will cause a mass purchasing of all the necessary products used to prepare for an event, including clearing out the driveway. You want to ensure you do this chore the right way. So, what is the best way of removing snow from your driveway safely and effectively?

When you need to get to work, take your kids to school, or run to the store for necessities, here are some methods to clear your driveway from the inches of snow that clutter it. 

Method 1: Deicer: Rock Salt

Using rock salt is one of the more popular methods of snow removal which is also quick and inexpensive. However, it has lost some of its attraction due to its corrosive nature, as it can damage your vehicle and driveway if not cleaned up after the snow melts. It is also one of the least environmentally friendly options. 

How it is used is you can either pour rock salt on a driveway before or after a snow event. If you place it before, it can keep the snow from accumulating. When you place it after, it will help the snow melt faster. 

As stated, you will need to clean up the rock salt after the weather clears. Otherwise, the corrosive nature of the salt can cause rusting or vegetation to die.

Method 2: Deicer: Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium chloride works much like rock salt but without the corrosive nature and is more environmentally friendly. It works by spreading onto your driveway to keep it from icing over as it snows. An added benefit is it is pet friendly, unlike rock salt. However, it does not last as long, so you may need to apply it more frequently. It also has a higher price tag than rock salt. 

One advantage magnesium chloride has over rock salt is it works at lower temperatures, down to -13 degrees. The minimum temperature for rock salt however, is only 5 degrees. 

Method 3: Electric Snow Shovels and Blowers

There are many electric options on the market, from narrow models that will plow through a strip of snow to clear your walkway and industrial sized machines that will handle even the heaviest drifts. Most are gas-powered, like a mower, and then you have your smaller options that are rechargeable. Either will cut your labor time down. 

Method 4: Good Ole Muscle, Shovel It Off

There is the old-fashioned way of using a snow shovel and removing the snow from your driveway safely and effectively. It will give you or your teenage child a good workout, but it can be done. Shoveling can be hard work and hard on the back, so the proper technique is required. You must lift with your knees and not with your back. 

Today, many shovels are made with ejection handles to ease the strain on the back. In addition to the shovel, you may use a pick or ice chopper because if the snow is wet, you may have a sheet of ice underneath it all. Shoveling only takes you down to that layer. Then when you attempt to drive on that, you will only end up sliding into the pile of snow you just created, or worse. Then you will have a whole new insurance issue to be concerned with.

Method 5: Tarp It Off

This method, much like the salt, requires some forethought. Covering your driveway with a tarp can help with snow removal. Placing the tarp well before it begins will help, especially when the ground is above freezing. This method works best in light snow. If you’re dealing with heavier snow, you need to be regularly brush it off. The more snow that falls on the tarp, the more difficult it will be to lift later. When you wait, you will need to shovel the snow and watch for a whole other issue because you will not have solid ground but the tarp to worry about. 

Quick Tips for Saving Money on Your Driveway

When considering your driveway, there are ways you can save money and time when foul weather approaches. Here are a couple of quick tips:

Tip 1: If you are repaving your driveway or looking for a new home, look into heated driveways. They may cost a bit extra, but they may be worth it in the end due to the time they will keep you from the backbreaking work of clearing out a snow-covered driveway. 

Tip 2: If your vehicle were to slip on ice in your driveway and you hit your garage or home and cause damage, this would not be covered under an auto insurance liability policy since the damage was to personal property. This would be covered under a homeowners insurance policy. The damage to your car could be covered depending on the type of coverage you have under your policy. Review your homeowners policy to ensure you have the proper coverage for this type of incident. 

Removing snow from your driveway safely and effectively does not have to be a menace. When facing a snow event, being prepared is the key to getting you, your home, and your vehicle through it. You never know when the unthinkable will occur, and you may need insurance to cover damages incurred through an unfortunate incident. 

How You Can Get Started

Keep your vehicles safe while on the road and off the beaten path. When the weather starts to change and you need protection for your vehicle Duliban Insurance is ready to help. Our agents are ready to answer questions about auto coverage and homeowners insurance to ensure you have the best coverage possible.

Contact us today. We are ready to answer your questions and begin your free quote.





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