Kubota or John Deere – Comparing Compact Tractors

So you have made the decision to buy a tractor, congratulations! The next step is to do some research, which tractor do you want, what is the purpose of the tractor?

Two of the most popular brands are John Deere and Kubota, we have done a tractor comparison for you. An investment in a tractor is a big decision and will have a big impact on your rural property for years to come. Unlike your vehicle, your tractor will be within your procession for years, and perhaps decades! Allow us to provide some information to your consideration before you make the purchase. At Duliban Insurance Brokers we specialize in providing tractor insurance coverage and rural homeowner’s insurance coverage across Ontario.

For most of us reading this article, we live on rural properties and the compact tractor will be used in many ways. This includes mowing our lawn, moving aggregate, tackling modest yard projects, plowing snow, and various other household tasks. Today, we break down the details on two of the most well-known compact tractor brands out there, and why one may just be better than the other.

Kubota versus John Deere Tractor Comparison

In our comparison, we look at:

  • Pedal placements
  • Attachment ease
  • Parking stand
  • Material use
  • Value

On the surface, deciding which brand to purchase may appear difficult. After digging into the details, you can decide which tractor is the best fit for you! Tractor Protect does not recommend one tractor over the other as we are in the business of insuring tractors, including all of the major brands.

Pedal Placement

For a tractor comparison pedal placement may seem to be too little of a factor to worry about. Considering how many hours we spend on our tractor, the differences between the two brands become significant.

John Deere uses a regular pedal set up where the brake is on the left and accelerator on the right.

Kubota, on the other hand, includes reverse on the accelerator whereby dripping your heal changes direction.

Tractors need to do two things; be simple and work. Would you prefer having everything on your right foot, or splitting and using your left foot to break.

Attachment Ease

If you plan on using your tractor as a one trick pony, the ease of changing attachments may not be a deciding factor. But for most in Ontario, the tractor needs to be as versatile as we are. Both John Deere and Kubota comes away with the advantage with their ease in changing attachments.

John Deere lightning packages make switching from one attachment to the next a snap, saving you time and frustration in the process.

Kubota uses a connecting system in which can easily change your accessories as well but you may need to purchase an additional part for this.

Parking Stand

Being simple is one of the most important criteria we look for in our tools.

John Deere nails their parking stand by making it operate entirely on its own.

Kubota you are not required to jump off the tractor and back on again to put the stand in position.

John Deere’s parking stand is automatically engaged after putting down pressure on the bucket, switching the bracket upward, and working a joystick to park.

Material Use

John Deere uses plastic polymers instead of metal. The plastic used on the green tractors is durable, strong, and looks great. This is not the cheap plastic found on entry level tractors, but a quality material designed to last for years.

Kubota uses traditional metal as the body skin for their tractors and is very heavy duty and built strong.  Since tractors are meant to work and work in the harsh Canadian climate, longevity needs to be considered along with the overall weight of your machine.


For this tractor comparison, both John Deere and Kubota tractors hold their value over time. This is a testament to their build quality and appeal in the used market. Tractors are rarely purchased with the thought of resale value.

However, John Deere and Kubota customers will be happy that should they need to part with their green or orange workhorse, their wallet will see green too.

Price and Finance

Approximate price points for each of these compact tractors will range depending on which model you purchase. This is along with any accessories in which you decide to purchase.

For both brands, you do not need cash up front as financing is available. With better than average credit, expect to obtain 0% interest for up to 60 months with John Deere or Kubota. Longer terms may be available at reasonable interest rates, and both often offer other incentives, including cash back, instant rebates, or attachment discounts.

The Winner…You

For our tractor comparison, both John Deere and Kubota tractors are a great investment into your future, and depending on your interest and use, either would be a good choice.  Both manufacturers build a great product. Your personal needs and budget will help guide in choosing the right tractor. John Deere and Kubota each have their strengths and limitations. Pair your requirements with the strengths of either, and you’ll come away a satisfied customer.

Tractor Protect Dealership Partners

At Tractor Protect we have created partnerships with multiple tractor dealerships across Ontario who offer all the popular brands of tractors. Step 1 is to purchase the tractor and step 2 is to protect it, Tractor Protect offers the best coverage for your tractor at a low monthly cost. Coverage can be secured online. When doing your research for the best tractor you can start by looking at dealerships who offer John Deere or Kubota.

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