Landscaping Insurance

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Landscaping Insurance

Landscaping Insurance in Ontario

Landscape insurance ensures that your business is covered for the things that matter. Get unique coverage for tools and equipment, commercial liability, and more. Find the right landscape insurance for your business with Duliban Insurance.

Free Quotes for Ontario Business Owners

Landscaping business owners in Ontario need to be sure to protect their company from damage, theft or injuries. If you currently do not have a landscaping insurance policy, or if you are interested in finding a new plan for landscaping insurance in Ontario, give the experts at Duliban Insurance Brokers a call.

Duliban Insurance Brokers are here to help you secure your landscaping business. We understand that accidents can happen to anyone no matter how professional and qualified you or your workers may be. Our licensed insurance brokers are here to help you find the right type of coverage for your business. We offer general liability, commercial auto insurance and equipment worker’s compensation that can help in the event of an injury. Let Duliban Insurance Brokers provide you with a Free Landscaping Insurance Quote in Ontario today with no obligation.

Product Details

There is more to owning a successful landscaping business in Ontario than your skills with professional yard work. It takes management insight and a good quality team to help keep your business afloat. You also need to own the appropriate landscaping tools and equipment to help you with your day to day tasks.

This special commercial-grade equipment isn’t cheap. Depending on the type of clients you have, you may need to purchase utility vehicles, commercial mowers, excavators, loaders and tractors. These items can be worthwhile investments for your business, but they can also put you at high risk for potential theft.

No landscaping business, no matter how successful they may be, can afford to lose one of their go-to pieces of equipment. Even if they have the financial means to purchase a new tractor or mower, they could lose a client if they have to cancel a job before buying a replacement.

Don’t let issues with your landscaping equipment such as theft or damage cause you to miss out on a promising new job. At Duliban Insurance Brokers, we are here to provide you with the right type of coverage your business needs to remain successful. No matter what issues you may face along the way. To learn more about your landscaping insurance options in Ontario, contact Duliban Insurance at 1-855-385-4226.

Coverage Details

Landscaping business owners have several options when it comes to the type of coverage they can have added to their policies. Here are a few coverage options that are either included with the standard business insurance plan or available to add-on to your current policy.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

When you have the right type of liability insurance coverage, you can reduce the risk of your company dealing with the serious issues that follow a claim or accident. General liability insurance for your company can offer protection against bodily injury or property damage claims.

These claims are initiated by third parties who were involved in an accident or injury on your premises or due to a product or service offered by your company.

Commercial General Liability Insurance can also offer protection for advertising liability claims or personal injury to third parties your company may have caused.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance can help businesses that depend on their company vehicles to carry out their everyday tasks. This type of coverage is often offered as an add-on and can help you protect your commercial vehicles such as your landscaping van or pickup truck.

An insurance broker at Duliban Insurance can help you learn more about what type of commercial auto coverage your company can benefit from the most.

The coverage works the same as regular auto insurance for the most part, with a few differences here and there. This coverage can offer protection if you or your employees are involved in an auto accident while driving your company car.

Equipment Insurance

Also known as commercial property insurance, equipment insurance can help protect the tools and equipment you use most and keep your business running if this equipment becomes damaged. This coverage can offer protection for all types of physical assets such as buildings, equipment, inventory, and property while it is in transit. It can also provide you with coverage for business interruption if you have to halt your services temporarily due to equipment failure.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker’s compensation insurance provides protection for employers from claims made by employees who were injured on the job. It helps to protect any type of business from lawsuits and offers peace of mind to employees who have the assurance that they will receive reliable compensation if they are ever injured while working.

With worker’s compensation insurance, the employer takes on the full cost of the compensation and receives protection from lawsuits that could arise from the injuries as a result. The workers agree to give up their right to sue their employer in exchange for compensation benefits.

The team at Duliban Insurance Brokers are here to help you find the right business insurance policy to meet your needs. They can also help you decide on the amount of liability insurance you need to stay protected. And they can suggest any add-on policies that could be helpful down the road. Call the insurance professionals here at Duliban Insurance Brokers today to learn more about the variety of business insurance services we have to offer you.

What's Covered by Auto Insurance?

You Automobile

Provides coverage for your home and any detached structures on your property such as your garage, shed, pool house, etc.

You Automobile

Provides coverage for your home and any detached structures on your property such as your garage, shed, pool house, etc.

You Automobile

Provides coverage for your home and any detached structures on your property such as your garage, shed, pool house, etc.

You Automobile

Provides coverage for your home and any detached structures on your property such as your garage, shed, pool house, etc.

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