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Take Control of your Car Insurance rates with CAA MyPace program

The CAA MyPace payment program consists of a non-km premium portion and km premium portion. The km portion covers you while driving and is billed in 1000 km increments. The non-km portion covers risks that are not related to kms driven which includes Comprehensive, a portion of Accident Benefits, Direct Compensation and Property Damage while you are a passenger in a non-owned vehicle or as a pedestrian.

How does MyPace work with CAA Car Insurance?

It’s very easy, you enroll with your broker, you install the device sent to you in your car, you download the app on your phone and you drive, it’s that simple.

Coverages and Discounts offered with CAA Car Insurance

CAA Car Insurance Discounts:

  • CAA Car Insurance has approximately 20 discounts you may qualify for such as:
    • 25 + yrs claims free
    • Anti theft
    • Loyalty to CAA
    • CAA membership
    • Conviction Free
    • Family Discount (for those living in same home all with CAA)
    • Graduated Licensing (for the new drivers)
    • Hybrid Vehicle
    • Multi policy (for having more then one product with CAA ie. Home and Auto)
    • Retiree
    • And many more
  • There are also many Coverages offered by CAA, such as:
    • Coverage for Transportation Replacement in the event of an accident or claim
    • Agreed value for the those higher value or antique or classic vehicles
    • Coverage for Rental of a non owned vehicle – ie. Travelling in Florida and want to rent a car
    • Waiver of Depreciation – Agreed value for up to 60 months on the full replacement of a brand new vehicle purchase in the event of a Total Loss or damage to the vehicle for replacement parts new
    • Forgive and Forget – fully protects you from the first At Fault accident, your good driving record is protected from the loss and your premiums are not affected as a result of the accident.

CAA Car Insurance Endorsements:

OPCF 3 – Drive Government Automobiles
OPCF 5 – Permission to Rent or Lease
OPCF 6A – Permission to Carry Paying Passengers
OPCF 9 – Marine Use Exclusion
OPCF 13C – Restricting Glass Coverage
OPCF 16 – Suspension of Coverage
OPCF 17 – Reinstatement of Coverage
OPCF 19 – Limiting the amount paid for loss or damage coverages
OPCF 19A – Agreed value of automobiles
OPCF 20 – Coverage for transportation replacement
OPCF 23A – Leinholder Protection
OPCF 27 – Liability for Damage to Non-Owned Automobiles and other coverages when insured persons drive, rent or lease other automobiles
OPCF 28A – Excluded Driver
OPCF 30 – Removing coverage for attached machinery
OPCF 32 – Use of Recreation Vehicle by unlicensed driver
OPCF 38 – Agreed limit for automobile electronic accessories and equipment
OPCF 40 – Fire Deductible
OPCF 43 – Removing Depreciation Deduction (60 months)
OPCF 43A – Removing Depreciation Deduction for Specified leases (60 months)
OPCF 44R – Family Protection Endorsement
OPCF 47 – Agreement not to rely on SABS priority of payment rules
OPCF 48 – Added coverage to offset tort deductibles

CAA also offers coverage for many things other than just your car, such as Snowmobiles, ATV’s, Trailers, Motorhomes, Antique Cars, Commercial Use Vehicles.

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