Protect Your Jewelry

People usually spend thousands of dollars in securing their valuable assets and precious belongings. They regularly pay insurance premiums to protect their house, vehicle, furniture, and other household goods. In many cases, people fail to insure their jewelry that costs thousands of dollars. Just like any other asset, jewelry is prone to damage too. Replacing jewelry can be a costly venture, especially when you are at risk of undergoing losses due to accidents or incidents.

For example, if you have lost your house in a fire and your precious jewelry along with it, you might not be able to bear the expense of replacing the jewelry immediately. It could take a couple of years before you can reacquire the actual worth of the jewelry you lost. Even if your home policy insures you a fire loss and you receive full compensation for the damages, the repair time will be tedious enough to delay purchasing jewelry.

On top of that, purchasing jewelry is no easy task; you may have spent years acquiring jewelry for your wife or a loved one so it would not be feasible to reacquire the entire collection overnight. Plus, if you lose your jewelry and don’t have insurance in place, it is a complete loss of your hard-earned money. You would not be compensated for the lost jewelry and would need to pay out of pocket to replace the collection. However, things can be different if you have your jewelry insured, as it would reduce the financial burden involved with losing your precious belongings.

The Sentimental Attachment

Jewelry is more than just an expensive stone or precious metal, it hold memories and attachments. Your expensive wedding ring may hold more value sentimentally, than financially. It holds significant importance in your life and losing it in a fire or in other ways would only be a bothersome situation for you. You could lose your precious wedding ring or other jewelry on a trip to Bahamas, or even while washing the dishes. You could also lose your precious memoir to thieves and robbers. In either case, you lose a precious memento as well as an expensive belonging.

Having an effective insurance policy in place ensures you would not be burdened by such a loss. Some people are unaware that policies exist to cover jewelry, or some may even think it is not a worthy investment. However, insurance coverage for your jewelry can potentially save you thousands of dollars and protect your valuable purchase against such incidents. This policy will not only allow you to replace your lost or stolen jewelry, but you can also get the exact copy of the item insured. This is because in certain policies, you can ask for replacement cost coverage that pays the jeweler to make an exact copy of your lost ornament. For example, if you cherish your wedding ring and lose it due to theft, you can ask your insurance provider to pay the jeweler the actual cost of making the same jewelry again.

Insurance Policies

For jewelry insurance, you need to be vigilant about the various policies in place and always trust written statements from the insurance provider. If your insurance provider is an underhanded and shady company, they may avoid giving written statements and contracts. You cannot argue that your insurance provider mentioned you could claim for each piece of jewelry individually when there is a limit on the total amount that can be claimed, which commonly occurs. On your home insurance policy you can only claim jewelry amounts to the limit stated, even if each piece added together would be well over this limit. Hence, when you insure your jewelry, it is best to always insure each article separately. The cost of insuring jewelry is very nominal. In most cases, you can get an all risk jewelry insurance policy for only $1-2 in premium for every $100 of the valuation. This is absolutely worth it; as compared to the worth of the articles at risk the premium amount is insignificant.

Here are a few tips you should know when you plan to obtain an insurance policy for your jewelry:

Take Photographs: imagine losing your wedding ring that was irreplaceable and you want to remake the same thing. However, you do not have a photograph of it. How can the jeweler make a copy? Hence, always keep a photograph of insured articles in order to facilitate making an exact copy.

Maintain Receipts: You might not be able to acquire receipts for jewelry articles passed down from Grandma. However, retain a receipt copy for any purchases you make, as it will save you the trouble of going through evaluations and provides a limit to be insured.

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