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It has happened to us all. You placed a call into your insurance carrier’s service center, only to have the rudest person pick up the phone and treat you like you are bothering them. On top of that, the rep isn’t even that knowledgeable on any of the questions you have. Now, multiply this by every time you have to call the service center for even the smallest of changes to your auto insurance policy, and you have just had a bad customer experience.

We here at Duliban Insurance Brokers, truly believe the words great customer service, and the insurance industry, do belong in the same sentence. This is why we only partner with top-rated insurance carriers, with award-winning customer service support centers for policyholders.

The Reason Why We Here At Duliban Insurance Brokers Put Our Customers First

As the famous saying goes, “it’s easier to retain current clients, than it is to go out and find new clients.” We want to take that one step further, and say our customers are the lifeblood of our business and what we stand for. We know providing them with an amazing customer service experience can drastically and positively affect our business. Sometimes, other auto insurance brokers go on autopilot and get caught up so much in the day-to-day operations, that the customers are far too often the one who ends up suffering.

As technology advances, even more, the competition will only increase, and the only way to successfully navigate these waters we believe will be the connections we’ve nurtured with our customers for years.

We also believe in value-added services. Every time we have an interaction with one of our customers, we want to provide great value to them. This is why we make sure all agents treat our customers well, are knowledgeable insurance coverages, and have the ability to answer customer questions in a manner they can understand. The key to a great customer service program is to focus on the client and treat them well. It’s that simple.

Niagara Insurance Customer Service

Excellent customer service is important to every business in the world. Some benefits customers who choose to work with us are afforded:

  • Peace of mind – We do everything we can to ensure you that your business is in good hands. This is why we don’t just sell insurance policies, and our customers never hear from us again. We have a policy review schedule where we circle back with all of our policyholders just to see if we can help with anything.
  • Provides value – We believe the key to providing great value to our customers is by treating them well, answering questions, educating them on their policies, and exceed their expectations.
    Appreciation for your business – No matter how many auto insurance policies we sell, we like to treat them all like it’s our very first one. We don’t want you to just give us your business, we want to earn it.
  • Knowledgeable insurance agents – Our agents have decades of insurance training and are well equipped to handle any question you have about your policy. And, no insurance agent knows it all. If there is a question we cannot answer, we will use our resources, and get that answer to you.
  • So, the next time you or a friend are looking for auto insurance in the Niagara Falls, or Niagara region, let us show you why we are different.

Did you know you can bundle your auto insurance & home insurance to save money.

To learn more about Niagara auto insurance, contact the experts Duliban Insurance Brokers at 855-385-4226. Our licensed professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Duliban Insurance Brokers does more than just provide auto insurance to residents in Niagara Falls and the surrounding Niagara Region, we make personal connections with our customers. You are part of the Duliban family, not just a customer.

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