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CAA Insurance Broker Company Overview:

For over 115 years, CAA has been helping Canadians stay safe, mobile, and protected.

CAA is a strong advocate and a voice for their Members on issues such as road safety infrastructure and consumer rights.

They offer a number of products and services, ranging from Roadside Assistance, home and auto insurance, travel services and travel insurance.

CAA Members can also receive savings at numerous participating partner retail locations and services across North America.

In January 2016, CAA South Central Ontario and CAA Manitoba announced the two clubs would merge and join forces to help keep Members safe. The historic merger was official in October 2016 by the Board of Directors and Members. With this merger, they are pleased to be known as CAA Club Group. This new partnership reflects the successful and growing attributes of their organization.

CAA is Canada’s largest not-for-profit automobile association with more than two million Members in South Central Ontario and 200,000 Members in Manitoba.

Products Offered:

  • Home Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Farm Insurance
  • Recreation Insurance

CAA Forgive & Forget – Every vehicle indicated on the Certificate of Automobile Insurance that carries this endorsement is protected from the consequences of ONE (1) chargeable accident within a 6-year period. At renewal, the driving record of the principal operator on the insured vehicle will not be negatively impacted after the first chargeable accident provided that all other eligibility and other conditions are met. If a protected driver has a second chargeable accident within the 6-year period the driving record of the vehicle will be reduced to a driving record 3. If any protected driver has a third chargeable accident this will be treated as a second chargeable loss without the protection of the Forgive & Forget endorsement the risk will be non-renewed at the next renewal.


Bodily Injury/ Property Damage
Accident Benefits (standard)
Increased Accident Benefits (optional)
DCPD (direct compensation property damage)
Specified Perils
All Perils
Uninsured Motorist

Roadside Assistance:

CAA does not offer this as a separate coverage or endorsement; however they do have roadside assistance options if you carry a CAA membership.

CAA Auto Insurance Discounts:

– 25 + years claims free – 5%
– Anti theft – 10%
– CAA Loyalty (1% – 20%) à Based on tenure with CAA
– CAA Member
– CAA Usage based insured
– Enrollment – 5%
– Up to 10% depending on driving behavior over policy term
– Underage occasional driver
– Conviction Free
– Employee
– Family
– Graduated License
– Group Discount
– Hybrid
– More Vehicles than drivers
– Multi Line (private passenger – 5% / Recreation – 10%)
– Recreation Vehicle
– Retiree
– Underage driver away at school
– Winter Tire – 5%

My Pace Program:

CAA MyPace is a billing option for insured’s that supports traditional auto product rate and rules. It allows the insured to have some control over monthly payments for kilometers (km) driven. Insureds who enroll in the CAA MyPace program voluntarily waive the right to the monthly payment plan option for the kilometers (km) portion of their premium.

CAA MyPace Payment Design

1. Non-kilometer payment options:

  • Lump sum payment by Pre-Authorized Debit or Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard and American Express. • Monthly payment by Pre-Authorized Debit.
  • Monthly payment by Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

2. 1000 Kilometer increment payment options:

  • Lump sum payment by Pre-Authorized Debit or Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

This endorsement is for insureds who voluntarily choose to have their policy billed based on kilometer usage using a telematics device. The endorsement can be applied at New Business or Renewal to a maximum of one vehicle per policy.

CAA Connect

This endorsement provides a discount for insureds enrolled in the usage-based insurance program – CAA Connect. Upon enrollment a 5% discount applies. Additional discount(s), up to 10% (if applicable), will apply at the following renewal based on driving behaviour during the policy term. The discount is capped at 15%. Behaviours that affect the discount include Low Mileage, Speeding and Time of Day the vehicle is being operated. This endorsement is to be applied at the household/policy level and will be added to each vehicle that qualifies. Endorsement to be applied at New Business and Renewal.

Vehicle Type: Private Passenger Vehicles Only

  • In order for the additional UBI discounts to be applicable from the previous term the vehicle must remain enrolled in the program on the next renewal.
  • If the vehicle is being parked for longer than 7 consecutive days, insured must notify CAA Insurance.
  • This form cannot be used in conjunction with CAA MyPace.

Discount for CAA Membership:

This discount varies from 1%-20%. The discount is based on Membership information such as tenure and is automatically calculated through validation of Club data.

If you are a new/future member – you get a discount of 5%. If you have a longer tenure with CAA, you would qualify for a higher discount (this is done on the back end)

Emergency Claims Assistance:

In the unfortunate event of a claim, it is important that you are supported 100%. As an Intact Insurance Broker, we have 24/7 Claims Assistance available. Just call 1-855-385-4226.

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