Hobby Farm Insurance

Protecting The Farmer In You

What Is A Hobby Farm?

Hobby agriculture covers a wide spectrum, from backyard eggs-and-jam to large areas of grazing land. The deciding factor on which a definition can be made are money and labour: the hobby farmer’s income is largely made from off-farm work and the farming responsibilities does not require to employ full-time labour.

What Qualifies As A Hobby Farm

Farm Size

  • Less than 100 acres
  • land must be workable (define workable)

Farm Animals

  • Less than six animals
  • Saddle animals do not count (link to explain saddle animals)

Farm Income

  • Can be used for no income or
  • Total gross income less than $8,000 (renting land does not count towards farm income)

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What Are You Covered For?

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Barns & Outbuildings

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Hobby Farm vs Commercial Farm

An example of lack of coverage for your hobby farm would be the undisclosed sale of eggs at a local farmer’s market, which later are determined to have caused a food illness. If any insurance claims were to arise from the situation, you as the farmer would be solely responsible for any liability.

These gaps in coverage happen more often than you would think – it is important to protect yourself.


The cost of your insurance is determined by a number of variables:

  • The type of activities carried out on your farm
  • The size of your farm
  • The location of your farm
  • The turnover of your business

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