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What can Tractor Protect do for your Tractor Dealership

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tractor Protect benefit our dealership?

  • Tractor Protect provides your dealership with proof of insurance immediately after the purchase of the policy online
  • For every quote referred, we will pay the dealership or your sales team a referral bonus
  • Reduces dealership liability by providing full coverage on the machine, not just balance of a potential lien
  • Provides replacement cost coverage for new machines to 5 years

Does Tractor Protect cover tractors used for commercial/business purposes?

Tractor Protect is not designed to cover machines use for business use. We do have alternate coverage plans available and our Farm and Commercial team would love to assist, 1-855-385-4226.

What is the Standard Policy Deductible?

The standard policy deductible is $500 which is lower than many farm and home policies. This can be reduced to $250 with the purchase of the Elite Plus Endorsement.

Can we get proof of insurance to submit to the financial company?

Yes, all policies bound online through Tractor Protect, will come with proof of insurance sent direct to the dealer immediately.

Where is Tractor Protect available?

Tractor Protect is now available in the following provinces:
– Ontario
– Newfoundland
– New Brunswick
– Nova Scotia
– Prince Edward Island

We plan to make our tractor insurance program available nation wide.


Tractor Dealerships Offering Tractor Protect

Platinum Endorsement

  • Deductible reduced to $250 from $500
  • $10,000 tractor accessories extension
  • $2,500 loss of use to pay for rental equipment in the event of a claim


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