In an increasingly cold and impersonal world, Duliban Insurance Brokers breaks that mold. We use Duliban for all of our insurance needs from business and home, to auto and recreational vehicles. We can testify that they are a ‘Hands On’ brokerage. Several years ago, when we had a fire at our business, Adam was there to help in every way possible. He connected us with the right people to repair the building and touched base along the way to ensure a smooth process.

More impressively, Adam & the Duliban team continually help us maneuver through the scary world of 3 teenage, male drivers and never get tired of quoting the ‘must have’ vehicle of the day.

We feel like the people at Duliban know us personally and truly work on our behalf.

Thank You Duliban Insurance Brokers Limited 🙂 You are definitely the BEST of Brokers out there, so Thanks for supporting one of the BEST schools out there!

Winger School and our community greatly appreciates your ‘seal of approval’ with your Broker support for the Aviva community fund contest. 🙂

In todays society we are so quick to fire up social media when something pisses us off, but we forget to fire it up when something amazing happens. I have to tell everyone how absolutely amazing Duliban Insurance Brokers Ltd is.
I contacted them out of curiosity earlier this week to see if we could get a better insurance rate, with the bonus of them being local, and family owned. Right away they were happy to contact the many insurance companies (One of which was our current …insurance company) and found us the best rate. Thats right, I had to do nothing except sit here in my beloved yoga pants and wait to hear back.
The next day he had a quote for us, clearly detailed that we could actually understand (i know right?) and see that was not only heads and shoulders above what we currently had, but also included adding a separate business policy… What does that amazing gem cost us? A measly $40 extra a year… not month… year. We didn’t realize through our old policy that a lot of coverages were missing that we really needed weren’t standard with our policy, and we didn’t even know existed (i.e. flood damage for our finished basement which is something truly important for where we live here at the base of the escarpment).
Now thats not to say that you don’t currently have the best rate, but I am so beyond thankful that I contacted them because now we are properly protected and have an insurance company that we trust, that understands what we do, and don’t need in a policy. Now I know you are thinking “It doesn’t get much better than that” but you are wrong. Every year they automatically check and make sure we are still getting their best rate through their insurance companies. Which saves US from having to look, and wasn’t even something I knew that any companies did!
I highly suggest contacting them to get a quote if you are unhappy with your current insurance, or even if you are just curious as to whether you do have the best plan for your family.
(And before you even think it… I wasn’t encouraged or paid or anything to write this… They just deserve the kickass shout out!!)

Thanks for the excellent service today and over the last couple weeks!!! We felt everything was very proffessional, personable and thorough

Me and my boyfriend dealt with many different people with intact, nothing was getting resolved at all. Two week’s after the accident, Jason got in touch with me and ensured me he would get in touch with intact and update me with what was going on. He did all of this right away, he called me on the saturday, that monday we finally heard from intact, and settled on the Tuesday. Thank god we had Jason to help us with the situation, we have never dealt with this before and are very happy we had duliban to help us with everything! Jason also found us an even better rate with insurance then we had before! Thank you again Jason, we both appreciate everything!

Duliban Insurance Brokers has a personalized service you would expect from your Hometown Broker. Couple this with an ability to source products from a huge range of carriers makes them tough to beat. Great products backed by Great Service, That’s Duliban

When ProVantage Automation was being formed, we thought our needs for insurance as an Industrial Technology Integrator ‎were fairly basic, given discussions with large corporate Insurance Brokers we knew. On an off-chance and appreciating small town values, we met with a broker from Duliban Insurance. They covered off all the issues, both for then, as well as for our future. And in our 5 years of growth, Duliban Insurance have provided exemplary service, value, but most of all, solid guidance around our insurance needs. They look out for us.

There are many ways we can describe Duliban Insurance; very professional, personable, honest and upfront, and a reliable brokerage. It’s a big thing for me, the broker should be working for the client and I feel like they go out of their way for their clients. We have had two claims and they were right on the ball. They have given me the sense that they are there for our cause. They provide excellent customer satisfaction; I appreciate his business and constantly recommend him to my friends.