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Why Else Should I Keep A Welland Insurance Home Inventory?

In addition to a much smoother and faster claims process, there are many other reasons homeowners in Welland should elect to create a home inventory. Another key reason is severe weather.

In a place like Ontario, which experiences all four seasons, you never know when a flood, tornado, or anything else can destroy your home, and all of your possessions inside. Once your items are destroyed, it could be very difficult to convince the insurance company that everything you said was in the house, was actually in the house. But, if you had a home inventory, all your items would be accounted for, and you wouldn’t have to scramble to remember what was actually in the home.

Plus, trying to remember what was in the home is a method that’s bound to leave out many items you actually own. When you file your home insurance claim, you want to be compensated for every item in the house. Creating a home inventory list is the best way to ensure this happens.

Tips To Make The Best Welland Home Insurance Inventory List

Now that you agree creating a home inventory list is a great idea, we should talk about how to do this and the best places to store the list.

  • Video inventory list VS Paper inventory list – Having any inventory list at all is a great step on its own. However, if you want to talk about the best way to create this inventory lists, these are the two best ways. In today’s technological sound world, choosing to make your inventory list using a video, would be the best way. This will help the claims department as they can watch the video, and unequivocally see every possession in the house.
  • Storage – Now that you’ve made your inventory list, where should you store it? Well, the answer is not inside of your house. Of course, unless you have a fireproof safe that is at least 175-300 pounds. If you don’t have a fireproof safe, you need to store your video clip, or paper inventory list elsewhere. Secure safety deposit boxes or secure online clouds work great.
  • Annual inventory list review – If you are in your home for a long time, you naturally accumulate a lot of stuff. If you created an inventory list, but never look at it again, you are missing tons of items you have purchased over the years which will not be on your list. This is why we recommend checking your inventory lists annually and making sure you account for all new purchases.

Not everyone has a home inventory list, and still file their home insurance claim, which do get paid. However, those claims could take months to finalize. However, if you took the extra time needed to create a home inventory list, there’s a much better chance your claim will be processed and paid out much faster.

To learn more about Welland home insurance, contact the experts Duliban Insurance Brokers at 855-385-4226. Our licensed professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Deciding to keep a home inventory list in Welland, Ontario could end up paying huge dividends for a policyholder after filing a claim. If you have Welland home insurance and need to file a claim with your carrier, this inventory list of all your belongings will make the claims process smoother than you could have ever imagined.

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