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Ontario Home Insurance​

Protect the place you call home.

We specialize in affordable coverage, no matter your living situation. Unlock a better rate and maximum savings on your home, rental, cottage and more.

Home Insurance Ontario

We’re in the business of protecting your favourite places & spaces.

Explore affordable home insurance options in Ontario, crafted to suit your unique needs by our experienced insurance brokers. We are committed to providing cost-effective coverage that safeguards your home and belongings without compromising quality or peace of mind.

Bundles & Discounts

Some things are just better together

Save up to 50% on home, plus 20% on auto with a variety of our multi-policy discounts. Conveniently manage both of your policies under one roof with 24/7 access through our self-serve portal.

Some things are just better together

Custom coverage, no matter where you live.

Types of Home Insurance in Ontario

We offer comprehensive plans that are dedicated to protecting your favourite spaces and places.

House Insurance Ontario

House Insurance

Whether you own or rent, a tailored house insurance policy protects your dwelling and belongings, safeguarding you against unexpected events. 

Condo insurance

Condo Insurance

Condo insurance is tailored for condo owners in Ontario, providing protection for your unit, personal property, and liability. Fully tailored to you, this is meant to complement the condo corporation’s master policy.

Tenant Insurance

Tenant Insurance

For renters in Ontario, tenant insurance is essential. It protects your personal belongings, offers liability coverage, and can even cover additional living expenses if your home becomes uninhabitable.

House Insurance Ontario

House Insurance

Whether you own or rent, a tailored house insurance policy protects your dwelling and belongings, safeguarding you against unexpected events. 

Condo insurance

Condo Insurance

Condo insurance is tailored for condo owners in Ontario, providing protection for your unit, personal property, and liability. Fully tailored to you, this is meant to complement the condo corporation’s master policy.

Tenant Insurance

Tenant Insurance

For renters in Ontario, tenant insurance is essential. It protects your personal belongings, offers liability coverage, and can even cover additional living expenses if your home becomes uninhabitable.

Airbnb Insurance

Airbnb Insurance

If you own rental properties in Ontario, rental property insurance is paramount in protecting your investment. This covers your units, preserving your income stream amidst unexpected events.

Airbnb Insurance

Airbnb Insurance

If you own rental properties in Ontario, rental property insurance is paramount in protecting your investment. This covers your units, preserving your income stream amidst unexpected events.

Cottage insurance

Cottage Insurance

Enjoy the serenity of Ontario’s lakes and forests with cottage insurance. This one-of-a kind program shields your getaway retreat from seasonal risks and provides year-round peace of mind.

Cottage insurance

Cottage Insurance

Enjoy the serenity of Ontario’s lakes and forests with cottage insurance. This one-of-a kind program shields your getaway retreat from seasonal risks and provides year-round peace of mind.

Home Insurance in Ontario

Home insurance in Ontario is an essential safeguard for homeowners, providing protection against various potential risks and financial losses. Understanding the different aspects of home insurance can help you make informed decisions about your coverage.
Home insurance typically includes several types of coverage. Dwelling coverage protects the physical structure of your home, including walls, roof, and any attached structures like a garage. Personal property coverage extends to your personal belongings, such as furniture, electronics, clothing, and appliances, covering them against risks like theft, fire, and vandalism. Liability coverage is crucial as it protects you against legal claims if someone is injured on your property or if you accidentally cause damage to someone else’s property.

Additionally, additional living expenses (ALE) coverage can be a lifesaver, covering the cost of temporary housing and other expenses if your home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered event. Coverage also often includes detached structures, providing protection for structures not attached to your home, like sheds, fences, and detached garages.

In addition to standard coverage, there are optional coverages. Flood insurance covers damage caused by flooding, which is not typically included in standard home insurance policies. Earthquake insurance provides coverage for damage due to earthquakes, often excluded from standard policies. Sewer backup insurance protects against damage from sewer backups, which can be a costly problem. Identity theft coverage helps cover the costs associated with restoring your identity if it is stolen.

Quote on House Insurance in Ontario

Home insurance is calculated on an individual basis. Insurers assess the level of risk associated with you and your property to determine a personalized quote. Here’s a brief overview of the factors that will influence your next home insurance quote:

  1. Home replacement value. This is the amount of money needed to rebuild your home if it is destroyed. The higher the replacement cost, the more coverage you will need, resulting in a higher premium. You can also choose guaranteed replacement coverage, which ensures your home is covered for a full rebuild even if the cost exceeds the policy limit.
  2. Property type and use. Home insurance brokers in Ontario consider how many people live in your household and whether you rent out your property for additional income. The more risk you present, the higher your premium will be.
  3. Property age. Older homes are more prone to damage, so newly built properties often have cheaper insurance premiums.
  4. Property size. Larger homes require more coverage. Therefore, insuring a 7,000-square-foot mansion will cost more than insuring a 500-square-foot apartment.
  5. Location. Your home’s location significantly impacts your insurance rate. Homes near bodies of water or in high-crime areas are more likely to have higher premiums. Conversely, living near a fire station or fire hydrant can reduce your premium.
  6. Roofing. A newer, higher-quality roof can lower your home insurance premiums because it reduces the risk of damage claims due to severe weather.
  7. Exterior materials. Newer homes, brick homes, and homes made of fire-resistant materials tend to have lower premiums. As buildings age, they are more likely to experience issues like leaky pipes, leading to higher house insurance quotes in Ontario.
  8. Heating, plumbing, and electrical systems. Older systems can result in premiums, and some insurers may require upgrades before providing coverage. This applies to items like wood-burning stoves, galvanized steel plumbing, knob and tube wiring, fuel oil tanks, and 60-amp electrical systems.
  9. Accessory structures. Additional structures, such as garden suites or pools, also need coverage, which can increase your home insurance rate.

The extent and type of coverage you choose will affect your premium. Higher coverage limits and additional coverages, such as for high-value items or specialized risks, will increase the cost of your insurance.

By understanding these factors, you can better anticipate your home insurance quote in Ontario and make informed decisions when selecting coverage.

On the Duliban Insurance Brokers’ website, you can check out online quotes on house insurance in Ontario.

Benefits of Home Insurance with a Reliable Home Insurance Broker

The benefits of securing home insurance through a reputable home insurance broker are numerous. Here are a few key advantages:

  • A trusted house insurance broker offers expert advice tailored to your specific needs. The experts at Duliban Insurance Brokers will assess your unique situation and make recommendations on the best insurance coverage options to effectively protect your home and property.
  • Home insurance brokers work with a variety of insurance companies, giving you access to a wide range of coverage options and competitive rates. Duliban Insurance Brokers compares policies from different providers to find the best option that fits your needs and budget.
  • Unlike buying insurance directly from a company, working with a broker provides a personalized approach.
  • In the event of a claim, a trusted home insurance broker acts as your advocate. Duliban Insurance Brokers will guide you through the claims process, help you navigate the paperwork, communicate with the insurance company, and maximize your benefits.
  • Your relationship with your home insurance broker does not end once you purchase your policy. Duliban Insurance Brokers provides ongoing support, answers questions, periodically reviews coverage, and adjusts your policy as needed to reflect changes in your circumstances.

By working with a reputable Duliban Insurance Brokers’ home insurance broker, you can rest assured that your home and possessions are well protected. Are you interested in online home insurance quotes in Ontario? Contact us now at +1 855-385-4226.

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We are proud to have a 4.8 Google rating with honest reviews from over 600 client experiences.
Duliban Insurance Brokers
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Duliban has been my broker of choice for years and with every interaction my experience has been amazing. The staff are friendly and address any communication very quickly and efficiently.
Amy at Duliban was a pleasure to work with. She was able to get a quote for me and set up my insurance quickly and efficiently. She made what could sometimes be a painful process super easy.
Hilary was great! Quick easy and efficient!
I have been quite disappointed with several of the staff at this insurance broker, but Maria Fonseca was excellent in her role and provided unexpectedly efficient and friendly service. I would recommend asking for her if you want to be very satisfied.
I called Duliban to see if they could give me a better rate on my car and home insurance. I was contacted by Amy Brown, she is awesome cut my insurance in half, plus she is patient and follows up to make sure everything goes smoothly. Highly recommend Duliban insurance and Amy to get you the best pricing. Thank you
Very Responsive and helpful
Warren was awesome at getting me a policy for my new ride! He explained everything thoroughly and answered any all questions with confidence. I cannot recommend him enough. Duliban has been amazing to deal with.
Tia Balint from Duliban Insurance is a zealous advocate for her clients as she helped me save around $75/month at the time of my renewal. She also made the entire process very seamless and easy. For this reason I am choosing to stick with Duliban insurance for as long as possible.
Todd Minor helped us immensely with lowering our yearly insurance costs for auto and home. Everything was done quickly and efficiently. A pleasure to work with. Worth the switch everyone!
Lisa Brant was awesome to deal with and made the transition from current insurer to CAA a quick, easy & seamless transition. Lisa has extensive experience and made me feel comfortable with my choice. Would highly recommend
Great insurance broker. They address your needs quickly and professionally.Thank you Brandon Ermacora great service.
Amy was absolutely great. Made things fast and convenient for me so I could get everything I needed done in 1 day
Jane Hanna was polite and prompt in responding to my inquiries and vehicle insurance required changes. She is always a pleasure to deal with. Richard Jacob
At 77 years old I have been through many insurance companies and brokers. My last company was (I don't want to be in trouble for saying their name so here is something that sounds like them) "INTOUCH" Insurance. After years of being with them I begged them to lower my rates which were starting to skyrocket even with no accidents, claims or tickets. They said "no we can't do anything and you're getting our best rate". I did some research and found Duliban Insurance Brokers. I read them line by line my "Intouch" insurance for both my car and home. The agent said to me "how about $823.00 less than your paying now for the same policies?". I've been with them ever since and never looked back. There's only good things to say about "Insurance That Feels Like Home". My Customer Service Professional this year was Tiana (Tia) Balint. What a truly wonderful smart young lady. She treated me like a family member. She made my day! When dealing with someone as knowledgeable as Tia, she made my insurance purchase more of an adventure rather than a chore!
Brandon Ermacora was extremely quick and helpful. I had an urgent issue with changing mortgage companies. My mortgage was closing and needed immediate help with getting mortgage documents updated. I called Brandon and he had it done in 5 mins. Thank you for the help!
Helpful, diligent and found me a great rate 🙂
This my first experience , one of my friends recommend me Duliban Insurance , agent Warren , called me & handled my requirements , really he was professional & so cooperative , thank you
Shopping for insurance is never fun but Amy made it so simple and was a tremendous help. Can’t thank you enough Amy!
We contacted this insurance broker and were assigned to Amy. We needed home insurance ASAP (we were closing on our house the next day) and were getting quotes for $250 per month. Amy was able to help us quickly and get us a quote for $140/month! Thanks Amy, you helped us out and relieved a lot of stress.
Danielle is amazing. She helped me understand all my insurance needs and she was very patient.
My wife Janet Stewart lost her son due to sudden death, the last 7 weeks have been very stressful. This company would not cancel his insurance and keep sending over due letters Maybe try having some compassion not just (that's the way we do it). After my reviewAdam Duliban did respond to my wife and went above and beyond to help her in this situation to solve this very delicate situation she was going through. It is good to see that someone really cares about the client Lesson learned
She was very nice and friendly
Excellent experience.
Amy was great to work with! She provided me with a great quote that I was comfortable with and she had a very friendly manner. She was super helpful when I was in a crunch to find insurance in a timely manner.
Very helpful..got my documents emailed immediately. Thank you
I had the pleasure of working with Steve Auld and he was so helpful and knowledgeable. He somehow managed to find me a plan that covered more than my existing plan, but WAY cheaper. So very grateful for all of Steve’s help!!
Very courteous, helpful patient and polite. Would recommend them to anyone.
The people that work in this office in Beamsville are incredible. They helped us navigate a claim and were kind and compassionate while we were distressed. Sheri you are awesome!!
Looking for a face to face quote for both house and auto insurance and dropped in to Duliban insurance on King St in Welland. I was quickly introduced to Amy Brown and we went to her office. Amy was very knowledgeable and professional in providing the information that I was looking for. There was one piece of information that I did not have and she could not retrieve electronically. She promised to get the information and send to me electronically which she did. My follow up questions were responded to quickly. Of the quotes I obtained Duliban were the best. I will be purchasing my insurance with Duliban. Amy has also informed me of their on line portal which will provide me quick access to my insurance need needs such aa online filing of a claim should the need arise.I would not hesitate to recommend Duliban Insurance agency and the services of Amy Brown for your insurance needs.
Best insurance brokers around made it super simple and easy. Had the pleasure of dealing with June and she made the experience simple and smooth.
Hilary is amazing! She very quickly helped me with my Auto Insurance quote and got the ball rolling to get me insured! Highly recommended!
June was fantastic and efficient and got me a great rate 🙂
Hello Friends and fellow insurance seekers. I am here to tell you that you will be making THE choice that you are looking for in an insurance company. As a new customer with DULIBAN, I have the pleasure of understanding all I need to know about how to be safe on the road, with Duliban’s wonderful agent JUNE SABO. She helped me with all my questions before I even needed to ask them And More! June is the type of person who lets you feel you have made the right choice and know you joined a friendly family who cares about their customers. Very fair rates. Easy conversation. And always there when you need help. Thank you JUNE, and all the team at Duliban for getting me out on the road safely. Brad Beachin, St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada.
Maria was professional and knows her stuff.I am completely satisfied and would recommend her to my friends and relatives.But I think you need to change your phone answering system as well as the VOIP . Not up to Industry Standards.
Worked with Duliban to get the best and most affordable home insurance policy. Amy was great to work with and made it a quick and easy process to lock in our new home insurance!
Very happy with my experience with Duliban Insurance not only did they get me the best prices for my bike and car they are a pleasure to work with, local and professional!!!
I and my wife have been clients of Todd Minor for more than 15 years. We now have Maria Alvarez filling Todd's shoes We wanted to say that although we miss Todd Maria has done an excellent job in looking after both our auto and home insurance needs. Thank you for going the extra mile for us Maria
Very easy to work with
A pleasure to work with June, she gave me the best rate after weeks of searching.
Hilary from Duliban insurance was absolutely phenomenal!I got help every second of the day at my convenience, if i wanted to call i never was on hold if i needed something quick I could email or even direct text!By far best experience I've every had throughout all the cars I've owned in the past will always return.
Warren was very helpful and answered all my questions. Thank you for the support.
Brandon was a very polite and very friendly, easy to talk to & answered all of my questions. Great service! 😊
Best customer service ,Walking me through the cancelation process thank you for your assistance, in the future I will definitely go through Duliban insurance brokers special thanks goes to Brandon Ermacora for his exceptional help 😀 👍
Bryana was very helpful in getting me a quote on my motorcycle and RV insurance. While I ultimately got lower quotes on the motorcycles, she did a great job of getting my RV insured at a very reasonable price.
I had a good experienceThanks for your helpHenry
Amy Brown was very helpful and advised me about my insurance needs. I started two policies with the company.. one for my dwelling and the second for my sailboat. I have two automobiles that will require new policies when the existing ones expire.
June you are the Most professional person on every level thank you
Jane Hanna was absolutely accommodating and so very helpful. What would have taken me forever, took her mere minutes and I'm so appreciative of her time and pleasant demeanor. Thanks, Jane. You're wonderful
Jane was able to help me to the best of her abilities and set me up with an insurance plan later this year which will give me more savings.
Duliban Insurance brokers has always been great to work with. Always quick to help and make changes for my insurance needs, big shout out to Tia for her hard work and quick turn arounds!
I highly recommend Duliban, I had some issues with my insurance company and Jason personally assisted me and found me a much cheaper rate. I’ll continue to use Duliban now and in the future.
Amy was direct and to the point, had all answers to our questions and saved us a lot of money in giving us significantly better coverage then our previous insurers.Thanks for your efforts Amy.
Bryana was very helpful and well informed in helping me find a policy that was suitable for me. She is very professional and I would highly recommend her.
Hilary made getting affordable car insurance quick and easy, I would highly recommend her to anyone in the market for any insurance.
I had the pleasure of working with June Sabo. She put me at ease when creating my policy. June is very knowledgeable, and was on top of expediting everything so I could buy a car. Five stars for consumer service and professionalism, a perfect combo! I highly recommend Duliban Insurance Brokers.
Very pleased with the service ,and also getting everything done promptly. Very satisfied .CheersDan Kring
Excellent Customer Service
Mallory helped me switch insurance and get all documents in order within 24 hours when I bought a new vehicle. I have been with Duliban since I started driving and have always been impressed with their rates and accommodating staff. Thank you, Mallory, and thanks, Duliban Insurance Brokers!
Dealing with June from Duliban insurance has been a great experience. I would recommend anyone shopping for insurance to give them a call.
June was a great help. Very patient, explained everything to me clearly. Also found the lowest rate for my policies.. keep up the good work. Duliban Insurance Brokers thumbs up 👍
I was in a bind trying to find insurance for my mom. Bryana was patient and precise with her help and we got both home and auto. Excellent customer service
Great service! Andrew is extremely helpful!Thanks team.
June was very thorough. Spent a lot of time with me going over different options of different policies and did not rush through any of it at all. We are incredibly happy with the customer service and the rates that we were given.Thanks June!
Very pleased with the policy Hilary set me up with. On a personal level, Hilary is polite, personable and very professional. Thanks Hilary!
Hillary has been extremely helpful. In my eyes she has gone above and beyond to help me obtain the cheapest possible insurance that I could find. Look forward to being able to work with her in the coming time that I am a client just pick number one two
Amy helped me get insurance for my car the process was fast and simple, and she was very kind !!
Warren was great, helpful and professional
Jane Hanna Was super helpful, was stressed out and she addressed and fixed my issue
June has been extremely helpful in helping me find an affordable car insurance policy and I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to do the same.
Thank you Amy and the Duliban broker team your service was fast and I got the the insurance when I needed it at an amazing rate I suggest you stop here first before going anywhere for your car insuranceThank you Amy 🙏🏾👍🏾
Amy was great to work with right from the start. Very professional. Answered all my questions and took the time to explain all of m y coverage.
Hilary was great to work with. She helped set my husband and i up with home and auto insurance. Highly recommend.
Always enjoy working with Duliban, been using them since my first car. Todd just helped me out with insuring my bootcamp business and the process went well with consistent communication. Thanks, again team!
June was a pleasure to deal with! Easy to get ahold of and made the process very easy.
Good service, quick responses, competitive quotes, Bryana was pleasant to deal with
Jane always goes above and beyond for her clients! She is quick to help, thoroughly explains anything that a client may not understand, and is very kind and personable! I will always go to Jane for all of my insurance policy needs! Thanks Jane 😊
Had an excellent experience with Amy Brown. Was very helpful and informative. Definitely a 10/10 and I would recommend Duliban Insurance Brokers to anyone.
I thank Maria A. for all her time reviewing our policy and finding the best possible rates for us. She was a pleasure to work with.
Great service Hilary Phelps, both knowledgeable and timely. Thank you.
Really helpful and insightful when obtaining insurance
This was my first time getting auto insurance and Bryana was a pleasure to collaborate with. She made it easy and walked me through everything thoroughly. I would 100% recommend Duliban Insurance Brokers to anyone needing help with insurance.
I did a sibstitution of vehicle through the Dunnville office with Jane.Jane did a fabulous job, doing everything efficiently and correctly.Jane sent the required confirmations to my dealer right away. They were very satisfied with the information.Great job Jane! Many thanks, Perry
Thorough and prompt. Very helpful and accommodating.
A pleasure to deal with someone professional enough to want my business and walk me through the process. Also, provided me with a product that was comparable with what I wanted and provided me with significant savings.
Warren, my Duliban Insurance representative, was extremely helpful, thoughtful and diligent. Thoroughly making sure I was happy with insurance that totally fits my needs. Thanks so much!
Amy Brown was a big help in myself making decision to switch to Duliban Ins. Brokers....
I will give positive feedback on the competitive rates that were provided by this insurance brokerage, however, I've never had such poor quality customer service and the only reason I have renewed with them this year is because I didn't have enough time to quote with anyone else. I won't be in this position next year.I just received a call from Jason (business owner), we had a very constructive conversation and I feel satisfied that business will run more smoothly moving forward. I sincerely appreciate his time and attention to the matter.
Melissa cohoe was fabulous and being proactive with my renewal in helping me get the best rate
June Sabo, at Duliban Insurance Brokers, handled my house insurance flawlessly. She asked all the right questions and was well versed in the intricacies of insuring an older home. It's so important to have the proper coverage and June quickly and effectively fulfilled all of my insurance requirements. Plus, she was lovely and friendly.
Very prompt service. Pleasant to talk to. Looking forward to dealing with Duliban Insurance.
My many years with Todd Minor and company (Duliban Insurance Brokers) have been nothing but excellent. I have always felt supported in any request. Any situation or question has always been handled effectively and dealt with as a good question. I have always received information that was important to know but I may not have asked about it. They value you as a customer and share their expertise so that you can make the best possible choice.This company and it's people that make it work are highly recommended. It is a healthy and balanced blend of personal contact and electronic access.
Went online for a quote Duliban was over $700 cheaper!!
I recently purchased auto insurance with Bryana and the process because of her was very easy and smooth would highly recommend.
June took the time to review my current policy. She provided me with an upfront and honest assessment of my insurance needs. Highly recommend setting up an appointment for a review of your insurance needs. 👍
Very friendly and professional. Very pleasant to have business with this team
Really great and easy experience getting insured with Duliban Brokers, Amy was exceptionally fast in finding me a GREAT quote and getting me my paperwork within a 24 hour time frame. Highly recommended to anyone looking for Auto/Property Insurance, 10/10.
Thanks to Amy Brown for arranging our insurance needs in a timely and professional manner.
My Dad is insured with Duliban and was having trouble with a claim through CAA Sheri in their claims department was able to assist me in re-opening his claim and hopefully we will now get thigs resolved. I am grateful to her for her fast and supportive communication and customer service skills.
Great company and agent. I set up a phone appointment and they called me at the time I wanted. Very friendly and nice to talk to. I had my policy with no issues in a timely fashion. Definitely will get quotes on my other vehicles when my other policy comes due. I am going to let family and friends know as to my experience with you and the money I saved. Which I saved alot. Thank you for making the transition fast and easy
Hilary was great thanks!
Hilary exceeded my expectations when looking for new insurance, The wonderful customer, service and assistance received is what made me decide to go with this company. Thank you Hilary for making this a smooth transition
Super helpful, fast, and efficient. Good rates as well.
Very professional. Prompt response. Would recommend. FYI the person I dealt with was June
I have had a experience working with Adam and Sanden from Duliban insurance. Very responsive and accommodating for my business insurance needs. Would recommend them to any business!
Very knowledgeable. Good advice was given to me. Great customer service. I highly recommend this Insurance Broker.
Hilary was fast and professional with my quote.
My experience with Duliban was exceptional, June was very friendly, she got me the insurance I needed quickly and efficiently!
Great experience getting a quote and moving forward with Duliban. I needed to get insurance ASAP and June helped me out quickly and efficiently! Thanks so much
Very friendly efficient service provided by Hilary Phelps. Highly recommended!
It was incredibly easy to switch over my car insurance. Troy was awesome to talk to and set things up.
Great service from Troy, straight to the point and set up without delay.
June Sabo was a delight to work with. She understood what our needs are and she was knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend her.
Highly recommended. Duliban provided prompt service with a customized solution that met all the requirements.
Bryana made the selection, and purchase of a new policy simple, and quick. She was informative, quick to respond to emails, texts, and phone calls, and always cheerful.She truly is a fantastic member of your team, and represents the company in a positive and upbeat manner. Will recommend to others.
Created new policies with Hilary and she is very informative, patient, very thoroughal and answering all my questions.Great job!!!
I was referred to Duliban Insurance for auto coverage. Amy was great in reducing my insurance by 25% and it was an exceptional experience. Great company!
Wonderful service given to me obtaining my renewal and onto a new provider. Worked hard to find me a great rate and explained everything very well.Very pleased!
Amy was very helpful
Very easy to to switch. Friendly staff. Warren looked after us and answered all our questions.
Best experience I every had with an insurance company. Amy is the most efficient and professional agent I every came across. I could not recommend more. Reach out and you will not be disappointed! Big thank you!!!
This company has definitely earned my business for some time now. Moved to Ontario from Alberta and tried another Broker and was frustrated with the lack of service. I was convinced I deserved a better rate comparable to what I was paying. The other insurance brokerage was only able to find a rate almost double what I was paying. Then I decided to try Duliban Insurance. So glad I did. Hilary gave prompt and precise responses. My rate is a little than what I was paying but its understandable since Ive relocated to more traffic and more likely to have an accident. Thank you so much Duliban Insurance and Hilary! -Tiffany Newell
Very helpful. Holly is the best!
Great customer service. I had a hard time with my previous insurance company. Jason Duliban was able to help me get insurance at a reasonable premium. He and his staff were amazing to work with… I would highly recommend this company….. They made me feel like I was family…
Professional proficient friendy and fast service . They made the process user friendly.
They have always been very helpful. Provide a good service.
Great family owned and operated business. They serve high risk drivers as well for auto insurance needs with very competitive premium pricing.Had the communication issues couple of times with their staff but issue was attended and resolved carefully by the owner himself.They love what they do and take pride in it.
Quick, knowledgeable help and affordable options. Recommended!
We recently switched our home and auto insurance and are very happy with our decision. Eric Didemeus was instrumental in helping us make the move.
I moved to the Niagara area in 2005, and was still using Insurance companies from Hamilton. Finally after all these years I decided to go local, & it surprised me how beyond my belief Duliban Insurance was far ahead of my old brokers. I was overwhelmed with the service, and level of assurance I was getting. I just wished I had done this years ago. I cannot say enough about the folks at Duliban for home & auto. I am delighted to pass on my 5 star approval.
Went to the Grimsby offce today and let me tell you the service that they provide is the best by far. Been with them for so long and they never dissapont me. Thanks Mack for taking care of my needs concerning my insurance !
Awesome prices on insurance and Holly was amazing, she helped me get set up just before a rate increase would have gone into effect.
Excellent services great prices , saved $100 a month switching to Duliban.
Best prices and very nice people made it nice and easy to get set up. Best experience I have ever had. 👍
Duliban Insurance has served my insurance needs very well. I like the family type atmosphere that they have. Most insurance brokers treat you like a number with poor customer service. I have recommended them to friends and family.
After months of shopping around for insurance I had the pleasure of dealing with Troy and he found me the price iv been looking for for a long time
Such a fantastic opportunity to deal with Holly and the team over at Duliban insurance. Super easy and quick quotes, extremely friendly people!
Dealing with Duliban was easy and seamless Dominic was a big help getting me a great deal on all my ins. needs. Will recommend to all my friends and family.
Troy Blackledge from Duliban was very helpful with finding the best car insurance rates for me. I am also very impressed by his fast and detailed replies.
Always professional knowledgeable and welcoming with any of business or personal insurance needs
Excellent pricing, great thorough explanationsYou won't be disappointed.
An insurance broker is an insurance broker but what makes Duliban stand out is their customer service!! Tammy Lemire really drove it home for me and saved me alot more than a few bucks. Great experience and definitely recommend calling them!
Duliban is amazing but mostly because of their people. If you want a rockstar agent, Tammy Lemire is the one! She is knowledgeable, transparent, has amazing follow up and communication. I could go a year without speaking to her and send an email and it was like she had just spoken to me yesterday. Very professional. I’m treated more like family than a customer. Thanks Tammy!
Jane and Tammy were very helpful and did a fantastic job assisting me
I would like to thank Warren for going above and beyond in securing my home insurance. Warren worked tirelessly to meet my deadline. I am happy to recommend Duliban.
Always prompt service, have been withthese guys 50 years.
Top notch Insurance brokers that went the extra mile. My Insurance company left me hanging for many days after my accident and let's just say there approach was reflecting their very very poor service. Duliban professionally directed me and did what ever it took to make things right. If it wasn't' for Duliban not forgetting about the most important person, that is the customer, my insurance company would have lost one. They could learn a lot from Duliban on how to look after a customer and show them that you care. A special Thankyou to their Senior Customer Service Professional "Tammy".Drive Safe!
Nice and professional people.
Ask for Amy she is the best and easy to work with!!!100% Recommend
amy brown is too helpful and she provided me best and cheaper deal
Mike was very responsive, friendly, professional, and easy to work with. Got a quote within minutes and was so pleased with the service, we moved both our auto and home insurance over.
I was looking for insurance quotes on The Lowest Rates website and was directed to Duliban Insurance.I talked to Amy Brown and received great profesional service and good rates also.
I appreciated Amy's quick response and friendly helpful attitude when we inquired about property insurance. She was able to give us what we needed the same day that we called!
We recently purchased a house and required house insurance. Holly went above and beyond in answering our questions and researching the best rate for us! She was readily available and her response time was rapid and made the experience very stress free.
I just received my car insurance quote from my long-time insurance provider for the two vehicles that we own. I was surprised at the huge increase in my rate. I went on line to find a cheaper rate and through Duliban was able to save about $600 on my annual rate.
Mike did a great job got my insurance at a good rate and when i needed it.
Michael was great to work with made it as easy as possible
Excellent customer service. All calls and E-mails were very helpfulin meeting my Insurance needs.Thank you Holly.
I found the service was fast and efficient . My rate was less than half of what I currently had with another company and everything was a match . I am not computer literate and I was walked through the steps to completion. I will be telling the rest of my family and mentioning Duliban Insurance to many co workers . Thanks to them I saved over 200 per month
Warren was able to quickly secure insurance for a unique situation I had, was friendly and professional on the phone, and walked me through the process.will definately be back for my next needs!
Amy was an excellent point of contact helping me to get an amazing and fair deal. Thank you Amy! 😉
Great Company to deal with. Fast, friendly services, great customer services. Holly made making the switch a breeze. Thanks
Excellent experience, amazing staff very informative answered all questions most definitely recommend Duliban insurance brokers !! 🙂
Getting insured by Dubliban was very smooth and convenient. Warren is a very nice guy who will always do everything to save you money. Highly recommended.
Great service and price
Great guys to work with. Quick service. Thanks
Outstanding customer service! I really felt like my agent Domenic Tollis genuinely cares and was eager to help us as much as her5e could instead of going for the fast or easy sale. Highly recommended.
Great friendly service and quoted great home and auto insurance rates.
Amy was a huge help to het my vehicle insured! Appreciate all the help
Jason is the the person that understands business
Excellent respectful staff! Love the greeting! Was referred by a friend and so happy!Staff go above and beyond to meet client needs!Shout out to Josh Mashinter!😊During my time with Duliban Insurance he has never let me down. He is very pleasant and understanding and has done his best to help me in any situation.10 stars for you!!🙏🏾

Frequently asked questions

You asked, we answered. Hear what our brokers have to say about some of the top insurance questions in Ontario.

What does homeowner’s insurance cover?

This covers a variety of expenses, including property damage, loss of personal property and theft. Your policy will also include private liability, and any added living expenses are often included in the case of an emergency or displacement. A basic homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover flood, earthquake, or voluntary acts of negligence.

What is the difference between actual cash value and replacement cost?

The actual cash value of a personal item or piece of property is the cost of the item sold AS-IS on the current market. If you have owned a private property or structure, their value would have depreciated over that time. Actual cash value will factor this into the final cost. However, replacement cost value is the amount of money it will take to replace your property or damaged goods without deducting for depreciation.

Do I have to document my belongings?

If you are serious about protecting your assets and investments, it is recommended that you carefully document your property and the personal items inside. It’s good practice to walk through your home and take detailed pictures of all your big-ticket items, such as jewelry, appliances, electronics and antiques/ collectibles. If something unfortunate were to happen, this would serve as proof of ownership and show the condition of the item(s) prior to any damage.

What are money-saving ways to protect my home?

Safeguarding your home is the number one investment you can make which will impact your premium. Deadbolts on all of your entry doors and locks on your windows is a great place to start. Installing security and fire alarm systems that automatically notify the local police and fire departments will help to keep your property safe, even when you’re not home.

Installing and maintaining smoke detectors should be another priority for any homeowner, and if you have the means, a sprinkler system and carbon monoxide detector could help to save you from a great deal of damage should a fire break out in your house.

Remove any potential hazards to the best of your ability, such as keeping your walkways and entry points clear – specifically during the winter season. Salting your sidewalk and shoveling snow could save you a lot of time and hassle if something were to happen to a neighbor or passerby. In addition, restricting all access to “attractive nuances” such as swimming pools and trampolines is a good idea.

What happens if my neighbour sues me from an injury that occurred on my property?

With homeowner’s insurance, you may be afforded coverage for the neighbour’s injury. Your policy will cover medical costs resulting from the wound on your property, as well as any legal fees and costs to repair damages that led to our occurred during the injury. (This coverage assumes you were not voluntarily negligent.)

A flood is not covered, but what if my pipes burst and ruin my floors?

Accident discharge of water due to an issue with your plumbing system is included in your homeowner’s insurance plan. If something should happen to your plumbing system causing it to leak into your home, your policy will cover the costs associated with restoring the property. Check your plumbing system at least once per year to ensure everything is operating as it should be.

What happens if I live in a flood zone?

If you happen to live in an area prone to flooding or earthquakes, it is recommended that you add a rider or endorsement to your policy to include damages and loss as a result of these events. Our team can assist you in securing this coverage.

Is my homeowners insurance payment included in my mortgage?

Homeowner’s insurance is not lumped into your mortgage payments unless you request that your insurer opens an escrow account, allowing you to combine your payments together. This has become a more common practice amongst first-time home buyers for more convenient billing.

When should I add to my homeowners insurance policy?

There are many reasons why you should, or could, add to your current homeowner’s insurance policy. For example, if you are adding on to your existing property, you should contact your insurance provider to include this extension and receive guidance on what your plan should now include. You should also consider adding more coverage if you purchase land separate from your current plot, if you are buying another home, or going to rent a structure to others.

You may want to update your homeowner’s insurance policy if you make a significant purchase, such as expensive jewelry, a computer, or even new appliances for your kitchen. If you add to your investments in any way, you should immediately document the changes and contact your insurance professional to consult them on the necessary changes needed to keep your insurance program up to date.

How do I order house insurance in Ontario?

You can find out home insurance quotes and order the service at Duliban Insurance Brokers by calling +1 855-385-4226.

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