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Google Rating: 4.7We're feeling the love from all of our amazing clients.

Kathryn Hutson
Kathryn Hutson
Hilary was great at switching over my policies and getting me the right quote! Will definitely continue to work with Duliban moving forward.
dan tocchet
dan tocchet
Excellent service from moment they contacted me to when both auto & home insurance was set up. Definitely would recommend Duliban Insurance Brokers.
Wanda Durbin
Wanda Durbin
I would definitely recommend looking here for first-rate customer service! It was my 1st time using an on-line insurance broker, and I would like to thank Warren Drake for making it virtually stress-free! (dare I say enjoyable?) Warren was very professional, courteous, personable & efficient. He made sure, at every juncture, to present me with the options available, ensured that I understood & recommended what he felt was best & why. Stress-free & very good rate! Well done!!
Eyad Daoud
Eyad Daoud
Thank you. Excellent experience
brandon rayray
brandon rayray
As I was looking a new quote for a car insurance at I've found Duliban Insurance Brokers thru CAA. And thanks a lot to Trevor his generosity and helpfulness. You guys are awesome and have a good service and dedication. I highly recommend Duliban Insurance Brokers and give 5 stars
Moncef El Jirari
Moncef El Jirari
I just started shopping and browsing as I am planning to buy a car in the next few months, and Amy Brown called me to give me all the information I need to make the right decision on what insurance company to choose. She was very professional and very helpful even though she knows I'm buying an insurance in the future as my new car is not ready yet. The rates and coverage she could find me are unbeatable for Toronto Midtown. I highly recommend to anyone looking for an Insurance Broker. Thanks Amy Brown in case you read this message.
Jennifer Lemieux
Jennifer Lemieux
oops, Troy Blackledge - sorry Troy!!
george farrell
george farrell
I've completed my first year with Duliban Insurance brokers. Signing up for auto insurance I happily saved hundreds of dollars annually for one car. Being a senior with an excellent record Amy Brown made it simple and quick with big savings to begin my new auto policy. I had been with prior insurer for close to 20 years of clean driving. Kudos to Amy and the Duliban Insurance team! Much success!!
Jeremy Dunn
Jeremy Dunn
Very satisfied with how Duliban handled insurance for my farm property. John Critchley is very knowledgeable, patient and responsive.

How Duliban Works.

We are an independent insurance brokerage and distributer dating back to 1976. Helping with all insurance products from Canada's top providers, we represent you with one goal in mind..... to secure the best coverage at the best price for you our valued client.

STEP 1Call us at 1-855-385-4226, chat with us over live chat or provide us your information by clicking get a quote on one of our insurance products. This can take as little as 5 minutes!

STEP 2Meet your very own shopper! Our brokers will personalize a policy for you and match you with the best rate and coverage from the top providers.

STEP 3It's as simple as that! Now you have your coverage. Leave it to us we will manage the rest ensuring you receive your documents with e-signature and so on.

We provide competitive quotes from 25+ of Canada's top insurance providers.

As Insurance Brokers representing you, we have put together some reviews of our partners. These are from our individual brokers who have had years of experience working with each of our partners.
our broker reviews of insurance providers

Who are Duliban Insurance Brokers LTD?Your Hometown Ontario Insurance Broker Since 1976

Our history starts in 1976. After 20 plus years working for a local steel mill, James Duliban purchased a small insurance brokerage in Welland called ‘R.F. Seehuber Insurance Agency’ and operated at that time under James Duliban Insurance Brokers.

Let's find you the best possible Ontario insurance coverage

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