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Autonomous Emergency Braking 101: How to Save on Car Insurance


What’s all this talk about Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)?

You may have recently started hearing about some very interesting changes to the advanced safety features in new cars. In March of 2016, 20 major automobile manufacturers have agreed to make autonomous emergency braking standard by 2022.

Automobile manufacturers are now building these systems into cars, and are also making them more prominent.

They’re beginning to revolutionize both the automotive industry and automobile insurance. Moving forward, if you have more safety features included in your car, you could also get some good car insurance discounts.


What is Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)?

These car brake systems use advanced computing to take large amounts of data from a number of sensors and cameras to assist you as the driver avoid, prevent, or lessen the severity of an accident.

You are still ultimately in control of the automobile. However, even a minor lapse in attention can result in an accident.

These brake systems are not foolproof and accidents can still occur, but they are designed to assist in the few times when you are driving and may not have reacted to an obstacle ahead. They are designed to assist in times of panic. Sometimes the driver has no control of the situation, such as sudden animals crossing your path.


When did These Systems Start to be Added to Cars?

Safety features in cars were originally designed to help protect you after the collision has occurred. They also aimed to help reduce the impact of the crash.

These safety systems started with four-wheel hydraulic brakes (1922), safety glass (1930), seat belts (1955), collapsible steering columns (1968), airbags (1974), anti-lock braking systems (1971), and electronic stability control (1995).

There have been other car brake systems that have come since then. If you’ve looked at any automobile brochure, you know there are a ton of acronyms for all these systems.

Starting in the 2000s, these brake systems have been computerized and are starting to be linked together. This interconnected shield is all designed around you as the driver to protect yourself, your passengers and others on the road.

This safety shield system is now being filled with new sensors. These sensors act as the car’s eyes, ears, and brain. The end goal for these systems is all the same: to make our roads safer and protect everyone on the road.

Some auto manufactures have taken this level of integration and sensors to the point that some cars are able to drive themselves. But that’s another discussion for another time…


Let’s Break Down the AEB Brake System

To start, let’s discuss specifically the forward autonomous emergency braking. This system is not to be confused with anti-lock braking systems (ABS) or brake assist (BA).

Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) systems are usually built into a safety brake system that combines other driver aids.  

There are different types of the AEB system, and they are all designed to work differently. The first is a preventative mode. As I touched on, these cars now have sensors and cameras built in that monitor the road ahead. The system monitors its sensors looking for pedestrians, other autos or objects that could result in a collision.

This car brake system first reacts by getting itself ready in the event you slam the brakes. It’s also designed to help with pushing the brake pedal down to give you more stopping power.

The system also provides an auditory signal to alert the driver and calculates the distance needed to stop in time. If the driver doesn’t take action, then the secondary system takes over.

The secondary brake system will apply the brakes and attempt to prevent the accident. Due to weather conditions or other exterior forces, a collision may still occur. But with the brakes now applied, the accident will potentially result in less damage to both the cars and occupants.   

To use a real life example, the AEB system could prevent accidents resulting from sudden deer crossing the road or making a turn before looking both ways for pedestrians or cyclists.


Alternative Names for Autonomous Emergency Braking Systems

Unfortunately, each manufacturer has their own name for AEB. In addition, not all of these systems have the same offerings.

I recommend checking the automobile manufacturer’s website if you are interested in the specifics. There, they have complete details on their specific car brake systems.  

As this area of the industry is changing rapidly, I have included a list of some of the names that manufacturers use to describe the AEB system. However, there may be some that I have not included on this list.

If you have an interest in a certain brand, then I suggest you visit a dealership or the manufacturer’s website.

  • Pre Sense Plus (Audi)
  • Driving Assistant Plus (BMW)
  • Active City Stop (Ford)
  • Collision Mitigation Braking System (Honda)
  • Pre-collision Safety System with Brake Assist (Lexus)
  • Smart City Brake Support (Mazda)
  • PRE-SAFE Brake (Mercedes-Benz)
  • City Collision Mitigation (Mini)
  • Forward Collision Mitigation (Mitsubishi)
  • Intelligent Safety Shield (Nissan)
  • Pre-Collision Braking System (Eyesight) (Subaru)
  • Pre-Crash Safety System (Toyota)
  • City Emergency Braking (Volkswagen)
  • City Safety (Volvo)


What’s This Talk About Car Insurance Discounts?

There is a clear benefit of owning a vehicle that has this level of safety. You don’t want to get in an accident, especially if you can easily avoid it.

As I had mentioned previously, 20 major automobile manufactures have committed to the AEB safety system by 2022. Toyota has made a conscious decision to implement their new Toyota Safety Sense on their 2017 models.

This new industry first discount will begin December 15th 2016 in Ontario, and is 15% off. Aviva had sent out an article letting everyone know about this new discount.

I would like to stress that there are other auto manufacturers that do offer the AEB on some of their models, and they would also be eligible for this discount.

If you have additional questions, we at Duliban Insurance Brokers are happy to answer them.


Hometown Insurance Brokers Are Here to Make Sure You Get Your Car Insurance Discounts

At Duliban Insurance Brokers, we are happy to assist you with any questions that you have about your car insurance. We are very happy to have Aviva work with us, as they are pioneering these savings for having safety features in your car.

Our local insurance brokers will not only treat you like our own family, but we’ll also assist you in any way possible when it comes to your insurance requirements. We always have a helpful voice and we would be happy to help clarify how or if you are able for this car insurance discount.

If you have purchased a new auto that has the AEB system and are looking for car insurance quotes, talk to us! Contact our office directly at 1-855-385-4226 or check out our brand new website! We can provide you a quote within 5 minutes!


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