Best Discounts for Car Insurance

As a driver, you take on the responsibility of everyone on the road.

You must be able to be defensive as well as offensive as a driver in order to avoid accidents. This is a large responsibility. This is why insurance is such an important piece of the driving puzzle. No driver can expect to be perfect 100% of the time. This means you may be offensive when you needed to be defensive or vice versa. Of course, sometimes, other drivers are just not paying attention, and there is nothing you can do to avoid an accident. However, insurance companies realize that no two drivers are the same. Therefore, here are some of the best car insurance discounts for drivers who may be less of a risk.

All of these scenarios and more are the exact reason it is essential to have insurance for your vehicle. And this is why it can be quite costly to insure your vehicle.

What Are Standard Car Insurance Discounts?

Most auto insurance companies offer opportunities for customers to save on insurance. Some discounts are standard in the industry. This does not mean you automatically receive these benefits. You must qualify in order to have the discount applied, and sometimes you have to request it.

Since they are not just handing out discounts on insurance, it is best to be an educated shopper. First, know the standard discounts most companies offer to help save on auto insurance:

Bundle & Save

  • This can apply to multiple policies through the same company or multiple cars on one policy. Either way, the insurance company will typically automatically apply a discount as you add products to your purchase. Here is a helpful tip: do your shopping, sometimes a bundle and save option is not the best option. Shop around and make sure that you are getting all the coverage you need and the best price for it.


  • If age can play a part in increasing your insurance premium, it makes sense it can contribute to providing discounts. In this case, most insurance companies will give discounts on insurance if you are a retiree over 65. You would have to be a highly rated driver in order to receive the discount. However, it is there if you inquire about it and meet the criteria.

Winter Tires

  • Canada gets a lot of snow and ice. This is not a surprise to anyone. If you take the precautions to make sure your vehicle can withstand the elements, your insurance company will thank you by helping you save on your auto insurance. Not only are winter tires good for your safety, but they can be good for your wallet.

Graduated Licensing & Driving Training

  • These are different discounts but have the same result. The graduated licensing program and driver training programs show the insurance company that you are going the extra mile (no pun intended) to gain experience as a driver. This will mean you are a lower risk and you will be able to save on your insurance as a new driver.

What Car Insurance Discounts May Vary Between Companies?

The above is the standard discounts that most companies in Canada will offer to help driver’s save on insurance. That does not always mean the discount is the same amount with each provider, nor does it mean they are automatically given to any customer. However, they do not vary that much between companies and are generally easy to obtain.

On the contrary, the following benefits are not offered by every insurance company and may be more difficult to obtain or qualify for. However, these discounts can make a difference when you are shopping for car insurance, especially if you have a young driver at home:

The Good Student Discount

  • Insurance companies believe that good students are typically more responsible in general. They believe this applies to driving habits as well, based on studies run through the years. Therefore, some insurance companies will give a good student discount to any student with a GPA over 80%.

Children Discounts

  • Insurance companies may provide a discount to parents who have children who drive that are away at school throughout the year. If the student is around 100 KM away or more, the parents may be able to obtain up to a 50% discount on their insurance. In addition, if the child is obtaining their own policy with their parents’ company, the company may apply a discount to the child’s insurance policy.

Safety Discounts

  • Insurance companies may offer an opportunity to save on insurance if you equip your vehicle with additional safety features or are considered an extremely safe driver. Items like telematics which monitor driving habits, alarms, autonomous braking, and violation-free driving for three to five years may be great ways to save some money on your insurance while giving you the incentive to be a safe driver.

Green Vehicle Discounts

  • Buying a green vehicle means you care about the environment. Some insurance companies take that to mean you care about making the world a better place and may provide you with a discount on your insurance.

Loyalty Discount

  • If you have been a loyal customer to the same insurance company for three to five years, you may be offered a loyalty discount.

If you are interested in learning how to save money on your car insurance, contact us at Duliban Insurance Brokers at 855-385-4226. Our licensed brokers will help you find the best discounts for your insurance.

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