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my Drive from Intact Insurance

Get on the road to up to 25% savings with my Drive from Intact Insurance.

November 25, 2020.

my Drive from Intact Insurance allows you to take control of your car insurance and reward you for safe driving habits. Save up to 25% on your insurance premium just by driving safely and receive personal tips on how to improve your driving habits.

What is Intact my Drive™?

my Drive™ is a payment plan that allows drivers to take control of and take advantage of saving on their car insurance. Drivers who enroll in my Drive™ automatically receive a 10% discount when they sign up for the program. Following enrollment, the discount updates every six months based on how safely they drive.

Is my Drive™ right for me?

my Drive™ from Intact rewards drivers who practice safe driving habits. If you already practice good driving habits, such as driving within speed limits, you will benefit from enrolling in the program.

How does my Drive™ work?

my Drive™ helps drivers save up to 25% on car insurance. It provides drivers with:

  1. A personal dashboard with driving statistics in real-time,
  2. Custom tips on how to optimize driving habits,
  3. View how your driving habits compare to others, and
  4. Track your Safety Score to understand just how safely you drive.

Additionally, my Drive™ calculates savings by taking a number of factors into account.

How does my Drive™ calculate my discount?

A number of driving behaviours and events will determine the my Drive™ discount. These include:

Driving Behaviours:

  1. Braking (e.g., harsh braking);
  2. Acceleration (e.g., sudden acceleration);
  3. Turning (e.g., cornering);
  4. Distance driven;
  5. Time of day;
  6. Type of road driven on
  7. Speed; and
  8. Distractions.

Factors that Influence Driving Events:

  1. Severity of the event;
  2. The speed at the time of the event;
  3. Time of day; and
  4. Left or right turns.

Even drivers with lots of experience will have to brake suddenly or accelerate rapidly to avoid incidents. This is why discounts are calculated on an average of several trips.

What is a Safety Score?

my Drive™ Safety Score is set using three main factors:

  1. Safe Speed: Drivers who drive within the speed limits at all times will receive a better score than those who speed;
  2. Smoothness: How smooth do you brake and accelerate? If you are a driver who is heavy on the gas, it will negatively affect your Safety Score with my Drive™; and
  3. Focus: Avoid distractions! Drivers who remain focused and avoid distractions like cell phone use will receive a better Safety Score.

The Safety Score allows access to driving habits in real-time to improve safety, and increase savings. Even drivers with lots of experience need to brake suddenly to avoid an accident. This is why my Drive™ calculates the Safety Score by averaging several trips. One incident will not have a significant impact on overall Safety Scores. By taking control of your car insurance premium with my Drive™, drivers can save up to 25%. It is important to note that drivers must make a minimum of one trip per month with my Drive™.

Do I need to drive a certain amount of kilometers to use the program?

As individuals travel less due to COVID-19, there is no minimum to how many kilometers are required to enroll in the program. However, you must make a minimum of one trip per-month to keep your enrollment active. This is as simple as making a trip to the grocery store or picking up a coffee.  If not, any discount will not apply to the policy until a new collection period is completed.

How do I join?

Joining the my Drive™ program is quick and simple, just contact your broker! Drivers registered for my Drive™ under the same policy will receive a text message on how to activate the program. Additionally, it will provide instructions on how to access the my Drive™ dashboard.

How do I access the my Drive™ dashboard?

Once you enroll in the program with your broker, download the Intact App for iOS or Google Play and activate the my Drive™ program.

Signing up and using my Drive™ by Intact is that simple.

As your Hometown Broker, we care deeply for our clients and our community. We are committed to servicing our clients and brightening their day in any way we can. Get in touch with us here.

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