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Is a Space Heater Right for Me?

Is a Space Heater Right for Me?

October 14, 2020.

A portable space heater can warm the most frigid of spaces. As temperatures begin to drop, they are an affordable solution to heat specific areas, without wasting energy on heating empty spaces. Contrary to older models, space heaters on today’s market are reliable, sleek, and importantly, safe.

If you are considering adding a space heater to your home, you may have asked yourself some of the following questions:

Are space heaters safe?

Yes, if used correctly. Some models offer settings like overheat and tip-over protection, as well as cool housing features. It is important to note that all space heaters should be CSA or ULC approved. Some units may have ceramic heating elements that become very hot and should not run unsupervised or overnight.  Here are five tips for operating your unit safely.

How much does it cost to run a space heater?

The cost will depend on the amount of usage. Generally speaking, space heaters are not the most efficient way of heating a space. They are best suited for providing extra warmth in areas that are cold or drafty.

Can a space heater cause a fire?

Not using your unit by following the manufacturer’s guidelines can pose a fire risk. According to the Canada Safety Council, residential fires are more common during the winter months. Insurance will not cover a loss caused by a space heater being left on and unattended.

Can a space heater produce carbon monoxide?

Electric units do not produce carbon monoxide. Space heaters that use fuel will produce carbon monoxide.

Can I run a space heater in an enclosed area?

Enclosed areas, such as garages, gyms, etc. may use electric space heaters. Space heaters that use kerosene or propane are not for use in confined spaces.  You should always be aware of the surroundings in which you use a space heater.  An electric space heater does not produce carbon monoxide but presents fire hazards when used in an enclosed space.   Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and maintain adequate clearance from combustibles.

What are the best practices for using a space heater?

It is always best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when operating a space heater. These are some tips to help keep you safe.

Are space heaters efficient?

Space heaters can be more efficient when an occupant is using a space for a short duration of time. A unit will warm the occupant and immediate surroundings rather than the entire room. A permanent heating system installed by a professional is a better solution when there is a need to warm spaces regularly.

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