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Top 10 Tips for Pet Safety on the Road

Top 10 tips for pet safety on the road

Calling all pet parents! Are you planning your next adventure with your furry friend by your side? As much as we love hitting the open road with our pets, it’s essential to prioritize their safety while traveling. At Duliban Insurance Brokers, we understand the importance of keeping your four-legged family members safe on the road. That’s why we’re here to share our top 10 tips for pet safety while driving, so you can enjoy the journey with peace of mind (and the proper coverage.)

1. Temperature Control: Keep Your Pet Cool and Comfortable

Just like humans, pets can be sensitive to extreme temperatures, especially in the confined space of a car. During hot weather, be sure to keep your vehicle cool and well-ventilated to prevent your pet from overheating. Consider using sunshades on windows, parking in shaded areas, and providing plenty of water to keep your furry friend hydrated. In colder weather, ensure that your pet stays warm by using blankets or pet-safe heating pads.

2. Seatbelts and Harnesses: Secure Your Pet for Safety

When it comes to traveling in the car, it’s crucial to restrain your pet to keep them safe and prevent distractions. Consider using a pet seatbelt or harness designed specifically for car travel to secure your furry friend in the back seat. This not only protects them in the event of a sudden stop or collision but also prevents them from roaming around the car and potentially causing accidents.

3. Passengers: Keep Everyone Safe and Happy

While it’s tempting to let your pet ride shotgun or sit in your lap while driving, it’s not the safest option for you or your furry friend. In the event of an accident, an unrestrained pet can become a projectile, causing serious injuries to themselves and other passengers. Keep your pet securely restrained in the back seat to minimize the risk of injury and ensure a safe and enjoyable ride for everyone.

4. Take Breaks: Give Your Pet Time to Stretch Their Legs

Just like humans, pets need regular breaks to stretch their legs, relieve themselves, and get some fresh air. Plan to stop every few hours to give your pet a chance to take a break and stretch their legs. Bring along a leash so you can safely walk your pet and allow them to explore their surroundings during rest stops.

5. ID and Microchips: Ensure Your Pet Can Be Identified

Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with an ID tag that includes your contact information, in case they get lost during your travels. Consider also microchipping your pet for added security. Microchips are a permanent form of identification that can help reunite you with your pet if they become lost or separated from you.

6. Comfort Items: Bring Along Familiar Objects

Bring along your pet’s favourite toys, blankets, and bedding to help them feel comfortable and relaxed during the journey. Familiar objects from home can provide a sense of security and comfort to your pet, making the travel experience more enjoyable for them.

7. Plan Your Route: Choose Pet-Friendly Stops

Before you hit the road, research pet-friendly stops along your route where you can take breaks and stretch your legs with your furry friend. Many rest areas, parks, and attractions welcome pets, providing designated areas for them to exercise and relieve themselves.

8. Secure Loose Items: Prevent Injuries from Flying Objects

Secure loose items in your car to prevent them from becoming projectiles in the event of a sudden stop or collision. Items like luggage, groceries, and pet supplies should be stored securely in the trunk or cargo area to minimize the risk of injury to you and your pet.

9. Avoid Unattended Vehicles: Never Leave Your Pet Alone

Never leave your pet unattended in a vehicle, especially in hot or cold weather. Even with the windows cracked open, temperatures inside a car can quickly become dangerously hot or cold, putting your pet’s health and safety at risk. If you need to leave your pet in the car for any reason, make sure someone stays with them at all times.

10. Be Patient and Flexible: Enjoy the Journey Together

Finally, remember to be patient and flexible during your travels with your pet. While road trips can be a lot of fun, they can also be stressful for pets, especially if they’re not used to traveling long distances. Take your time, be prepared for unexpected detours or delays, and enjoy the journey together with your furry companion.




At Duliban Insurance, we’re committed to helping you protect what matters most – including your furry family members. From collision coverage to roadside assistance, our comprehensive auto insurance policies include a variety of critical options to help keep you and all of your passengers safe. With these 10 tips, you and your pet(s) can hit the road with confidence, knowing that you’re taking the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe.


Is it time to review your auto coverage? Think you may be in need of a safety upgrade? Learn more about the products we offer, and contact our team for a policy review to ensure there are no gaps in your coverage.


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