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Speed Cameras in Ontario School Zones: What You Need to Know

A collection of traffic signs including a 'Municipal Speed Camera Coming Soon' notice, a 'School Safety Zone' sign, and a 'Maximum 30 - Community Safety Zone Fines Increased Begins' sign.

To enhance road safety and protect school zones, speed cameras have been installed throughout Ontario. These cameras automatically capture and issue tickets to speeding motorists, raising several questions regarding their impact on insurance, demerit points, driving records, corporate vehicles, and the extent of their deployment. In this blog, we will explore these aspects to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the implications of Ontario’s speed camera program

How Does This Affect My Insurance?

The use of speed cameras in Ontario will not have an impact on your auto insurance premiums. The ticket received in a school zone/from a speed camera will be registered to the vehicle not the driver itself, similar to receiving a bill from the 407ETR. This will not go against your driver record or insurance rates as it will not show on your MVR.

However insurance companies may consider this as evidence of risky driving behavior, which could label you as a high-risk driver, leading to higher premiums. To avoid this, it’s crucial to obey speed limits and drive safely in school zones.  However, the speed cameras in Ontario will not have an impact on your auto insurance premiums.

Will This Give Me Demerit Points?

One of the advantages of speed cameras in Ontario is that they do not assign demerit points to your driver’s license. Unlike traditional methods of enforcement, which may lead to the accumulation of demerit points, these cameras focus solely on issuing fines. This means your driving record remains unaffected by demerit points.

Does This Go on My Record?

These violations are not recorded on your record, and as such they will not have an impact on your insurance rates.

How Is This Penalty Assigned to Commercial Vehicles?

Speeding tickets generated by speed cameras are not assigned to any specific driver, rather they are assigned to a vehicle. If a corporate vehicle is involved, the ticket may be sent to the company that owns the vehicle. It’s then up to the company to identify the driver responsible and handle the matter accordingly.

How Many Cameras Are Set Up Throughout Ontario?

The deployment of speed cameras throughout Ontario is widespread. Hundreds of these cameras are installed in school zones across the province. The exact number may vary, but their presence is substantial, contributing to improved safety in these areas.

Is This a Provincial or Municipal Objective?

The initiative to install speed cameras in school zones is a shared responsibility between municipalities and the provincial government. Municipalities are typically responsible for choosing the locations where cameras are placed, while the provincial government is responsible for implementing and regulating the program as a whole.


It’s important to recognize that the introduction of speed cameras in Ontario school zones is aimed at enhancing road safety, particularly around schools and in areas where children are present. Although these cameras do not result in demerit points, and will not affect your insurance rates, best practices are to avoid penalties and maintain a clean record.  It is crucial to adhere to posted speed limits and drive safely in school zones.

For other questions or inquiries as they relate to this new initiative, contact us to speak one-on-one with a broker, and as always, please drive safe.



(feature image, retrieved from) https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/kitchener-waterloo/region-school-speed-cameras-1.5652103

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