Why You Shouldn’t Remove Coverage On Your Motorcycle For Winter

Probably the very first thought that crosses your mind during the winter season is to store your motorcycle and cancel the insurance coverage. That is something some people would think when winter starts, as they believe a motorcycle is no longer needed and will only remain stored for the season.

People usually refrain from riding motorcycles or other two-wheeled vehicles during the winter for various reasons, such as:

Snow Season

Everyone knows the repercussions of snow; slippery and wet roads everywhere. Each year, there are thousands of collisions and accidents across Canada due to wet and slippery roads as well as careless driving. For bikers and motorcyclists, slippery roads can be lethal and/or fatal, which is why most riders stow away their precious rides and use alternative methods for commuting from one place to another. Since the bike would be locked away in a shelter, people would find it a waste of money paying for motorcycle insurance. They feel that since the bike is not going to be used, why not save all the money during the winter season. However, that is not always advisable, and here is why:

Reasons to keep your motorcycle insured in the winter season..

Winters can be harsh.

Although some still will ride in the winter months, most do store their bikes away.

When your bike is stored there are still many things that could happen, such as:

  • The building the bike is stored in has a fire loss, the building coverage would not apply to the motorcycle, this coverage would come from the motorcycle comprehensive coverage
  • Something falls on your bike while stored in the building, again this coverage would come from your comprehensive coverage
  • Someone vandalizes or steals your motorcycle, again this coverage comes from your comprehensive coverage.
  • Your stored motorcycle could also be damaged by pulling into your garage and bumping into the bike or one of your new drivers in the household who may not be used to winter driving. It is always better to be safe than sorry. The last thing any motorcycle owner wants is to miss out on riding during the first nice day of spring because their bike was damaged during the winter.

These are simply a few reasons to keep the policy running all year. Due to the motorcycle being a recreational vehicle, most insurance companies do not permit you to reduce the coverage on the motorcycle.

Keeping your coverage on your motorcycle is a safe bet. You will be the first to take your bike down south for that annual rally you never miss or when the temperatures increases enough to get out on the road again.

As always, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.