Road Trip Tips for Your Summer Outing

5 Tips to Preparing for Your Next Road TripApril, 26 2022

Summer is just around the corner, and it is about time to hit the Ontario open roads for a vacation. You have earned this trip with the long hard hours you put in at work, and you have saved enough to make this outing happen. You envision your spouse smiling through their sunglasses, the kids giggling in the back seat, and your bags packed and secure. But how well are you prepared for your next road trip?

Here are a few checks from Duliban Insurance so you can be sure you are ready before you put your vehicle in reverse and back out of the drive.


Tip 1: Check the Glove Box: Is Your Insurance Up to Date?

Most insurance companies today require policyholders to be on autopay. For most, their renewal process is automatic. However, with some insurers, you may need to visit the insurance company’s website to approve your auto insurance policy renewal.


If you miss this deadline, you could be without coverage. It would not be good to be involved in an incident only to discover that your policy ended the day before you filed your claim.


Also, check your add-ons. Roadside assistance would be a great benefit to have when you are on a road trip. Your car insurance company will send someone out to repair a flat, bring you gas should you run out, or assist you if you experience mechanical failure.


BONUS TIP: Sign up for email or mobile reminders so that you will not miss these important dates. Often signing up for autopay and online billing can bring you a discount on your policy.


Tip 2: Check Under the Hood: Top Off Your Fluids and Oils

With so much preparation going on: the destination, the hotel reservation, packing and making sure you have everything, then the kid’s endless questions about what is there, and your spouse asking if you have everything, it can be easy to forget about some of the items we do not regularly think about.

We spoke of mechanical failure; this is where we advise you to check everything under the hood before you embark on your adventure. From fluids to spark plugs. If you have not had a tune-up in a while, this would be the best time for one. A tune-up consists of a mechanic examining all essential system components that could fail you on your road trip. They check all the fluids; oil, transmission, brake, and radiator; tires, brake pads, spark plugs, your battery, and wiper blades.


BONUS TIP: Always keep spare fluids and fuses in your vehicle. A jug of radiator fluid is a must should your vehicle overheat and you need to make it to your next exit. An emergency kit can also be important.


Tip 3: Check Your Map App: Is Your Trip Mapped Out?

You have heard that getting there is half the fun. Well, it is not if you cannot get there. You know it from the city you live in. How many detours do you make around your town or city? You can rest assured that you will face it on your road trip. Many mapping apps are fairly up-to-date with detours. They can deliver up-to-the-minute incident reporting and rerouting information should it be necessary. Apps can give you the best route and show you highlights along the way.


Check your intended route before you leave and plan accordingly. You can even choose to drive around larger cities; taking the scenic route will make a more pleasurable travel experience.


BONUS TIP: One event some often fail to consider is the weather. Check the weather report and the route you plan to drive. Not just the city you are headed to, but the entire route. Nothing can cut a trip shorter than a tornado warning between you and your destination.


Tip 4: Check Your Goodie Bag: Stay on the Road and Save Money

Another travel tip that can save you time and money is to have your car stocked up with snacks. Before leaving the house, visit a store that sells cheap snacks and stock up. This will help you avoid the frequent stops because of hangry children, okay parents too, not to mention the expense of twice-the-price bags of chips, candy, and other sundries.

You can also make use of rest areas instead of travel stops. They will prevent you from spending money you do not need to, and with quick access to the highway, you can get to your destination that much quicker.


BONUS TIP: You also can choose healthier options for your family. Instead of junk food, choose granola, nuts, and vegetables.


Tip 5: Check Your Patience: Plan for Delays

As we mentioned about checking your maps, there will always be something out there that you did not plan for. When you are packing the extra swimsuit, it is essential that you pack an extra dose of patience.


There will be delays; there always will be. From that construction zone that was not listed to vehicle incidents to just plain road congestion for no apparent reason other than to keep you from enjoying your holiday. Your best bet is to put on some tunes and enjoy the extra time you have with your family. Sing along with a song, play I-Spy, and talk about what you plan to do when you get to where you are going. Enjoy the moment.


BONUS TIP: This is also an excellent capture time. Talk to your kids about things that maybe you do not usually get to talk to them about. Learn about them, or they can learn about you. It is all about growing closer to each other, right?


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