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Ontario Electric Vehicles: A Review of Models

Ontario Electric Vehicles: A Review of Models Available. When the topic of electric cars comes up, most people think of Tesla. Believe it or not, the first electric car can be traced back to 1830. Today, several different car manufacturers are launching electric car models.

Gas prices have been creeping up, motivating car buyers to consider purchasing electric vehicles. Furthermore, electric vehicles have been proven to be as reliable as gas-powered cars. With interest in renewable energy, electric cars are increasingly appealing to new car buyers.

Are Electric Vehicles Making Progress in Canada?

Canada has an ambitious plan to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. That is something that may encourage auto manufacturers and Canadian drivers to make a greater investment in electric vehicles. Ontario is a hub for advanced electric automobile manufacturing, and the government supports the Ontario EV market.

Car manufacturers are doing all they can to entice buyers to make the switch to electric vehicles (EV). They are offering incentives to new car buyers, but the discounts will not last forever. Furthermore, car manufacturers are solving some of the problems that make car buyers hesitant about buying Ontario EV models. Battery performance is improving, and chargers are becoming more efficient.

Canada reports having 65,253 registered electric vehicles in Canada in the first nine months of 2021, which is up from 54,353 in all of 2021.

Ontario EV Makes and Models

Car buyers have plenty of choices in Ontario EV to choose from, and the pricing is becoming more affordable. Here is a look at the Ontario EV makes and models Canadians must choose from.

  1. BMW

BMW puts out four EV models, including the iX, iX M60, i4 Gran Coup, and the i4 M50 xDrive. BMW manufactures highly efficient cars, and all models have plenty of power.  Drivers will appreciate the smooth ride and the agile handling. As always, BMW allows drivers to ride in style. Pricing for a BMW EV starts at around $55,000.

  1. Chevrolet BOLT

Chevrolet is a trusted name among car manufacturers, and its EV version is called the BOLT. Drivers can expect to get around 417 km on a fully charged battery. The BOLT features one-pedal driving, and it has wireless capability for Apple and Android mobile phones. The screen displays information in real-time to keep drivers informed about the remaining battery life, driving history, and more. Pricing for the BOLT starts at just over $38,000.

  1. Ford

Ford offers two EV models, including the F-150 Lightning and the Mustang MACH-E. They also manufacture a commercial van called the E-Transit. Ford’s EV cars have fewer moving parts which means drivers can expect lower costs for maintenance. Ford EV cars drive well on snow and ice, and the cars have proven to stay charged even during Ontario’s extremely cold winter days. Car buyers can expect to pay $51,000 or more for a Ford EV car.

  1. Hyundai

Hyundai offers two models of EV cars, including the IONIQ Electric and the KONA Electric. Drivers can expect to get up to 415 km on a single fully charged battery. Passengers and drivers can get information on giant, fully digital screens on the dashboard. Car buyers will enjoy the benefit of being able to charge their devices wirelessly. Hyundai’s EV cars are one of the more affordably priced cars starting at around $34,000.

  1. Jaguar I-PACE

Jaguar’s I-PACE EV model features a regenerative braking system that automates braking to preserve the braking system. This model has a preconditioning feature that helps the battery maintain a charge through extremely high and low temperatures. The Eco Mode helps preserve the I-PACE’s range by managing the cabin temperature, air recirculation, and a few of the car’s other features. Jaguar’s EV model is expectedly pricier than other EV models, with a starting price of around $69,000.

  1. Kia

Kia manufactures two EV cars, including the SOUL EV and NIRO EV. Drivers can expect to get up to 383 km on a fully charged battery even when it is really cold outside. The battery takes up little room, allowing for a spacious cabin. Kia’s models feature lane-keep assistance and collision detection, and they automatically apply the brakes if a collision is likely. Car buyers can pick up a Kia EV starting at around $39,000.

  1. MINI Cooper

The MINI Cooper EV is not available yet, but it is set to make its debut in 2024, with sales available in late 2023. The MINI Cooper is currently being tested in the Arctic Circle. It has a single panel display screen for easy viewing. Pricing has not yet been set, but it may be very affordable at around $30,000.

  1. Nissan LEAF

Nissan produces the LEAF EV model, which gets 363 km on a battery that is fully charged. This Nissan EV model boasts zero tailpipe emissions and a smooth drive. Drivers also get instant acceleration and one pedal operation. Most car buyers will be able to afford a Nissan LEAF which starts at around $27,400.

  1. Smart Fortwo

The Smart Fortwo model came out several years ago and has since been discontinued, although car buyers can still pick up a used one. The Smart Fortwo EV model is a small car that only seats two people. It does not go as fast as other EV models, but they are decent for short commutes.

  1. Tesla

Tesla continues to innovate its EV cars. Car buyers can choose from several EV models, including the 3, Y, S, or Cybertruck. Teslas can go up to 200 mph and last an impressive 637 on a single charge. Teslas also have automatic emergency braking and a host of other useful features. They also make for a comfortable ride. The Model 3 starts at around $48,440, and truck-lovers can pick up the Cybertruck for around $39,000.

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