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Electric Vehicle Owners Have More To Save With New Group Insurance Plan

Electric Vehicles (EV) are gaining popularity in the millennial age with the increasing improvements to the look and feel as well as the technology behind these new types of vehicles. Automakers have introduced electric cars that run parallel to vehicles that were gasoline powered in all aspects ranging from luxury, comfort and modernized looks.

Owners of electric vehicles are very environmentally conscious, trying to reduce their carbon footprint every way they can. Right now there are not many insurance discounts for owning an electric vehicle, or installing a charging station at your home. This is about to change as two organizations have come together to reward electric vehicle owners for their environmentally friendly choice.

The Electric Vehicle Society (EVS) of Ontario has appointed Duliban Insurance Brokers to provide a custom group insurance for electric car owners in Ontario – savings of up to 35% on home and auto insurance. Duliban Insurance Brokers is one of the most trusted insurance brokers in Ontario, recognized for their signature ‘hometown service’. Being a family owned and operated business since 1976, they now have 5 offices which can serve all of Ontario by focusing on digital initiatives. They offer insurance for businesses, farms, homes, cars, and also tractors for residents of Ontario.

Who pays more for insurance: Gas vs Electric Cars

The program we have implemented provide significant savings for electric vehicles compared to similar priced gas models. We want to show people the possible savings you could get if you are looking to purchase an electric vehicle as your next car purchase. Most people know electric vehicles save you money from never having to purchase gas again but further savings can be found through insurance which everyone needs to pay to drive. This program is designed for all electric vehicle makes and models not just Tesla insurance. For a complete list of electric vehicles available see the MTO website.

tesla insurance

Electric Vehicle Insurance Group Plan

Duliban Insurance Brokers can provide an insurance quote to all electric vehicle owners in Ontario with unique discounts of up to 35% in savings. In order to proceed with the quote provided, you require a membership to the Electric Vehicle Society of Ontario. While on the phone with the insurance professionals at Duliban, they will send you a link to sign up for the EVS, as they require the membership number to proceed with the policy binding.

Insurance Benefits

The group insurance plan includes the following benefits for electric vehicle owners:
insurance savings

  • Auto insurance discounts on all types of electric vehicles (Battery and Plug-in Hybrid)
  • Discounts to your home insurance when combined with your auto
  • Home charging systems are covered
  • 24 hours / 365 days of professional claims service
  • Annual policy reviews
  • Access to other insurance products through Duliban Insurance Brokers
  • Membership to the Electric Vehicle Society of Ontario

Duliban Insurance Brokers provides users multiple ways to receive a quote; you can visit the electric vehicle insurance page, use the online web chat or give us a call to discuss.

The Electric Vehicle Society

The Electric Vehicle Society (EVS) of Ontario has an aim to improve the environment by encouraging and supporting the resident to shift to electric vehicles. It is a benefit for the planet and the people living in it according to electric vehicle society. They engage in certain initiatives that effect real change on a personal, political, and corporate level.

As a non-profit organization, they have a mission to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and shift the culture of car owners towards a more sustainable future. They are doing an effective job on educating the residents of Ontario on the benefits gained from electric mobility.

Membership Benefits

For a very small annual fee, you can sign up through the EVS website to become a member of the Electric Vehicle Society of Ontario. Members would benefit from the following:

  • Unlimited access to electric vehicle online resources
  • Discounts on local EV purchases, charging installation and more
  • Have your voice heard in monthly meetings that will update the members with current trends and changes
  • Interaction with an extensive network of EV owners and enthusiasts
  • Chances to participate in public education through community outreach events
  • Savings of up to 30% off their home and auto insurance through Duliban Insurance Brokers group plan

President of the EV Society, Wilf Steimle, stated, “The Electric Vehicle Society has appointed Duliban Insurance Brokers as our Broker for the Electric Vehicle Society’s group home and auto insurance program. We are thrilled that our members will be able to take advantage of premium savings, specialized coverage endorsements and dedicated and trusted hometown service”.

To learn more about the EVS of Ontario or to join the group, check out their website.

Duliban Insurance

Duliban Insurance Brokers wants to join the environmentally friendly movement by being the first broker to provide an effective insurance plan for electric vehicle owners. They have been working in this industry for over 40 years; their collaboration with the Electric Vehicle Society is another new initiative from a growing family owned business.

Since its inception in 1976, Duliban Insurance Brokers, has grown to become a leading independent broker in Ontario and pride themselves on provided unparalleled “hometown service”. “This partnership is very important to us”, says Principal Broker Adam Duliban. “We consider ourselves a very forward thinking, progressive brokerage. This partnership allows us to extend our signature hometown service to the members of the EV Society, utilize our commitment to technology and to help with special initiatives to better our environment.”

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