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Santa Insurance: Protecting His Magical Journey

Santa sitting in his sleigh, holding the reigns and looking over his left shoulder, smiling.


“Ho, ho, ho….. oh no!” is not the phrase that you want to hear when Santa Claus comes to town. As we are just mere weeks from Christmas Day, it is time to start thinking about what Santa needs to do to keep himself safe on his magical journey.

Sleigh Insurance

While Santa Claus has Rudolph’s shining red nose to guide the way, he still needs to think about protecting his sleigh against accidents and weather-related damages. He is traveling from the cold of the North Pole, and snowy weather conditions could leave Santa without his trusted vehicle.  

 Proper insurance will cover the full value of the sleigh against potential damages that it might sustain within the elements. It will even keep Santa covered if his sleigh comes in contact with another driver who doesn’t carry insurance. Santa will also stay protected from any potential damage by wind, snow or ice that he may encounter on his annual journey. 


Reindeer Liability Insurance 

The reindeer are eager to get into gear and help Santa deliver all of the presents. However, if they start roughhousing a little too much, they can cause property damage. Santa has to be prepared for this and does so by taking out liability insurance on his reindeer.

The reindeer are known to make quick landings on the rooftops of each home they visit, and not every one of those landings is flawless. This is why Santa takes out reindeer liability insurance each year ahead of his journey to keep himself protected. If the reindeer don’t quite stick the landing, Santa has coverage that will pay for any damages caused by the animals. 


Workshop Insurance 

Santa’s Workshop is a magical place which houses the gifts intended for the good boys and girls around the world. Thus, Santa must be extra careful when it comes to protecting his workshop and the special contents within it. 

Workshop insurance helps keep the place safe and secure by protecting against the risk of theft and other disasters. This type of insurance can be incredibly helpful because it protects against dangers of both the manmade and natural variety. This is why Santa has always been so mindful about adding workshop insurance into the mix when he is purchasing his various insurance plans. He and the elves have peace of mind knowing that this policy is in place to keep them and their hard work, protected at all times. 


Gift Delivery Insurance 

We all know that Santa’s primary responsibility on Christmas Eve is to get all of the presents where they are supposed to go. Now, Santa is a very organized man and keeps a very detailed list, but even he can make mistakes. Not only could presents accidentally get delivered to the wrong house, but occasionally a present may even fall off the sleigh!  

Santa doesn’t want to see anyone disappointed from a late or missing gift. This is why he always makes sure to purchase gift delivery insurance to protect against those possible incidents. This insurance protects the full value of the gifts that he plans to deliver, and funds can be paid out to Santa to replace the value of any presents that don’t make it to their final destination. 

Not only does this insurance cover the loss of gifts, but it also used to protect against the delayed delivery of gifts as well. After all, no one wants to see their Christmas presents showing up late. 


Personal Injury Insurance 

Over the years, Santa has done a great job of making it down the chimney and into the homes of families around the world. While an important part of his job, Santa needs personal injury insurance to keep himself protected in the event of an injury. Given the nature of his work, Santa must hold personal injury insurance at all times. He simply cannot be out of work for any period when so many people are counting on him during this magical time of year. 



If these types of insurance matter for Santa Claus, they might matter for you too. This is your reminder to purchase the insurance policies that make sense for your life, your belongings, and your loved ones. Contact our team to learn more about what options are available to you. 

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