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Snowmobile Coverage Critical for Ontarians

Snowmobile Coverage Critical for Ontarians

February, 16 2022

Enjoying our vast and snowy wilderness is one reason why Ontarians love where we live! Our winters beg for outdoor activities, and snowmobiling is one of the best ways to pass the time and create fun memories in the colder weather. There are over 155,000 snowmobiles registered in Ontario alone, proving the popularity of the hobby.

But before you set out for a day of fun on the trails, make sure you and your snowmobile are covered for any accidental damages, accidents, or injuries. Snowmobile coverage is a distinct type of insurance, and while it could be bundled together, it is deemed as separate coverage from your auto or homeowner’s insurance policy.

Read on to learn more about snowmobile coverage in Ontario, then contact the experts at Duliban Insurance for more information.

Snowmobile Coverage Critical for Ontario Residents

If you will be riding your snowmobile on public land, you should have an insurance policy for it. In fact, the Ministry of Transportation requires operators to carry at least liability insurance on their snowmobiles if they ride on crown land. You also must first register your snowmobile and all riders must be helmeted. Depending on the age of the driver, they must also be licensed. As the owner of the snowmobile, you are responsible for its safe and legal operation.

Similar to your auto insurance, snowmobile insurance policies contain two types of coverage:

Physical Damage Coverage

Physical damage coverage helps pay for repairs to your snowmobile if a loss occurs. Your physical damage coverage is broken down into two parts, just like your auto policy — collision and comprehensive. You do not need to carry physical damage coverage on your snowmobile in order to ride it legally in Ontario. But repair costs can quickly add up if you are involved in a collision or if something else happens to your snowmobile, like a fire.

Collision coverage is designed to pay for repairs to your snowmobile if you are involved in a collision with another vehicle, snowmobile, or object. It does not matter if you are at fault or partially at fault for the collision — your coverage will apply regardless of who is at fault. Collisions with objects can easily cause hundreds or thousands in repair work to your snowmobile, so having collision coverage in place before you ride can save you money and give you peace of mind.

The comprehensive part of your physical damage coverage helps cover repairs to your snowmobile from incidents that are not collisions. This could include damages from a fire, animal, or a partial theft that renders your snowmobile inoperable or damaged. Rodents chewing wires or building nests in your machine is another type of damage comprehensive coverage could help cover.

Third Party Liability Coverage

Your liability coverage is designed to help cover damage you cause to other people or their property. There is always the chance an accident will happen, so having third party liability coverage is important. And with so many other snowmobiles on the trails in Ontario, you are certain to come across other riders on the trails and you cannot always predict their actions or how you will react in a crisis.

For example, if you were out riding on the local trails with your friends and became distracted by your mobile phone buzzing in your pocket and crashed into another rider, your third-party liability coverage could help cover the damages. You must carry liability insurance to operate your snowmobile on public roadways, trails, national parks, or crown land.

How to Purchase Snowmobile Coverage

You have options when it comes to purchasing your snowmobile coverage. And because it can be an expensive insurance coverage, shopping around is the best way to ensure you get the best rate. At Duliban Insurance, we work with all the top carriers and can help you find the right policy for you and your family.

Some auto insurance policies allow you to add your snowmobile directly to your auto policy. If your auto insurance company will do this, it could be a simple way to secure coverage. Your limits of coverage that you have for your auto will extend to your snowmobile in this case, and you can select different deductibles for your comprehensive and collision coverage — or just use the same ones you have for your auto.

If you do not want to add your snowmobile to your existing auto policy or to your bundled auto and home policy, you can purchase a separate, stand-alone recreational policy to cover your snowmobile. A stand-alone policy is a good option for many people, and you can pick the same coverages as when you are adding your snowmobile to your auto policy. However, you may pay more for a stand-alone snowmobile policy than you would if you added the snowmobile to your existing auto coverage.

Make sure to consider other items you need to insure, too, like your trailer for hauling your snowmobiles. If you have a trailer attached to your vehicle for your snowmobiles, it is probably covered by your auto policy, but it is a good idea to double check.

If you own lots of expensive riding equipment, you might also ask your agent about increasing your personal coverage limits or scheduling the more expensive items. If you own custom boots, snowsuits, helmets, and other gear, you know the costs can add up quickly. Check to be sure your insurance policy covers the cost of your gear, especially as you add more things to your kit over time.

You can also add helpful endorsements to your policy, like emergency roadside assistance. If your snowmobile runs out of gas or has another mechanical issue that disables it while on the trail, your emergency roadside assistance package can help.

Make sure to talk with your agent about any customizations to your snowmobile. Adding custom features or modifications could change your insurance contract, or your modifications may not be covered at all. Your agent can help you better understand your snowmobile coverage.

How Do I Learn More?

To learn more about snowmobile coverage, contact the experts at Duliban Insurance. Our licensed experts will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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