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Canada's Top 10 Stolen Vehicles and How to Protect Yourself Against Auto TheftJanuary 19, 2021.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) published its top-10 list of stolen vehicles in Canada. This nation-wide list revealed that SUV’s continue to be the biggest target among thieves, among other off-roading vehicles. More high-end vehicles on the list typically end up for sale on the black market.

A joint investigation launched by the IBC and Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council, Canadian Border Services Agency, and local police departments found that organized crime rings set their sights on rental vehicles. Findings indicated that perpetrators would use falsified identification and documents to rent vehicles, fail to return them, and market them overseas to clientele on the black market.

The report from IBC also revealed an increase in electronic auto theft across Canada. As more vehicles are fit with keyless entry remotes, thieves have adapted processes to bypass these security systems. View the top 10 most stolen vehicles below.

Top 10 stolen vehicles in Canada

Image courtesy of IBC

In addition to stolen vehicles, the IBC noted an increase in concerning auto crime trends. Street racing and drifting activities have grown throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Street racing is a large public safety issue that puts all motorists at risk. These events have been notorious for shutting down 400-series highways. Driving at dangerous speeds increases the risk of serious injury or death. Drifting also poses a similar threat to motorists. Drifters lose their grip on the road in an attempt to make a turn at high speeds. Street racing and drifting have created a demand for stolen vehicles that are compact and reach high speed.

According to rough data from IBC, auto theft is a costly criminal activity that costs Canadians approximately $1 billion yearly. To help protect yourself against auto theft, be mindful of the following:

How to protect yourself against auto theft

  1. According to rough data from IBC, auto theft is a costly criminal activity that costs Canadians approximately $1 billion yearly. To help protect yourself against auto theft, be mindful of the following:
  2. Park your vehicle in a well-lit area and be aware of your surroundings in parking lots, garages, and gas stations.
  3. Keep your vehicle locked at all times, including when the car is in drive and while idling.
  4. Never leave your car running while unattended. In the colder months, it is typical to warm your vehicle up before beginning your commute. Always supervise your vehicle while it is unlocked and running.
  5. Never leave your keys in the vehicle when parked.
  6. Avoid high-crime areas as much as possible and consider alternative routes.
  7. Do not leave keys or other valuables visible to those who may be able to peer into your vehicle. If you behind a fob, secure it in a protective barrier. It will prevent thieves who have devices to capture fob signals from doing so.

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