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What Compact Tractor Should I Buy?

Compact tractors are not just for construction sites, landscapers, and other entities that have large properties (think school districts, township facilities, and business parks). These tractors are also great for residential use, especially if you own a half-acre of property or more.

If you care for your lawn yourself, you want a tractor that can handle anything you throw at it. That’s why you need to consider buying a compact tractor. Let’s review a few of the most popular brands: Massey Ferguson, Kubota, Kioti and John Deere.

Massey Ferguson GC1710 compact tractor
Massey Ferguson GC1710

Massey Ferguson GC1710

If you are looking for power in your next compact tractor, then take a look at the Massey Ferguson GC1710. This tractor comes equipped with a 22.5 horsepower engine as well as a loader and backhoe. The dealer installs these parts at the factory. You don’t have to do a thing to the tractor when it arrives at your property, add gasoline and start working on the landscaping.

Kubota BX2380 compact tractor
Kubota BX2380

Kubota BX2380

The Kubota BX2380 is one of the more popular compact tractors on the market today. This model features a three-cylinder diesel engine that pumps out 17.7 power take-off (PTO) horsepower and 23 gross.

The transmission is two-range hydrostatic. This transmission allows riders to choose between agriculture, turf, or industrial tires. This tractor series has the brake pedal located on the left side, making it much easier to operate. This tractor model is rated to lift 680 pounds in one load.

Some of the standard features included in the Kubota BX2380 are as follows:

  • Cruise control
  • Loader joystick
  • High-back reclining seat
  • Armrests
  • Cup holder
  • Metal fenders
  • Metal hood
  • 12V outlet
  • Storage compartment
  • Tilt wheel
  • Two years/1,500-hours warranty for non-commercial use for bumper to bumper
  • Powertrain warranty is for two years/2,000 hours
  • Available heated cab
  • No-spill hydraulic coupler
  • 54″ or 60″ easy-over mower decks
Kioti CS2210 compact tractor
Kioti CS2210

Kioti CS2210

The CS2210 model features horsepower of 21.1 and a three-cylinder diesel engine. Daedong, the parent company, builds the engines for these tractors. The rating for PTO output with this model comes in at 18.7 horsepower. The power provides choices of tires for agriculture, turf, or industrial. This tractor also has the brake pedal on the left side.

The Kioti CS2210 is rated to lift 700 pounds and features position control. Position control is a feature that allows the operator to return a piece of the tractor to the same position it was at previously with little to no trouble.

The Kioti CS2210 has another impressive feature that helps operators work more efficiently in that the 3PH and the mower deck are separate parts. This allows the operator to use either of these two parts without locking the 3PH into place.

The standard features for this model from Kioti include the following:

  • A mid-to-high-back seat with no armrests
  • Molded fenders and hood
  • A toolbox behind the seat
  • A cup holder
  • A loader joystick mounted on top of the loader stanchion
  • Headlamps that are 55W

The warranty for the CS2210 is two years for non-commercial use bumper-to-bumper that reaches six years for the powertrain. Some of the options for this model include a hydro filter guard, cruise control, and a cab that is installed by the dealer.

john deere 3046r compact tractor
John Deere 3046R

John Deere 3046R

The John Deere 3046R compact tractor is perfect for families of all sizes looking to care for their yards with little to no effort. The Yanmar diesel three-cylinder engine is powerful, pumping out 45.3 horsepower and 36.6 power take-off power (PTO).

The John Deere 3046R comes with a loader and backhoe to help you move mulch, dirt, debris, and sod all over your property. There is a mowing deck attached to the tractor that allows you to own one piece of equipment that services all your landscaping needs for your home. The deck is AutoConnect, which makes it easy to attach and detach in a matter of seconds.

The owner of this tractor has the choice between an open-air tractor or a cab. There are Twin Touch pedals that come standard on this model with a hydrostatic transmission.

Helpful Tractor Resources

Buying a new compact tractor for your residential landscaping needs can be an overwhelming decision. With so many brands to choose from you might not know where to turn. The Kubota, John Deere, Kioti, and Massey Ferguson models offer the best horsepower and features for a complete landscaping experience. Take your landscaping dreams to the next level by choosing one of these compact tractors for your next yard improvement project.

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