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Tractor Protect 101: Year Round ProtectionAug 18th, 2023

A tractor is a major investment, and to protect their tractors, owners practice preventative maintenance routines, such as checking fluids, maintaining the right air pressure in the tires, lubricating moving parts, changing fuel filters, washing the exterior, and more. Even older model tractors can operate smoothly when kept in good condition. If your tractor runs well, you can use it for all kinds of tasks around the farm.

How Tractor Owners Use Their Tractors Throughout the Year

If you own a tractor for your personal use, you can put it to work all year long. For instance, your tractor can haul wagons, transport firewood, and be your workhorse as you build fences. If you have a lot of brush on your property that you want removed, you can use your tractor to pull a brush cutter, efficiently and powerfully clearing the land.

Do you have animals on your property? Use your tractor bucket or bale spear to move hay bales, straw bales, and more to keep your animals fed and bedded. If you are building a new shed, house, or other building on your property, a tractor is an invaluable source of power for many construction tasks.

A small tractor hooked up to a mower is excellent for mowing large grassy areas and ditches. You can also use your tractor to work up a garden spot or clean up the garden after harvest time is done. Many rural homeowners rely on tractors to operate their PTO-powered generators when their local power goes out. 

Whether you own a hobby farm with a little bit of everything or a little cabin in the woods, your tractor will soon be your best friend as you complete the chores that need to be completed every day.

Winter Uses for Tractors

When winter rolls around, many rural property owners put away their equipment in sheds and garages, preparing them for months of inactivity. This is not necessarily true of tractors, though. A tractor is just as useful in the winter as it is the rest of the year. For instance, with a tractor, you can clear snow off your driveway efficiently and relocate snow into piles and not on both sides of your driveway. If you get a big snowstorm, and your truck can’t out, you can always rely on your tractor to get through the drifts.

Firewood is especially important in the winter, and if you have a wooded area on your property, you’re probably going to need a tractor to haul the logs to your woodpile. With chains on the tires, winter-grade fuel in the tank, and some extra time to warm up the engine, you and your tractor can be winter-ready no matter how much cold, snow and ice come your way.

Protect Your Tractor with Tractor Protect

Tractors allow you to complete many tasks you would be hard-pressed to do otherwise. They are an essential part of your rural property, so keep it safe. It’s great if you are already oiling, greasing, and cleaning your tractor for optimum power and usability. But what about insurance?

Here at Duliban, we offer a stand-alone coverage solution designed uniquely for tractors valued under $80,000. Tractor Protect is there in case something happens to your tractor, whatever the time of year. We understand how dependent rural homeowners are on their tractors. They are workhorses that do all those heavy-duty tasks that even your faithful truck can’t handle.

Some home policies include a tractor, but is often expensive and only offers partial coverage. Tractor Protect is for tractors not used to generate a profit or perform farming operations. Read more about the coverage details on our website

How Do You Get Tractor Protect?

You can do everything from receiving your no-obligation quote to purchasing your policy, all online in minutes. You can breathe easier knowing your tractor is covered throughout the year.

Duliban Insurance proudly offers Tractor Protect in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. To learn more about Tractor Protect here and get a quote instantly with some rates starting at just $18/month.


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