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Tractor Protect 101: Year Round Protection

Close-up of a muddy tractor tire in a plowed field with the sun setting in the background.

Owning a tractor in Canada isn’t just about the convenience—it’s about maximizing your investment with regular upkeep. You know the drill: checking the oil, tweaking the tire pressure, greasing the gears, swapping out the fuel filters, and keeping it looking sharp with a good wash. Even the seasoned tractors can hum along like new with a bit of TLC. And when your tractor’s purring, there’s no end to the chores it can tackle on the farm.

Making the Most of Your Tractor All Year Round

Got a tractor? Then you’ve got a powerhouse at your fingertips every day of the year. Whether you’re carting wagons, ferrying firewood, or constructing fences, your tractor’s up for the job. Overgrown brush taking over? Hitch up a brush cutter and watch your tractor transform your land.

And let’s not forget about your four-legged friends. A tractor’s bucket or bale spear is perfect for shifting hay and straw, ensuring your animals are well-fed and comfy. Embarking on a construction project? Your tractor becomes an essential ally, powering through the heavy lifting.

When it’s time to tame large grassy expanses or prep your garden, your small tractor steps up to the plate. It’s even there for you during power outages, powering PTO generators. Whether you’re running a quaint hobby farm or nesting in a cozy woodland retreat, your tractor quickly becomes indispensable.

Wintertime Doesn’t Mean Downtime for Your Tractor

While other equipment hibernates in the shed, your tractor thrives in the winter landscape. With a sturdy tractor, snow-laden driveways become a clean slate, and you can easily pile up the snow where it belongs. Caught in a snowstorm? Your trusty tractor is your reliable ally against the drifts.

Need firewood? Your tractor is ready to haul logs right to your doorstep. With the right preparations—chains for grip, the proper fuel, and a warm engine—your tractor won’t skip a beat, no matter how fierce the Canadian winter gets.

Safeguard Your Tractor with Tractor Protect

As essential as they are for your rural life, tractors need protection too. You’re likely already on top of the maintenance, but have you thought about insurance? That’s where we come in.

At Duliban, we’ve crafted Tractor Protect, a tailor-made insurance plan for tractors valued up to $80,000. Perfect for non-commercial use, it’s our way of ensuring that the backbone of your property is covered, come what may. We know tractors are the unsung heroes for many of you, doing what even the sturdiest trucks can’t.

While some home policies may cover your tractor, they could be costly and offer limited protection. Tractor Protect is an affordable, comprehensive solution. Dive into the specifics on our website.

Securing Tractor Protect is a Breeze

Ready to wrap your tractor in a safety net? It’s all smooth sailing with us—get your free quote and secure your policy online in just minutes. With Tractor Protect, you gain the peace of mind that comes with year-round coverage.

Proudly offered in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick, Duliban Insurance ensures that Tractor Protect is just a click away. Discover more and snag an instant quote at Tractor Protect here —with rates starting at an affordable $18 a month.

Keep your rural routine uninterrupted and your tractor insured with Tractor Protect, because when it comes to your workhorse, it’s not just about maintenance—it’s about continuous protection.

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We have a 4.8 rating from over 600 reviews