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Tractor Protect: Why Your Tractor Insurance Doesn’t Have to be Through the Roof

Why Should I Insure My Tractor?
TractorProtect Will Help Save You Money on Your Home Insurance Policy!

One of the many things that make living in Ontario great is being able to enjoy the country life and city life together. Many people spend their day working in the larger cities and come home to their quieter country living. Duliban Insurance Brokers Ltd helps many farm owners make sure all of their equipment is covered at a great cost, but what about the average homeowner who happens to have a tractor for personal use and needs tractor insurance right away?

Many of our clients live out in the country where you need a tractor in day to day life. Whether it’s to mow the lawn, shovel snow, move dirt, or pull a stump, there’s always more than one reason to own a tractor. Residential tractor owners have been overpaying in premiums for coverage across Ontario.

Residential tractor owners have been overpaying in premiums for coverage across Ontario.

When you buy a tractor for your farm, you’re making an investment. Just like when you buy a car, you want to hold on to the money you’ve put into it for as long as possible.

For a long time at Duliban Insurance Brokers, we’ve been helping property owners add floaters to their homeowner’s insurance to cover lawn mowers, compact tractors, and full sized tractors, as well as all equipment. Farm tractors can be covered for sudden and accidental damage as long as they aren’t used commercially.

Duliban Insurance Brokers Ltd has recognized over our many years serving tractor owners in Niagara and Haldimand that we could provide our community with a cheaper and more comprehensive insurance package for tractor owners. With the help from Trillium Mutual Insurance, we have recently developed and launched Tractor Protect.

Pricing it Out

You just bought a Kubota Tractor for $18,000 to clear snow and move dirt around in the summer. You know any item worth $18,000 should definitely be insured, so you call a farm tractor insurance broker to see how much it’ll cost to add this onto your homeowner’s policy.

Depending on the company you are with, it could set you back anywhere from $225 – $720.

Of course, when the premium is just too high, we as brokers will jump to find a lower premium for your homeowner’s (and tractor insurance) policy to a more suitable provider for your needs. But it’s always unfortunate to see unnecessary increases in insurance premiums just because of a tractor.

If there was ever a claim on the tractor, the entire policy would lose a claims free discount and our client’s premium could skyrocket!

Tractor Protect

Tractor Protect is a brand new product that allows you to purchase and manage your farm or personal tractor’s insurance coverage online, separate from your homeowner’s policy. This means you can keep both your homeowner’s insurance and your tractor coverage without having to pay more than you need to!

Tractor Protect…………………………………………………………………$161

Tractor Protect (with Platinum Endorsement)……………………$201

The Platinum Endorsement Package Includes:

  • Decreased deductible to $250 from $500
  • $10,000 extension of coverage for tractor accessories
  • $2,500 coverage for a rental tractor

If you need to put in a claim, you’ll never have to miss work due to not being able to plow the driveway.

If you rely on your tractor, which many of us Niagara and Haldimand residents do, Tractor Protect is designed for you. It’s going to save your money and time, and give you peace of mind that your investment is covered.

Duliban Insurance Brokers Ltd. will fully serve every Tractor Protect policy, so you will also gain access to our knowledgeable and friendly team of insurance professionals who will work to answer your questions and save you money any way we can while making sure you have the all the coverage you need.

We can often find further savings after reviewing your homeowner’s and car insurance as well.

I Have a Couple Minutes… How do I Sign Up?

Visit our Tractor Insurance Quoting form enter the year, make, model, value and serial number and you can get a price. If you want to go ahead with it, just fill out your address, pay by credit card, and you’re insured!

In less than 3 minutes, you will have your application filled out and your policy sent to you electronically. We pride ourselves on saving our customers time and money on their insurance policies.

Give Duliban Insurance a call at 1-855-385-4226 if you have any questions, including if you need to be insuring your garden tractor, full sized tractor, or compact tractor. One of our insurance professionals can complete the process over the phone with you. We are always happy to discuss and advise on your insurance needs.


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