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How To Protect Your Vehicle With a Tag Anti-Theft SystemJuly 28th, 2023

Car theft rates have been soaring across Canada over the last seven years. Recently, the problem reached a ‘national crisis’ level, as it approached a 50% increase in Ontario. This can be attributed to cars that are easier to steal and a rise in organized crime. Theives are then capitalizing on these easy targets.

Canadian residents are being faced with the challenge of securing their vehicles from theft while still living their daily life. You need to park your vehicle at work, at a store when shopping, or in the driveway at home. With the risk of car theft so high, it has become essential to take extra security measures. As insurance brokers and Canadian residents ourselves, we are working to keep our clients up-to-date on solutions.

We believe one of the best options is the new Tag anti-theft system. Based in Montreal, this Canadian company has created a solution that frequently locates missing vehicles within an hour of theft reporting. Let’s take a closer look at other measures you can take to keep your car safe amid this wave of Canadian car theft.

 What Can You Do to Protect Your Vehicle?

Canadian drivers must take additional security measures to protect themselves and their vehicles from the rise in thefts. There is a wide range of methods used to discourage thieves, make your car more difficult to steal, or more easily catch car thieves in the act. 

Park in Well-Lit and Camera-Monitored Spaces

As you may know, car thieves are less likely to steal from places where they can get caught. Well-lit parking lots and streets with clearly visible camera surveillance are ideal. If parking in your driveway, add a floodlight and visible security camera to achieve the same effect. Be sure to hook up your camera and set up recordings, just in case.

Protect Your Key Fob

The rise in car thefts is also attributed to key fobs that can be hacked from a distance. Keeping your key fob in a metal barrier pouch or a pocket of aluminum foil causes radio waves used to hack keyless cars to bounce.

Always-On or Bump-Activated Dash Cam

Dash cams can catch car thieves in the act, as well. The ideal type of dash cam for this is the bump-activated installation so that they can begin recording for a few minutes each time the car is jostled when parked. Even better if a light visibly appears when the camera wakes up.

Hidden GPS Tracker

If your car is ever stolen, a hidden GPS tracker can help track down your car back at its new location and the car thief who stole it. There are a variety of GPS trackers that can be hidden in your car in places where most car thieves will not find it.

Use a Steering Lock or Wheel Locks

Steering locks and wheel locks can make your car too much trouble to steal and may be useful if you can’t park in a well-lit and camera-monitored area.

TAG Anti-Theft System

The TAG anti-theft system offers a more innovative and complete solution to both discouraging car thieves and quickly getting your car back before harm can come to it. Using a combination of presentation, hidden trackers, and RFID tags, your car can be recovered almost immediately after thieves take an interest.

What is Tag and How Does It Work?

Tag’s antitheft system was created by a team in Montreal and has been proven to significantly reduce the instance of thefts. A varied number of wireless tracking devices are installed throughout the vehicle and can be tracked at any time, anywhere in North America.

The system is designed to make stolen cars quickly retrievable and to catch car thieves red-handed if they try to resell specific parts. 

The TAG system works in a 3-layered installation.

The 3-Layered System

  1. Window etching
  2. Unjammable trackers
  3. RFID parts tagging

Window Etching

First, the TAG team will etch your front driver and passenger side windows. This etching indicates that the car has an integral protection system and can discourage car thieves from trying to take your vehicle.

Tiny Unjammable Trackers

Next, a small collection of interior and exterior trackers are installed throughout the vehicle. These trackers are designed to be resistant to most jammers and are so small that car thieves are unlikely to see or notice them in their hidden locations. The trackers will make it easier to find your car should it ever be stolen.

RFID Parts Tagging

Lastly, tiny RFID tags with unique serial numbers are installed on parts of your car that are often sold for profit. Car thieves sometimes only take the most valuable pieces or chop up a vehicle for parts instead of selling the whole thing. These tags can help catch thieves as they try to profit from damage to your vehicle, and the RFID element makes them easy to find at short range.

 Insurance Benefits of the TAG Anti-Theft System

As vehicle thefts remain on the rise, more and more insurance companies are recognizing TAG as a proven system. This allows insurance providers to offer discounts for car owners who take extra care to protect their vehicles. Some of our companies now offer a reduced cost of installation and/or discounts on auto policies with the device installed.

If you are interested in the Tag Anti-Theft system, contact Duliban Insurance to learn more about how it can save money on insurance.


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