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How To Protect Your Vehicle With a Tag Anti-Theft System

Silhouette of a person in a hooded jacket using a crowbar to break into a car.

In Ontario, we’re witnessing a concerning trend in auto theft, with rates escalating by nearly 50% in recent years, signaling a national crisis. This increase is partly due to vehicles being more susceptible to theft and a surge in organized crime activities. As a result, Canadian drivers face the daunting task of safeguarding their cars against theft while going about their everyday activities, whether parking at work, shopping centers, or even at home. As insurance professionals and fellow Canadians, we’re committed to keeping our clients informed about effective preventive measures.

One notable solution is the innovative Tag anti-theft system. Developed in Montreal, this system has shown remarkable efficiency in tracking and recovering stolen vehicles, often within an hour of reporting. Let’s delve into additional strategies to enhance the security of your vehicle amidst this wave of auto thefts in Canada.

How Can You Shield Your Vehicle?

Given the escalating auto thefts in Ontario, Canadian drivers must adopt extra protective measures. Various tactics can deter thieves, make your vehicle harder to steal, or help in apprehending thieves.

Choose Secure Parking Spots

Car thieves are less inclined to target vehicles in well-lit, camera-surveilled areas. If you’re parking in your driveway, consider installing a floodlight and a visible security camera.

Safeguard Your Key Fob

With the rise of keyless car thefts, securing your key fob in a metal-lined pouch or wrapped in aluminum foil can prevent hacking attempts.

Invest in a Dash Cam

A dash cam, especially one that activates upon impact, can capture footage of any tampering with your vehicle.

Install a Hidden GPS Tracker

In the unfortunate event of theft, a concealed GPS tracker can aid in locating your vehicle and the thief.

Utilize Steering and Wheel Locks

These locks can act as a significant deterrent in areas where secure parking isn’t feasible.

The TAG Anti-Theft System

The TAG system, combining visual deterrents, hidden trackers, and RFID tags, offers a comprehensive solution for preventing theft and ensuring quick recovery of your vehicle.

Understanding the TAG System

Originating from Montreal, TAG’s anti-theft system employs various wireless tracking devices installed in the vehicle, traceable across North America. It aims to make stolen vehicles easily recoverable and catch thieves attempting to resell parts.

The Three-Tiered TAG Approach

– Window Etching: Discourages theft by indicating the presence of a sophisticated protection system.
– Unjammable Trackers: Small, hidden trackers resistant to jamming, making your vehicle easier to locate if stolen.
– RFID Parts Tagging: Tags installed on valuable parts assist in tracking and apprehending thieves attempting to sell them.

Insurance Advantages with TAG

With vehicle thefts on the rise, insurance companies are increasingly recognizing the efficacy of the TAG system. This recognition translates into potential discounts for car owners with the system installed, reducing both installation costs and auto policy premiums.

Interested in the Tag Anti-Theft system and its benefits for your auto insurance in Ontario? Contact Duliban Insurance for more details on how this can lead to savings on your insurance policy.

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