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A male-female couple sitting together on a couch, in their rented living space.

Navigating Home Insurance For Rental Properties in Ontario

Renting a property, whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, comes with its own set of responsibilities – and uncertainties. One key area where clarity is essential is in understanding the nuances of home insurance for rental properties. We are here to guide you through the maze of landlord insurance and

Boy child standing on a box in the middle of his kitchen, wearing a snorkel as water begins to rise around him. Demonstrating a home flood.

Natural Disasters & Home Insurance: Are You Covered?

In Ontario, the threat of natural disasters poses a significant concern for homeowners. Understanding how these events are covered under your home insurance policy is essential. As leaders in the industry, we at Duliban Insurance Brokers are committed to helping you navigate the complexities of home insurance in the face

A hand performing maintenance on a red fire extinguisher with a pressure gauge, against a background of multiple extinguishers.

October is National Fire Prevention Month

The importance of fire prevention is emphasized every year in Canada with Fire Prevention Month. This dedicated month is a reminder for us to be vigilant and protect ourselves, our homes, and our belongings against the devastating effects of fires. Fire Prevention Month helps us all come together and raise

Cozy and well-lit cabin interior with a kitchenette, loft ladder, and wooden furnishings, featuring a marble coffee table with books and an iced drink in the foreground.

Airbnb & VRBO: What to Know as a Host

In August 2008 in San Francisco, a startup launched that would change the vacation industry forever. A stranger rented an apartment space from the owner and paid them a fee for that stay. Airbnb was born and popularized the concept of the short-term rental business. However, many may not realize

Have Fun and Be Safe With These Summer E-Bike Safety Tips

With the rise of electric vehicles, it is no surprise that e-bikes are also growing in popularity. E-bikes are a great option for those who commute by bike or travel longer distances with various elevations where the assistance of the electric motor would be a great benefit. While these bikes

Keeping Your Home Protected During a Severe Wind Storm

Keeping Your Home Protected During a Severe Wind Storm May 26th, 2023 The wind in Ontario can be a mighty force to reckon with, capable of causing severe damage to homes and properties. When a windstorm is on the horizon, taking necessary precautions to protect your home and ensure your

Home Renovations and Your Insurance Policy

Home Renovations and Your Insurance Policy April 24th, 2023 Your home is your biggest asset, and you take great pride in your ownership. Beyond routine maintenance or general upkeep, you may make some updates while owning your home. Whether you are handy enough to do it yourself or decide to

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We have a 4.8 rating from over 600 reviews