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older couple sitting side-by-side at their kitchen table, looking intently at a laptop and studying what's on it's screen.

Top 10 Common Insurance Myths; Debunked

Insurance can feel like a labyrinth of misinformation, leaving many policyholders uncertain about their coverage. As your trusted broker, we aim to shed light on some of the most prevalent insurance myths, providing clarity and peace of mind as you navigate the insurance landscape.     Myth: Insurance Is for

two female hands texting on a cellphone, slightly out of frame

How to Protect Yourself from Hacks, Scams and Spam

The modern digital world is a place full of interconnectivity and useful tools. Unfortunately, that increased connection has also made your inbox an accessible target for hackers, scammers and other digital criminals who have become more sophisticated in recent years.  It’s important for everyone of all ages to know how

Santa sitting in his sleigh, holding the reigns and looking over his left shoulder, smiling.

Santa Insurance: Protecting His Magical Journey

  “Ho, ho, ho….. oh no!” is not the phrase that you want to hear when Santa Claus comes to town. As we are just mere weeks from Christmas Day, it is time to start thinking about what Santa needs to do to keep himself safe on his magical journey.

A parent holding hands with two children dressed in Halloween costumes, walking on a sidewalk lined with autumn leaves.

5 Halloween Safety Tips for You and Your Family

With spooky thrills, fun costumes, and plenty of candy, it is no wonder Halloween is a favourite holiday for children and parents. Of course, Halloween can also be stressful for parents who may be worried about keeping their children safe on an evening that can prove hectic at best. Preparing

A Note From Your Broker On Inflation

A Note From Your Broker February 15th, 2023 As your dedicated insurance broker; it is our top priority to ensure that our customers are properly protected, and obtain the support and coverage they would need in the event of claim. We are strongly committed to understanding the needs of each

Top 10 Upcoming Fall Events In Niagara

Top 10 Upcoming Fall Events In Niagara September 14th, 2022 As the trees change to yellow, orange, and red, it is time to look ahead to the upcoming fall events in Niagara! There is something for everyone, from festivals with great food and entertainment to arts and culture events. Niagara

8 Pool Safety Tips for a Fun and Safe Summer

Pool Safety Tips for a Fun and Safe Summer July 25, 2022 It is that time of year again! The weather is hot, and you are ready to fill your pool. With summer comes pool time, and while pools are a great way to beat the heat, it is essential

10 Ways To Go Green This Summer

10 Ways To Go Green This Summer July 20, 2022 Summer is the season of outdoor fun, but it can also be the time for green energy in Ontario. The average Canadian emits more than 14 tons of carbon dioxide over a lifetime. Compared to many other countries, Canadians produce

5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer July 7, 2022 Summer is here, and all of us are looking for ways to stay cool. But how do we keep our four-legged family members cool in extreme weather? Dogs can get summertime heat exhaustion and heat stroke, similar to people.

Hidden Gems for Summer Travel in Ontario 2022

Hidden Gems for Summer Travel in Ontario June 16, 2022 Ontario is an adventurous tourist location with something fun and unique for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are exploring the Niagara Region or staying in Southwestern Ontario this summer, there are plenty of restaurants, shopping opportunities, and family attractions for

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We have a 4.8 rating from over 600 reviews