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Decoding Auto Insurance: Comprehensive vs. Collision

Navigating the world of auto insurance in Ontario can be complex, but understanding the difference between comprehensive and collision coverage is essential for any car owner. In this article, we’ll explore these two types of coverage, what they entail, and scenarios where each may be beneficial. This will help you

line up of parked cars on a street, angled toward the sidewalk.

A Guide To Preventing The Purchase of Stolen Vehicles

In the fast-paced world of buying and selling vehicles, there exists a hidden danger that could catch even the most vigilant of buyers off guard – the risk of purchasing a stolen or re-vinned vehicle. In recent times, a concerning trend has emerged where stolen vehicles, initially targeted for overseas

Man, standing with his hand on the back of his neck and looking back at his car and another vehicle involved in a fender bender.

How Your Driving Record Influences Auto Insurance Rates

Navigating the roads of auto insurance can often feel like a journey filled with unexpected turns, especially when your driving record comes into play. In this essential guide, we delve into how your driving habits impact your auto insurance rates in Ontario. Buckle up as we take a closer look at

Teen Drivers & Auto Insurance: What Parents Need To Know

Navigating the world of auto insurance in Ontario can be challenging, especially when it comes to insuring teen drivers. As parents, it’s crucial to understand how adding a young driver to your policy can impact both your finances and your peace of mind. Duliban Insurance Brokers, your trusted Ontario Insurance

A collection of traffic signs including a 'Municipal Speed Camera Coming Soon' notice, a 'School Safety Zone' sign, and a 'Maximum 30 - Community Safety Zone Fines Increased Begins' sign.

Speed Cameras in Ontario School Zones: What You Need to Know

To enhance road safety and protect school zones, speed cameras have been installed throughout Ontario. These cameras automatically capture and issue tickets to speeding motorists, raising several questions regarding their impact on insurance, demerit points, driving records, corporate vehicles, and the extent of their deployment. In this blog, we will

Front view of a vintage turquoise car with chrome detailing and headlights, parked in a lot.

Classic Cars: How to Protect Them On and Off the Road

A classic car is an investment in a collectible item you can show off to your friends, family, and other collectors. They are prized possessions that can vary in price range depending on the specific make and model you are considering. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to

A young student with a backpack boarding a yellow school bus on a sunny day.

6 Tips for Back-to-School Road Safety

The back-to-school season is exciting for kids – new classes, friends, and favourite teachers await. It also means taking road safety even more seriously to protect kids as they head to and from school daily. With more school kids walking, biking, or taking the bus, you have a key role

Silhouette of a person in a hooded jacket using a crowbar to break into a car.

How To Protect Your Vehicle With a Tag Anti-Theft System

In Ontario, we’re witnessing a concerning trend in auto theft, with rates escalating by nearly 50% in recent years, signaling a national crisis. This increase is partly due to vehicles being more susceptible to theft and a surge in organized crime activities. As a result, Canadian drivers face the daunting

The Comprehensive Guide to Car Sharing and Your Insurance Policy

Ride-sharing has become an affordable, convenient, hassle-free, and environmentally-friendly transportation strategy in Ontario. However, these new ways of getting around do have an impact on insurance coverage. Do you get separate car-sharing coverage or use traditional auto insurance? Before you embark on car-sharing as a service provider, you must understand

Telsa and Ford Partner Up to Expand Access to EV Superchargers

Electric vehicles like Tesla, have become a status symbol for those who are interested in showing their concern for the environment and so much more. Technically, mass-produced electric cars have been around since 1996 when GM released the EV1. However, the company only produced 1,000 of these units, and the

Top Things to Remember as a New Driver

Top Things to Remember as a New Driver April 18th, 2023 When it comes to driving, safety should always be your top priority. As a new driver, you may feel anxious about hitting the road, but our new driver’s checklist can help you feel more confident behind the wheel.  Repetition

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