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What is a Greenhouse?

Simply put, a greenhouse is a facility used to grow plants and flowers indoors.


How Does Greenhouse Insurance Work In Ontario?

Greenhouses are complex structures that require adequate maintenance and protection from damages. As a result, you should have propere insurance coverage.

Without Greenhouse Insurance, as an Ontario Greenhouse owner, you are putting your livelihood at stake. An adequate insurance plan covers a company’s assets and guards the company against any liabilities imposed.


What Does Greenhouse Insurance Cover?

To start, most greenhouses tend to have large boiler systems that provide heating and power to the facility. Greenhouses have a form of coverage called equipment breakdown coverage. However, typically boilers over a certain PSI are not covered by a standard commercial insurance policy.

So, you would want to have equipment breakdown coverage when operating in these types of facilities. If something were to happen and the boiler was to break down and you lost all the flowers because the heat wasn’t on, that would stem from an equipment breakdown coverage that you’d have in place.

There’s also coverage called ‘Peak Season Endorsement’ where there’s automatically a certain percentage of additional coverage for stock and that would be covered. This helps owners as they’re operating so they don’t have to be continually monitoring stock levels. If there were to be a loss where the greenhouse was to burn down and could no longer operate, and you wanted to have coverage for lost income during that time, you would be covered.

Many greenhouse owners also often have open houses where people come to the actual site. But if you’re having people come on-site and they were to slip or fall, that can be a claim that’s made under a liability policy on your greenhouse insurance coverage.

Here is a more specific breakdown of what can be covered under Greenhouse Insurance:

  • The greenhouse itself (the structure)
  • Equipment
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Crops
  • Business interruption
  • Peak season
  • Outbuildings


How You Can Get Started

If you have specific questions relating to Greenhouse Insurance, the Duliban Insurance Brokers team is here to help! Contact us today to find answers to your questions and to get a free quote based on your specific needs.

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