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Coverage Includes

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All Risk Coverage

Replacement cost claims settlements on your machinery for any piece purchased new within five years.

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Lower Deductible

The standard Tractor Protect policy deductible is $500 which is lower than many farm and home policies.

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$2 Million Liability

Included for the use of the tractor along with the property damage and bodily injury caused by its personal use and operation.

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Ontario Only

Tractor Insurance from Tractor Protect is currently only available throughout the province of Ontario, Canada.

Insure My Tractor

What is Tractor Insurance?

starting $150 annually

Based on the cost, horsepower and size of your tractor the premium to add to your home policy could be up to $750 annually.

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A tractor claim on your homeowner's policy will likely remove your claims free discount and the premium will increase for up to five years.

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Real-time quote based on value of tractor, policy delivered instantly through email and tractor insurance effective starting the next day.

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24/365 claims are handled by a knowledgeable professional who knows and understands the value of your tractor and equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For all other questions, please call us at 1-855-385-4226

The first step is to call us at 1-855-385-4226 or email us the details. We work on your behalf to connect with the insurance companies and provide you feedback during the claims process

What is the value of my tractor?
If purchased within five years old: you will receive replacement cost with no deduction for deprecation

If your tractor is older than five years: you will receive the current market value of a similar used tractor at the time of the claim

Your policy will automatically renew on an annual basis by billing the premium to your credit card on file. The documents will be emailed and mailed to the address on file. We are available at any time to discuss any questions or changes to the policy.Your policy can/will be cancelled based on:
– credit card issues (expiration or credit limit)
– instructed by you (should be before your renewal date)

Yes, $2,000,000 liability coverage is included for the use of the tractor along with the property damage and bodily injury caused by its personal use and operation.There are exclusions for business use, pollution claims, and other situations which are outlined in the available policy wording.

For a complete list of liability exclusions, please contact us at any time.

This policy provides “All Risk” coverage and however is subject to common exclusions, these include as follows:A. latent defect, inherent vice, gradual deterioration or wear and tear;
B. if the property insured is actually being worked on or repaired and directly resulting from or caused by any repairing, adjusting or servicing of the property insured, unless fire or explosion ensues and then only for the loss or damage caused by such ensuing fire or explosion;
C. corrosion, rust, dampness of atmosphere, freezing or extremes of temperature;
D. misappropriation, secretion, conversion, infidelity or any dishonest act on the part of “you” or other party of interest, “your” or their employees or agents or any person(s) to whom the property may be entrusted, except bailees for hire;
E. any mysterious disappearance (tractor is missing without police report or records)
F. mechanical breakdown, mechanical defect, scraping, scratching or marring;
G. breaking or falling through ice;
H. rodents (such as squirrels or rats), insects, birds, vermin (such as skunks and raccoons) or pests;
I. the weight of a load imposed on a machine exceeding the capacity for which such machine was designed;
J. while in any race, speed test or tractor pull event.

Tractor Protect Reviews

Finally an Insurance Broker that was able to help me find reasonably priced insurance for my Kubota. “Tractor Protect” is the perfect fit for me!
Prompt and friendly service.

Shawn G.