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Classic Cars: How to Protect Them On and Off the RoadSept 19th, 2023

A classic car is an investment in a collectible item you can show off to your friends, family, and other collectors. They are prized possessions that can vary in price range depending on the specific make and model you are considering. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to think about how to protect your classic car no matter the weather conditions.

Classic cars thrive in the summer when the weather is warm and car owners can take them out practically any day. After having to let their most prized possession sit in storage for months, summer is when car owners can enjoy every second of owning their classic car. Keeping your car running and on the road through the warmer months will help ensure it’s maintained for the long run. 

Protecting Your Classic Car When the Winter Hits

Classic cars are designed to be looked at and admired, but they are also quite fragile when the winter weather hits. Therefore, you don’t want to have your classic car exposed to the winter elements if you can avoid it. 

There are a few things you can do to help keep your car protected in the winter months.

Fill Up the Tank

It is best to store your classic car away with a full tank of gas in it. This dramatically reduces the probability that you will have to deal with issues such as rust in the fuel tank itself. Given the danger that rust poses to any classic car, it is abundantly clear that you should fill up the tank before storing it for several months. 

Use a Car Cover

No matter how short or long the duration of your storage is, you should put a car cover on your vehicle anytime you plan on storing it away. This will help you keep dust, dirt, grime, and everything harmful off your prized possession. 

Park on a Moisture Barrier

The winter season is when moisture can gather on the floor of your garage and in other places as well. You should try and park it on a moisture barrier so that there isn’t any risk of your vehicle being in direct contact with moisture that could cause damage to it.

Take the Battery Out

One element of your classic car that is most at risk for damage during the winter season is the battery. You should opt to remove it and store it in a dry and safe location if possible. 

These steps can bring you peace of mind about storing your classic car away for the winter. 

Differences Between Summer and Winter Protection for Your Classic Car

Classic car owners will tell you that there are key differences between protecting your car in the summer versus protecting it in the winter. The winter protection measures you take are about keeping critical elements of your car away from moisture. In the summer, you must concern yourself more with protecting it from the heat. 

A few summer protection tips to keep in mind are as follows: 

Park Your Classic Car in the Shade

It is best to park it in a covered garage where it won’t be exposed to the sun. Keeping it away from that heat will allow you to avoid damage to the paint job and more. 

Avoid Driving it on Rainy Days

It is tempting to take your vehicle out for a spin often to show it off and enjoy everything it can do. However, you ought to avoid taking it out on rainy days because the moisture left on the roads can create problems for you that you hadn’t anticipated. 

There is some overlap between what you protect against in the summer and what you protect against in the winter. That said, most of the threats differ from one season to another.

Protect Your Classic Car with a Quality Car Insurance Policy

You can protect your vehicle against damage by purchasing a strong insurance policy to cover it. Hagerty is the auto insurance company that specializes in coverage for your classic vehicle. They offer a full array of different types of insurance policies that can protect your car effectively.

The proper preparation for the winter and the right insurance policy will help you have peace of mind all year.


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