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Everything to Know About Windshield Damage Claims

Everything to Know About Windshield Damage Claims.

One of the most common damages vehicles can suffer is cracks and chips to the windshield. If you drive enough miles on our highways, you are bound to be struck by a rock thrown up by a passing truck. And sometimes, those stones can cause damage to the windshield.

If it has happened to you, you know it is more of a frustration than anything. Overall, you are likely going to wonder if your insurance coverage will pay for the damaged windshield. You might also wonder if you will have to pay anything out of pocket or if your premiums will increase if you make a claim for your damaged windshield.

Read on to learn more about these types of auto insurance claims, then contact the experts at Duliban Insurance for more information.

Windshield Damage Claims in Ontario

Any damage to your vehicle can be upsetting, but windshield chips, cracks, and dings are usually an easy fix. And the good news is if you carry comprehensive coverage or all perils coverage on your vehicle, your auto insurance should cover windshield damages as well. Driving with a cracked or chipped windshield can be dangerous, as the damage can affect your view or could make your windshield less stable if you get into an accident.

Comprehensive coverage is not required in Canada, however, so you should review your policy or check with your insurance agent to learn if you do carry it. Ontario law requires motorists to carry liability coverage, but it does not require drivers to have comprehensive coverage.

The comprehensive part of your auto insurance policy pays for losses caused by perils other than collisions. This includes windshield and glass damage. Most people have a deductible on their policy for their comprehensive coverage. The most popular deductibles range from $250 to $1000.

You will need to pay your deductible before your insurance company will cover your damages — unless your insurance company waives your deductible on glass-only claims. Check with your agent or insurer. If you need to pay your deductible, consider if it is worth making a claim. If the cost to repair your windshield is less than the cost to pay your deductible, it may be prudent to pay for the repair on your own. Ask your agent for more information.

How To Handle Your Windshield Damage Claim

If you notice a crack or chip in your windshield — or if you observe the damage as it happens while you are driving — you should notify your insurance company. Call your agent for help, as they can review your policy with you and help you understand if you carry comprehensive coverage for your vehicle.

Your agent can file your claim for you as your representative and be by your side to walk you through the claims process. Here is what to expect from the claims process:

  1. When you report your windshield damage to your insurance company, they will open a claim and give you your claim number and adjuster’s information. It is important to report if you have other damages to your vehicle besides the crack or chip to your windshield. For example, did the stone also cause damage to your vehicle’s hood or quarter panels? If so, your claim is not simply a glass claim, and will be handled differently by your insurance company.
  1. Your insurance company will review your policy and coverage. They will advise if there are any coverage concerns. If you carry comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, your policy likely covers windshield and glass damage. Remember, your agent is always available if you do not understand something your insurance company tells you.
  1. Your insurance company will help you find a body shop or glass repair shop to do the repairs. They may have a contract with a glass repair company who will handle everything for you, including meeting you at home or work to do the repair.
  1. If the damages to your vehicle are more complex or involve more than just your windshield, your insurance company will send a field appraiser to see your vehicle. The appraiser will write an estimate or may ask your body shop to submit an estimate for the cost to repair the damages.
  1. If you have a deductible on the comprehensive portion of your auto insurance policy, you will need to pay it unless your insurance company waives it for glass-only losses.
  1. For small chips or cracks, repairs are usually quick and simple. If your entire windshield needs to be replaced, though, that can be a more intensive repair. And if your vehicle has damages to more than just the glass, the repairs will take longer.

Shop Around if Your Rates Increase

For many people, their first concern is fixing the damages to their vehicle to get safely back on the road. But the next worry is often about their insurance premiums rising because of their glass damage claims. This may not be a significant concern for most people, however.

Many insurance companies in Ontario and Toronto do not raise their rates after your first windshield damage claim. In fact, many insurers allow up to two glass claims over a six-year period before they consider raising their rates. Check with your agent or auto insurance carrier to learn more about how glass claims and windshield damage losses could affect your rates and coverage.

However, if your rates do go up after you have filed a windshield damage claim, it is time to shop around for auto insurance. By comparing rates from different insurance companies, you can find the best price for you. We work with all the major Canadian insurers and can help you get the best rate possible. Try our free online quote tool to compare your options or call us for more help.

How Do I Learn More?

To learn more about windshield damage claims and coverage, contact the experts at Duliban Insurance. Our licensed experts will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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