wood stove safety tips

Safety Tips For Wood StovesJuly 24, 2020

Do you own a wood stove? Are you looking to install one? There is a lot to know about having a wood stove and how it can affect your insurance. We want to make sure you are well informed and keep safe, so we interviewed Rob Cardif , Risk Management at Trillium Mutual to provide us with wood stove safety tips

What does WETT stand for?

Wood Energy Technology Transfer.

Why is it important to have a WETT Inspection?

Peace of mind. A WETT certified contractor can inspect the wood appliance and make sure it is installed to code compliant standards. When equipment is installed properly and maintained, it will perform longer, more efficient and keep you and your family warm, while saving you money in the long run. A wood stove can never be “WETT Certified”. A WETT certified contractor may inspect a wood stove and provide documentation that it meets certain code criteria.

How can I maintain my wood stove?

By visually inspecting the seals around doors, condition of fire bricks, condition of fire box, flue pipe (including screws), chimney and rain cap for deterioration. Always consult your manufacturers certified installation instructions, concerning maintenance.

What are some basic distances/measurements to be aware of?

18” floor ember protection in front of any appliance door,16” clearance on fireplace hearth,  8”clearance for floor ember protection beyond sides and back of appliance and 18” clearance to combustibles of any single wall flue pipe. Single wall flue pipe must be less than 10’ of total length, including elbows. Manufacturers certified installation instructions supersede and when in doubt, go with the more stringent requirement.

Can I buy a used unit and install it myself?

Yes, if proper permits are obtained by the authority having jurisdiction and subject to final inspection. The appliance must be approved for use in Canada. Many insurers will require documentation that the appliance has been inspected by a WETT certified professional.

Are there any make or models to be aware of?

Yes, consult manufacturer prior to purchasing a previously enjoyed wood appliance. Uncertified solid fuel burning appliances must be installed to the building code, fire code and the authority having jurisdiction. CSA B365 Standards should always be referenced when installing a solid fuel burning appliance.

What kind of wood should I burn?

Seasoned wood with a moisture content of approx. 10-20% of its weight.

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