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Common Questions about Small Business Insurance

Whether you operate a small business or a large business, you should protect yourself against the many risks you may be facing while acquiring an insurance policy. A business is prone to various dangers, such as property damage, business interruption, cyber-attacks, lawsuits and many more, which can be a hassle and expensive. Don’t let one loss derail the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

Owning a small business can be great; it could be the dream you have always wanted to achieve. Work hard until the age of 40s and save up enough money to open up a small restaurant or any other business that keeps you financially stable for the rest of your life and provides joy from working on your passion.

Imagine what would happen if all your life savings you poured into your business were gone in a jiffy? What if there was an accidental fire at your shop that burns everything down? That would be a real disaster. As your Hometown Broker we take pride in arranging safeguards to ensure your business is not lost in case of such calamities, and yes it is called small business insurance.

Duliban Insurance Brokers are specialists at arranging small business insurance at the best coverage and premium possible.  In general, business insurance is not that expensive as some may think. We are here to analyze your business exposures to make sure nothing is missing and you and your business are properly covered .

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As a broker specializing in business insurance for more then 40 years, we have summarized a list of Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need business insurance?

Every business has assets, which may include office space, equipment, vehicles, inventory, employees and, most importantly, yourself. In order to protect your business and to protect these assets from potential risks, you need to obtain small business insurance.

Every business needs to take some risks, but not obtaining necessary insurance should not be one of them. Often, by taking too many risks or failing to protect yourself, you can lose your business and your lifelong earnings. Would you have sufficient cash on hand to deal with any business emergency that could arise? Whose capital do you want to use in the event of a loss, your own or an insurers? In many cases, the answers to these and other questions about risk is “no”.

What type of insurance do I need?

Perhaps the most mind-boggling question can be when you are trying to determine the type of insurance you need for your business. These days, our insurance partners are quite flexible with coverage plans, which mean we can get a custom solution that is unique to your business.

Every small business is different. The risks one type of business incurs is different compared to other business types, which is why there is a need to keep insurance coverages flexible and aligned with the nature of work. The risks that your business is exposed to on a daily basis will determine what kind of coverage you’ll need.

home business

I run a small business from home; do I need a commercial insurance policy?

If you are a home-based small business, you might be confused about the type of insurance you need. It may surprise you that a home insurance policy does not cover the small business you run from home. You do not necessarily need to obtain a commercial insurance if you are operating from home, instead, you can acquire the small business insurance that covers operations from home. This way, you can lower your premiums and ensure that your business is covered under a valid insurance plan for when the need arises.

A home-based small business insurance policy is different from commercial insurance as you might not need to insure the whole property, saving your insurance costs.

How Can Duliban Insurance Brokers assist with my Small Business

As an independent insurance brokerage in business for more then 40 years, we have long standing relationships with 18 of the top Insurance Companies in Ontario. We work with you to tailor insurance coverages to your individual need and then work with many different Insurance Companies to have them fight for your business resulting in the best premium possible.  We can be reached at any time by phone (1-855-385-4226), email, online or in person. We can’t wait to assist you!

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