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The Insurance Coverage You Need When Renting a School Gym or Facility

Have the Right Insurance When Organizing a Sports Event at an Outside Facility

February, 1 2022

Having the right insurance coverage in place is important for your car, home, and personal property. But did you also know you should have insurance coverage for any events you organize or host? There are many different risks and exposures you could face as an organizer, so protecting yourself and your small business is critical.

Sports are incredibly popular in Canada — with hockey topping our favorites list, of course! But whatever your sport or game of choice, injuries are common. Statistics Canada reports two-thirds of adolescent injuries and one-half of adult injuries are related to sports. With injuries commonplace, it is clear why protecting yourself, and your business from this liability is important.

Read on to learn more about insurance coverage when renting out a gym or sporting facility and how this coverage can help protect you, then call the experts at Duliban Insurance for more information.

Insurance Coverage When Renting a School Gym or Facility

Indoor sports leagues and recreation are popular, especially when the Canadian winter hits, and playing certain sports outside becomes less fun. In fact, a quarter of Canadian adults engage in some type of recreational sport for fitness and hobby — with many choosing hockey.

Lots of people volunteer to organize sports leagues and events. And while playing your favorite sport with other talented, passionate people is a great hobby, you need to consider your liability as the host of the event.

Sports and Event Insurance

If you are organizing or hosting a sporting league or event, you will want to purchase sports and event insurance coverage to protect you from liability. If you rent a gym or facility from a school or other community organization, the contract you sign will likely require you to carry liability insurance before you can use the facility.

Sports and event insurance is a specialty commercial insurance policy designed to help protect the organizer from the risks of renting a space and inviting others to use it. Someone could get hurt while on the property or when playing the game — or a guest could cause damage to the facility.

In either event, you will want an insurance policy to help protect you from financial risk.

Types of Risks Faced When Renting a Gym or Hosting Sporting Events

There are many different hazards and risks when renting a gym or sporting facility for leagues or other gameplay. Some of these risks include:

  • Property Damage: A player could accidentally cause damage to the gym while playing a sport. Spectators can also damage the facility — consider exposures with bleachers, bathrooms, locker rooms, and equipment.
  • Injuries: Players, family members, and spectators are all at risk of injury. People who are playing the sport can pull muscles, break bones, or suffer a concussion from a fall or being hit by another player. Spectators could be hurt by an errant ball or player.
  • Liquor Liability: Will you host any events like team banquets or celebrations where alcohol will be served? Does someone usually bring a cooler to your weekly games or practices? You could be held liable if someone drank too much at your game then caused an accident after leaving the event.
  • Theft: Locker rooms and other areas where players store their personal items while playing are a vulnerability when hosting events. If the storage areas and locker rooms are not secured, they could be targeted for theft. People leave their wallets, phones, and keys in a safe place while they are occupied by the game — and you have to be sure to provide this safe place for storage.
  • Liability: If a player is injured during your event because of coaching or advice they received, your organization could be responsible for their injuries. Consider carefully how people will be instructed and supervised while playing. If your organization includes children, the risk is even greater. You must be sure to review the credentials of anyone working with your organization. Coaches should hold their own liability insurance to protect themselves and you from any harm they may cause — but you still should carry liability insurance, as well.
  • Transportation Risks: If you are transporting anyone to play at other locations, you could face automobile exposure risks. Accidents on the road are common, and even minor accidents can cause injury and property damage. Having commercial auto coverage may be necessary if you are transporting people.
  • Facility Issues: When you rent a school gym or other sporting facility, the owner is usually responsible for maintenance on the property and buildings. However, your lease may include a clause making you responsible for maintaining the property or a clause holding you liable for injuries sustained on the premises. Check your lease for these details and ask your agent for help interpreting the language used and if you need additional coverage because of leasing liabilities. If the facility is not well kept, you could face greater risks.

These are just some of the hazards and exposures you may face as the organizer of a sporting league event. Your risks may vary, so talking with your agent about your specific plans will help you determine what coverage you may need.

How to Purchase Sports and Event Insurance Coverage

Talk with your agent today about your risks and exposures. Not carrying sports and event insurance can be a costly mistake. We can help you find the right policy for your needs by reviewing your risks and liabilities.

Many different insurance companies in Canada offer sports and event coverage, so finding the right policy and insurer means peace of mind for you and your small business.

How do I Learn More?

To learn more about sports and events insurance, contact the experts at Duliban Insurance. Our licensed experts will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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