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Weathering The Storm: A Guide To Business Interruption Insurance in Ontario

At Duliban Insurance Brokers, we’re your go-to team for commercial insurance in Ontario. Today, we’re diving into something important for your business – Business Interruption Insurance. Ever wondered what happens if something unexpected hits your business? Let’s break it down together. 


Understanding Business Interruption Insurance 

Think of this coverage as a safety net for your business. It comes into play when things like fires or big storms force your business to stop. It’s not just about fixing things up; it’s about keeping money flowing in when your business has to close for a bit. 


What’s Covered? 

Here’s what this insurance helps with: 


Lost Sales: If you can’t open your doors, it helps replace the money you’d make on a regular day. 


Bills, Bills, Bills: It covers your rent, utilities, and even your team’s wages.


Temporary Moving: Need a quick place to set up shop while your place is getting fixed? We’ve got that covered. 


Extra Costs: Any surprise expenses to keep things going? This insurance takes care of them. 



Determining Your Coverage 

Here’s a simple guide to figuring out what you need: 


Check Your Risks: Think about what kinds of disasters could happen in your area. 


Business Continuity Plan: If you have a plan for a quick recovery, it affects how much coverage you’ll need. 


Your Finances: Look at your books. What would you lose if you had to close for a bit? 


Talk to Us: We’re here to help customize your coverage based on your business’s unique needs. 



Claim Time: We’ve Got You Covered 

If you need to make a claim, here’s how simple we make it: 


Let Us Know: Tell us what happened as soon as possible. 


Gather Your Records: Pull together your financial records and any details about what happened. 


We’re On It: We’ll help figure out your loss and get your claim moving.


We’ve Got Your Back: We’re here for you all the way, making sure everything gets sorted out smoothly.  



At Duliban Insurance Brokers, we’re more than just your typical commercial insurance brokers in Ontario. We’re like your business buddy, ready to step in when things get tough. Business Interruption Insurance is a key part of keeping your business safe. With our help and your knowledge of your business, we can create a plan that keeps you strong, no matter what comes your way. 

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