Tractor Time: How to Prepare for Spring and Summer

Spring is Here… Is Your Tractor Ready?

With the arrival of spring, a whole new set of tasks are to be done. Make sure your tractor is properly maintained to take on these tasks.

Mike Virley, Vice President of Member Services at Trillium, explains some of the springtime tasks that require a tractor:

  • Filling in pot holes from the winter months
  • On goes the grader, for a day’s fun up and down the laneway smoothing it out
  • Digging holes
  • The winter deadfall needs to be cleaned up
  • Being a fair-weather sort, I like to wait until spring when it’s really muddy in the bush to haul in the wood for next winter
  • Cutting the grass on a rural property is a must do
  • Moving rocks and other debris that nature misplaced

Corn crops growing on a farm. Farm insurance and Tractor insurance in Haldimand and Niagara.

Mike also recommends the beginning of spring as a great time to sharpen the blade and get the mower deck ready before that first cut. Similar to winter maintenance, it is a good idea to get the attachments ready before having to rely on them heavily.

These things never seem to fail while sitting idle. Case in point: Mike blew the drive chain on the snow blower on the second use this past winter, but it was perfectly fine all summer while it sat in the shop.

Green grass growing in a farm field under a blue sky. Farm insurance and Tractor insurance in Haldimand and Niagara.

Get the Right Tractor Insurance for Your Needs

Last blog, Trillium spoke about the possible gap in insurance coverage under a homeowner’s insurance policy when it comes to compact tractors.

So if you are getting your unit ready for spring tasks, or are contemplating buying such a unit, make sure that all your equipment and attachments have the insurance coverage needed to protect you and them.

Contact your insurance broker or advisor to find out if your tractor has the proper coverage. You also need to make sure you’re aware of any limitations within your current policy. The time to learn about gaps in coverage is before an unexpected event… not after.

Shovel digging into dirt on a farm. Farm insurance and Tractor insurance in Haldimand and Niagara.

If you cannot get coverage, or find it is not affordable, check out Tractor Protect. Offered throughout Ontario by Duliban Insurance Brokers of the Niagara Region and underwritten by Trillium Mutual Insurance of Listowel, this solution provides a comprehensive all-risk policy designed for tractors, their equipment and accessories.

There are no horsepower limitations or restrictions, and you can get coverage up to $80,000 on a replacement cost basis if your unit is 5 years or newer. You are also provided the peace of mind of $2 million in personal liability coverage for the use and operation of your tractor.

Get your tractor insurance with tractor protect online today.