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CAA Niagara Insurance: Home & Auto Coverage

CAA Niagara Insurance: Home & Auto Coverage

September 9, 2020.

For over 100 years, CAA Niagara has been committed to improving road safety, serving the community, and advancing automotive technology. Serving more than 130,000 members in the Niagara region, CAA Niagara Insurance is one of nine branches that form the CAA Group.

Auto Insurance

Did you know that CAA members can save up to 20% on auto insurance through CAA Niagara Insurance? Members may qualify for the CAA Member Loyalty Discount by having an account in good standing. Additionally, CAA members are eligible for more discounts based on membership habits and roadside assistance usage. For example, more years as a member will equal a higher discount, while more roadside usage will equal a lower one.

CAA Auto Insurance also provides unique features such as:

  • Niche rates for drivers with 11+ years of experience and a clean driving record. This means no at-fault claims, gaps in insurance, license suspension, or cancellation for non-payment within the last 20 years.
  • Have a drive-less lifestyle? You may qualify for savings through CAA MyPace insurance.
  • Have good driving habits? Put them to use with CAA Connect.

With a long-standing reputation for providing roadside assistance, CAA Niagara also provides affordable rates on car insurance. Additionally, you can combine these rates with other insurance offerings for further discounts. For example, bundling home and auto insurance qualifies you for a 5% discount on your auto insurance, and up to 12.5% on your home insurance.

Home Insurance

Did you know that CAA members automatically qualify for a 10% discount on home insurance? You can save even more if you meet the criteria for mortgage-free, new home, monitored alarm, and mature discounts.

Additionally, you can enhance your home insurance coverage with CAA Home Equipment and Service Line Coverage.

Corporate Giving

CAA Niagara is committed to improving the lives of those living in the Niagara region. Over the last few decades, CAA Niagara has made numerous charitable donations to the Niagara region. In 2018, CAA combined sponsorship dollars to fund a new, more focused, corporate giving program: the CAA Niagara Community Boost. Current recipients are Food 4 Kids Niagara, and Foundation of Resources for Teens (FORT.) FORT was Duliban’s charity of the year in 2018.

CAA’s Annual Worst Roads Campaign

Each year, CAA encourages drivers, cyclists, transit riders, and pedestrians to identify the roads they believe are in most need of improvement. These improvements include potholes, congestion caused by traffic, safety concerns, and road signs. CAA gathers this information and uses the results to engage with politicians and government decision-makers across Canada to help improve road safety.

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We have a 4.8 rating from over 600 reviews