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Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Cover Bat Infestation?

Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Cover Bat Infestation?

September 22nd, 2022

As a homeowner, you always want to ensure your home is covered if an unfortunate event occurs. At Duliban Insurance, you will find the coverage you need to protect yourself and recover from a variety of events that you can potentially experience. However, do you know what the specific events your homeowner’s policy covers are? Does it cover incidents like bat infestation and even rodents that take over your home?

Does My Homeowner’s Policy Cover Bat Infestation?

While the damage bats can cause to your home is covered under your homeowner’s policy, their physical removal from your home is not considered a covered peril. In addition, you are not able to exterminate them as bats are classified as an endangered species. They must be removed and relocated safely, meaning calling a professional who deals with bat relocation is always your best bet.

Why a Bat Infestation Is a Threat to Your Home

There are many bat relocation services available throughout Ontario. The main reason is that bat infestations are fairly common and bats are not as easy to get rid of as one may think. 

Bats usually travel within a colony. Where there is one, there will be many. Bats are not like rats or mice, where there will be one or a pair with the occasional nest. You could have a dozen bats, or up to one hundred. They are much like roaches, but unlike roaches or ants, you cannot exterminate bats, they must be removed humanely.

It is illegal to kill a bat. There is a correct way to because bats are protected under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. You must have a professional come out and remove and relocate them to a safe area. Killing bats can carry heavy fines up to $250,000.

Bat waste can be harmful. Bat droppings, better known as guano, can contain fungus that can be dangerous to humans. It is always best to leave the disposal and clean up to a professional service. They have the proper training and tools necessary to remove guano from your attic space.

How Do I Know I Have a Bat Infestation?

It sounds like something out of a movie to have bats in your home, but it does happen. When and in what situations should a homeowner need to be on the lookout? Here is some basic information on bats:

When are bats active? Bats sometimes hibernate within the area they frequent, and this could be within their nesting area, like your home. Primarily, bats tend to hibernate from October through March. When they finally emerge, they are ready to feed and remain active until it cools down, and then repeat this cycle. Hence, look for obvious activity during their active months around your home and all entrances. Bats are also primarily active at night, meaning you will not see them during the day. You may have heard the phrase of someone being as “blind as a bat.” However, that could not be further from the truth. Bats can see very well at night.

Look for their telltale signs. When it comes to guano, you will notice these stains around the openings to the insides of your home. Check your eaves for damage to your home, as they can be common entry points. Bats are fairly small and can fit through tight, small spaces. It would not take much for them to find a break or hole in your siding or screen, then make their way into the walls of your home.

Listen for their telltale signs. You will be able to hear bats in your ceiling, and perhaps even in the walls of your home. They can sound like mice with their squeaking noises. If you begin to hear these noises, it is time to double-check. Just remember our earlier warning. Bats can climb in numbers, much more than mice. Also, do not forget the potential dangers of guano.

It helps to make routine walks around your home, look for damage, and fix things as soon as you see them. It costs less to repair the damage early than to have to pay for the safe removal of bats, the cleaning of your attic and possibly walls of your home (as guano can be toxic), and then repair the external damage to your home. Protect your home by being proactive.

But What if It Is Not Bats?

Sights and sounds are a given for bats, but they could also be a sign of other critters. Rats and mice make similar sounds and often can be confused for bats. Many people often think they have four-legged, tail-wielding creatures in their homes, only to find they have bats so be sure to examine your home carefully. Your homeowner’s insurance policy may provide coverage, should you have an infestation of rats and mice. It may also have coverage for ants, roaches, and other vermin. Read your policy carefully to see if your incident falls under your policy coverage. 

Final Thoughts

With a homeowner’s insurance policy from Duliban Insurance, you and your family have the protection it deserves. We want you to know that after your home is free and clear of these pesky pests, you will have peace of mind that the clean-up from the dangers they carry is covered, and you can get back to life as normal. Contact us for a quote for your home policy today.

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