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Marshville Heritage Festival: Where the Past Meets the Present


Looking for something fun to do this Labour Day weekend that celebrates your hometown? Step back in time and explore Niagara’s heritage at the 28th annual Marshville Heritage Festival. Fall festivals in Ontario are the perfect occasions for spending time with your loved ones or friends. The seasons are changing, leaves are turning colour, and the weather is perfect.

The Marshville Heritage Festival is one of the biggest attractions in the region post Labor Day holiday and attracts thousands of visitors each year. There are plenty of activities and food vendors offering a variety of delicacies for your taste buds while offering an entertaining weekend getaway.

Come out and enjoy the crisp weather, and take in all the sights, sounds, and smells as you explore local heritage and culture!

Marshville, which is the former name of the Town of Wainfleet, is where the festival gets its name. This interactive historic festival celebrates our ancestors by inviting the community to participate in demonstrations of day to day in life the past. For the last 29 years, this event strives to educate Niagara residents and visitors alike about the area’s interesting history.

So, bring your family and friends and come out to Heritage Village this Labour Day weekend for some old-fashioned family fun. You’ll learn about local culture and history while sampling some delicious snacks and listening to some great music.

  • Tickets are $6.00 for visitors over age 10.
  • Children under the age of 10 get in for free.
  • Senior citizens need to pay a subsidized entry fee of $5 per person.

There is a managed car parking area outside the venue and there is a shuttle service to transport visitors from the parking area to the venue.

This year’s heritage festival is scheduled from September 2nd – September 4th, 2017. The venue is located in Wainfleet Village, close to different villages, counties and nearby cities. Here is what to expect from Marshville Heritage Festival:

Wainfleet Farm Family Lifestyle

The heritage festival offers a realistic experience and an insight on how a typical farm family in Wainfleet lived during the late 19th century. The festival also recreates working models of the tools and equipment used back in the day, offering hands-on experience of living in the past. For the elderly, the festival is the perfect getaway to reminisce their culture and lifestyle, making Marshville Heritage Festival an ideal destination.

Live Demonstrations

The organizing committee strive hard to recreate the past and offer live demonstrations of the living culture back in the day. Visitors can witness how the early Canadians lived their life in a culturally influenced environment. Visitors have the opportunity to experience all the major occupations that existed in the past – from a blacksmith to a musket loading.

Restored Heritage Buildings

Tourists get a rare opportunity to view the heritage construction and modelling from the 19th century which is restored prior to the festival. More than 15 buildings in the vicinity offer memorable experiences and a chance to be in the past.

Craft Shows

The Marshville Heritage Festival offers numerous craft shows that are exciting and appealing for all ages. Skilled artisans make and sell their artistic creations on-site. Each year hundreds of artists participate in the event and make crafts on the spot. Not only do they serve as valuable souvenirs, but also offer a unique opportunity to witness the live creations – a rare sight for many.

Family Entertainment

There are many fun activities for families traveling from distant lands. From horse and wagon riding to live music, the venue offers entertainment for all visitors.

Food and Drink Specialties

Apples are a true Ontario fall produce staple, they are a focal point of the Marshville Heritage Festival. As a result, you will be able to treat yourself to a variety of apple-flavoured baked goods, drinks, and treats. Among the selection will be apple butter, apple fritters, and apple cider. Delicious maple syrup made on premises will also be available for eating or taking home.

For dinner, there will be a pig roasting on a spit, soup cooked over the open fire, and roast beef, among many more items. Throughout the day you will also be able to purchase tons of treats, goodies, and snacks to keep you satisfied while you stroll through the grounds.

Real Heritage Trade

Visitors have the opportunity to purchase products made using 19th century technology at the festival. Tourists not only get to witness the production cycle first hand, but also take-home products made using heritage technology. This includes blacksmith and sawmill products that are made on-site. This offers the younger generation a great learning opportunity as it is rare to witness antique technology in operation today.

Car Shows

The biggest attraction at Marshville Heritage Festival each year is its antique car show. People from around the country visit the venue to witness the marvelous car show and this year the festival will be featuring models from 1950 – 1986. For people who want to enroll their vehicles for in the car show, they should put their invitation on display in the car. Only models from 1950 – 1986 are eligible for the car show. Car show will be held from Sunday to Monday.

If you are interested in insuring your classic car, feel free to complete an online quote to receive competitive premium and coverage!

List of events

Here is a list of events to expect from Marshville Heritage Festival 2017:

  • On-going, hands-on demonstrations
  • 15 restored buildings with displays & activities
  • Yummy food
  • Apple butter
  • Apple Fritters
  • Soup on open fire
  • Working sawmill
  • Operating blacksmith shop
  • Over 100 juried crafters
  • Horse & wagon rides
  • Entertainment all weekend for all ages
  • Free Sunday Evening Concert in the Park
  • Authentic Amish quilt being raffled
  • Canoe building & raffle
  • Old tyme hymn sing on Sunday am
  • Pig on spit…pork on a bun (yum!)

If you want to experience a thrilling, exciting and fun filled weekend with your family or loved ones, then Marshville Heritage Festival is the perfect weekend getaway for reliving the past and strengthening family bonds.

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