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Ontario Auto Insurance: How to Get Digital Pink Slips on Your Phone

Ontario Auto Insurance: How to Get Digital Pink Slips on Your Phone

March, 01 2022

Like so many other processes and transactions across the country, Ontario auto insurance has gone digital, and it is a major convenience for Ontario drivers.

Police officers have a variety of reasons for pulling you over. You may have gotten caught speeding, disobeying a traffic light, passing another car illegally, or engaging in some other infraction of the law.

If you get into an auto accident, the police may arrive on the scene to assist with injuries and damaged vehicles.

Whatever the problem is, police officers will always ask you for proof of Ontario auto insurance, and it can be problematic for you if you cannot produce it. Auto insurance provider apps make finding your auto insurance ID card as easy as turning on your mobile phone.

Why You Should Get Your Ontario Auto Insurance Pink Slip on Your Phone

It is always a little unsettling to have dealings with the police. You may not know what you did wrong or what questions a police officer may ask. It can be especially frustrating if you need to get somewhere on time and you have no choice but to answer questions from a police officer.

It is the law to have car insurance, and Ontario drivers must be able to provide proof of coverage when asked.

The problem with paper pink slips is they are small, and they can be hard to find when a police officer is knocking at your window. Paper copies can get lost or crinkled, making them hard to read.

If you have ever had a police officer ask for your pink slip and frantically tried to find it in your purse, pants pocket, or glove compartment, you know how annoying it can be. When you finally find it, you want to be sure it has the correct effective dates on it, or it is of absolutely no use to you or the police officer.

Even if you took a photo of your pink slip and stored it on your mobile phone, a police officer might not accept it as proof of auto insurance in Niagara.

These problems disappear when you can easily access a digital pink slip on your mobile phone. Moreover, a mobile app also allows you to send in photos of damage after an auto accident. Some carriers of car insurance in the GTA also allow drivers the ability to file a car insurance claim directly from their phones, expediting the process significantly.

What Ontario Drivers Need to Know About Digital Pink Slips

When it comes to car insurance, Niagara police will be checking to ensure you have an auto insurance policy and that it is in force at the time they view it.

One of the common problems with Ontario drivers is they forget to replace their old pink slips with the new one when it becomes available.

In addition to showing the effective dates of your car insurance coverage, your auto insurance ID card will also tell a police officer what your coverages and deductibles are. Police officers will also be looking for the iconic pink color, which is required in the province of Ontario.

Unlike a physical auto insurance ID card, digital pink slips may depict a provincial or territorial shield on the background, and that is perfectly acceptable from a legal standpoint.

Also, Ontario car insurance companies cannot demand drivers use a digital pink slip, and they must get your consent to issue you one.

While the law related to digital pink slips is a standalone law, it connects with other Ontario laws such as the Electronic Commerce Act (ECA) and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

What Are the Government Regulations for Ontario Auto Insurance?

The law that allows drivers to use digital pink slips, as detailed by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA), went into effect in September of 2019.

As long as you have access to your digital pink slip, all you need to do if a police officer asks for proof of Ontario auto insurance is to pull it up on your phone and show it to them. Drivers of motorcycles and trucks are also allowed to use digital pink slips.

There are some nuances drivers who use digital pink slips should be aware of. For example, your digital proof of car insurance must be an official digital copy that was provided by your Ontario auto insurance company.

Your digital pink slip must allow a police officer to email or transfer your ID card to other law enforcement officials or others who need to see it with your consent.

Ontario is not getting rid of paper pink slips completely, so if you are not tech-savvy or you do not like mobile apps, you can still use your paper copies just as you have always done. Some drivers may opt to use paper and digital pink slips.

The idea behind digital pink slips is it gives drivers a little more flexibility in proving they are compliant with Ontario auto insurance laws.

Are Digital Pink Slips Easy to Set Up and Use?

Digital pink slips are incredibly easy to set up and use. All you need to do is download a mobile app on your phone. Like most other mobile apps, you will need to set up an account with a unique password. You may be able to set up your account on your insurance company’s website and sign in on your mobile app.

Once you have signed in on the mobile application, look for an icon that tells you where to find your pink slip or your policy documents.

Something you may be concerned about is the security of your data. Rest assured, the Ontario government has taken steps to ensure your personal information is secure.

Your Ontario car insurance company must include features that collect and monitor your personal information and track its location. Car insurance companies are not allowed to use or disclose your personal information without having your informed consent. Furthermore, your insurance company must ensure there is no way possible to edit or alter your digital pink slip to prevent unauthorized access and fraud.

Some Ontario auto insurance providers have chosen to include a barcode that can be read by machine as part of their digital pink slips. This is a non-mandatory optional feature.

The Ontario car insurance law also requires insurance providers to have a lock-screen capability. This feature ensures that no one will be able to see other personal data on your phone.

Tips for Using Digital Pink Slips in Ontario

There are a few other things you should know if you are ready to make the switch from paper pink slips to digital pink slips.

Not all insurance companies have mobile apps. This may be a consideration for you if you are shopping around for car insurance quotes. The Ontario auto insurance carrier you are currently using may already have a mobile app that allows you to pull up your digital pink slip.

Ontario police officers will likely not accept any excuses for not providing proof of auto insurance in some form. If you forgot your phone at home, cannot find it in the car, your mobile phone battery is not charged, or your screen is damaged, and the pink slip is not readable, you are still on the hook to provide proof of auto insurance.

While your insurance provider is required by law to include lock screen capability, it does not happen automatically. You are responsible for enabling the feature.

If you have trouble with the mobile app or have questions about demonstrating proof of Ontario auto insurance, contact your insurance provider for assistance.

Final Thoughts

Every Ontario driver has a responsibility to produce a pink slip if they get stopped by a police officer. If they cannot do so when asked, they will suffer legal consequences.

As a word of caution, be aware that the laws outside of Ontario regarding digital pink slips could be entirely different. If you are traveling outside of Ontario, this is a good reason to carry a paper pink slip in addition to a digital copy.


Duliban Insurance Brokers offers a self-serve client portal where you can manage your auto insurance policy online. All you need to do is download your pink slips to your digital wallet. You can also generate an insurance claim, make changes to your policy, review your coverages, make a payment, or get roadside assistance using the portal.

Digital car insurance in Ontario could not be easier, so contact Duliban today!


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