Stag and Doe Party Perfection, Protecting Yourself as a Party Host

Weddings are a massive investment for the bride and groom both financially and emotionally. A favorite Canadian tradition to help relieve some of that financial burden is to throw a Stag and Doe party. These parties are thrown by the wedding party a few months before the wedding in an attempt to help raise funds for the soon to be newlyweds.

To raise funds, typically there will be an admission price to get into the party, and some will even sell alcoholic drinks to raise additional funds. And unbeknownst to many event hosts, is that many venues will require them to carry host liquor liability insurance. You set the date, and before the invites go out, it’s important to get the right insurance in place.

Host Liquor Liability Basics

If you are the event host for a wedding or the stag and doe party and plan to serve liquor, you are responsible for those that attend.

For example, let’s say one of the cousins at the stag and doe party has a few too many cocktails, and on his way home strikes another vehicle causing damage to the other person’s car and injuring the driver. Although the cousin caused the accident, you are responsible because you served them the alcohol. This means as the event host you could be financially liable for the damage and the injuries sustained.

The same is true if a wedding guest were to cause damage after having too many drinks. Weddings are stressful enough; the bride and groom shouldn’t have to worry about unruly guests. It would be a shame for the happy couple to have to use all the funds raised at their stag and doe party to pay for someone else’s damages. However, with a policy such as a Party Alcohol Liability policy that contains a host liquor liability, they can rest easy and enjoy their big day.

Coverage provided by a Party Alcohol Liability policy for Ontario event hosts:

  • Commercial General Liability -coverage for injuries sustained on the premise
  • Host Liquor Liability -coverage for serving alcohol to guests
  • Tenant’s Legal Liability ($500,000.00) – coverage for a rented venue
  • Non-Owned Auto – coverage for a rented vehicle

At Duliban Insurance, we can also provide coverage for the wedding that extends beyond host liquor liability insurance.

Protecting Ontario Weddings

Everyone dreams of their wedding going off without a hitch, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Since weddings are such a substantial financial investment, when things go awry, they can be devastating for any couple. However, we can provide a comprehensive insurance policy that offers financial protection for the big day when even the best-laid plans go south. Through our partner PAL insurance, we are happy to offer a Weddinguard policy that provides the following coverage:

  • Commercial General Liability with Host Liquor Liability provides coverage for three (3) 24-hour periods, including the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, plus gift opening.
  • Cancellation of the wedding: Reimburses the couple for deposits paid or that are agreed to be paid due to an unanticipated cancellation of the wedding.
  • Cancellation of the honeymoon: Reimburses the loss of any pre-paid, non-refundable travel costs because of the actual wedding
  • Loss deposit: Pays for any non-refundable deposits given to vendors of booked services or goods if they experience financial failure.
  • Wedding photography and videography: Provides payment for the added expense required for retaking images if they cannot be duplicated for any reason including photographer no-show.
  • Wedding gifts: Provides coverage for 24 hours before and following the wedding of gifts for physical loss or damage while the property is in the couple’s home or the reception location or while in transit between the two locations.
  • Rings: Provides coverage starting seven days before the wedding for physical loss or damage of the wedding rings.
  • Flowers and wedding cake: Provides coverage starting seven days before the wedding for the direct physical damage or loss sustained by the flowers or wedding cake.
  • Wedding Stationery: Provides coverage before the wedding for physical damage or loss sustained by the wedding stationery including invitations, RSVP cards, name cards and menus.
  • Rented Property: Provides reimbursement for direct and physical damage of property rented for use during the wedding reception, including but not limited to, short-term outdoor shelters like marquees or tents, stages, tables, and chairs, audio and visual equipment.

To learn more about host liquor liability insurance for your Stag and Doe party or wedding contact the experts at Duliban Insurance Brokers at 1-(855)385-4226. Our licensed insurance experts will be happy to answer any questions you have.